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Oh, that subconscious!

GWB makes a gaffe.
I am reminded that even when a congratulated a high school graduation class, he needed notes. And, of course, on 9/11/2001 someone prepared comments while he sat in that reading lesson, so he could sound sensible talking about the attack. Then he forgot the notes, but remembered to go back.

Rumsfeld Redux

The sound was of really poor quality when I compiled this eight years ago. So, I thought to reedit it a bit. Rumsfeld was, characteristically, verbally adept, even when he did not know what he was talking about. Many people died horribly and prematurely because he and his cohorts wanted to keep Russia and China out of the middle East.Jealousy is strange; it stakes a claim on things it does not even want.


I am embarrassed to admit that despite the pledge not to forget, I forgot the name of the city in Iraq whose devastation was so horrendous. None of the bodies stacked on the roadside by U.S. troops are wearing military uniforms. They resisted and died for their efforts. And now it is happening in Ukraine again.

The Iconic Don

Hours each day spent to be made up to look like what?
The head of Lady Liberty on a dollar coin? That as the point of that ridiculous duck tail? Donald wanting to look like a woman? And recently Melania has been pictured as resembling a man. Is this evidence of some deepseated gender ambivalence? How widespread is children being sexually abused in conservative circles?
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Our presumptuous public servants

Georgia arranges for newly elected public servants to be trained. Apparently, the curriculum does not emphasize the importance of deference to the public that employs them. Either that, or Mr. O’Quinn was not paying attention.

I would note that the money wasted is the least of our problems. Incompetence is wasting our time and jeopardizing lives.
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