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Where are we at?

Desperation. The partisan political community is getting desperate. All the ploys relied on since the civil rights era to counter government by the people have failed to secure rule by an elite. Elites taking partisan turns to exercise autocracy failed to convince that the ad hoc divisions cobbled out of the detritus of various wars were legitimate. Ditto for the unitary executive. Now there is a last ditch effort to assert the supremacy of the presidency to defeat the popular vote.
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Regarding the McMichael/Bryan Trial Jury

According to our paper, the jury+alternates is made up of four white men, eleven white women and one black person. While I personally think they are guilty of killing Arbery, the law’s requiring of intent is a problem. These three are dangerous, mainly because the do not think. Which does not mean they do not connive and plot and deceive. Instinct handles that. As a lawman pointed out, these guys are like the fellows who hunt from trucks along the highways, waiting to shoot what the dogs flush.
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What are they good for? From a practical perspective, the promise of leadership seems designed to compensate for the insecurity that flows from doing what one is told. “If you are a good follower, then one day you will get to lead (all of your followers right over a cliff).” That leaders are patsies, scapegoats or sacrificial lambs is never admitted. Just another example of intent being used to disguise what really is. Leadership training is a scam. The verbiage says as much.

Harris Teeter in our Community

Harris Teeter, a grocery chain supposedly owned by Kroger, announces on its community page:

The tragedies that so many families across our country have experienced for many years and are experiencing right now is unacceptable. The senseless killing of George Floyd. Ahmaud Arbery. Breonna Taylor. And so many more – too many more across our country – has shaken us to our core. We share in our feelings of sadness, fear and outrage.

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‘Twas a terrible day, worse that the message was not understood even after the World Trade Center was hit twice. That the use of money to extort the natural resources and labor of the people’s of the world and leave them with barely enough to survive is wrong simply does not register with a commercial class that sees only profit for itself.
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