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Bottle feeding

I wonder if bottle feeding infants retards maturation and accounts for why so many adults are still walking around sucking on bottles, cigarettes or even their fingers. Does breast feeding teach about satisfaction and delayed gratification while bottle feeding promotes gratification on demand? How long have American infants been bottle-fed?

Yet another giant fire at the port facilities.

The recently rebuilt wood pellet storage building went up in flames again as a result of sponatneous combustion. But, the fire department reports there are smaller incidents all the time. Clearly, the Georgia Ports Authority is not competent to manage the facilities without putting the neighborhood at risk.
In twelve hours nobody thought to notify the suppliers that no more deliveries of wood pellets ought to be made.
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Why is it that our County Commissioners cannot learn how to wear a mask? Is it for the same reason he cannot learn the names of the subdivisions in his community? Why would you want to perpetuate the name of a defunct oil refining company? Is it the same logic that propels a Georgia Representative to suggest that D.C. is not qualified to be a state because it has no car dealerships?

A deplorable truth

Humans take advantage of those whom they perceive to be weak regardless of their own needs. In other words, they are abusive for no reason. It is a primitive instinct that remains as a remanant of a predatory past. Another reason to give more attention and impose restraints on abusers.