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Jekyll Island “Cottages” are deplorable

James Holland writes:
These combo photos show the “The Cottages” after Hurricane Matthew and after Hurricane Irma. Looking even closer at some of those sites, it’s obvious building should have been stopped after Hurricane Matthew.
This is glutton development greed at its worst and our policy makers for development on Jekyll Island are totally responsible!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We must have new development guide lines coast wide and prevent this from ever happening again. LIKE I SAID ABOVE, DEVELOPMENT OF “THE COTTAGES” SUB DIVISION ON JEKYLL ISLAND SHOULD HAVE BEEN STOPPED AND REASSESSED AFTER HURRICANE MATTHEW CAME CLOSE….. OBVIOUSLY, THIS WAS NOT DONE AND THESE IMAGES SHOW THE RESULTS OF THIS MESS. NOW, THESE DEVELOPERS WILL TRY TO COVER THIS UP AND MAY TRY TO SELL THESE COTTAGES TO UNSUSPECTING BUYERS!!!!! James
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The Dotard

The Dotard is the embodiment of daytime TV. He mirrors what he sees and hears and that reflection is what makes him familiar to people with irregular hours and night-time jobs. Then too, the fan base is convinced that celebrity is what life is about. Celebration is a great uniter, even in death. Think of the Irish wake.

Public Service is Draining

I have long thought that the Freedom of Information Act and associated requirements for public notification and public meetings will prove more important to the creation of democratic government than all the so-called “civil rights” provisions which aim to insure that citizens are able to do what they are supposed to as governing agents. Public notice seems to be the real irritant when frustration with paper-work is mentioned. It is a suspicion that is reinforced by the fact that substituting electronic communications for paper has not lessened the pressure our public servants perceive.
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Omarosa Manigault

Well, that explains the black evangelical connection and where the Dude got the verbiage that resonates in the Religious States of America. The RSA are, of course, ruled by a cadre of white and black conmen and conwomen, commonly referred to as pastors and their first ladies.

Perhaps we have to amend “all hat, no cattle,” to “all glitz, no substance.” The party of no has brought forth “nothing man,” with a little help from Oma Rosa.

Does the name remind him of his Oma Lisa, the German grandmother, Elizabeth Trump?

Omarosa is a chocolate-brown woman with big boobs and she feeds him scandal news. She already got her foot in the White House during Clinton/Gore.

Third world thirty years later

Thirty years ago there was Porter’s Quarters. Today there is Carver Heights and Lawrenceville and ARCO adjacent to Brunswick villa. The difference here is that Glynn County has tenaciously held on to neighborhoods it obviously can’t properly serve with municipal services.

Derelict houses

Derelict cars

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Exclusion is the antithesis of liberty

Presuming that a principle is valid regardless of whom or what it applies to and if liberty is the realization of mobility on the part of mobile creatures, then liberty is not only natural, but a natural right, and detention and/or exclusion are its antithesis. Or, to put it another way, the detention of humans is purified slavery, the imposition of restraint on one’s own kind for no other purpose than to demonstrate power.
If so, then detention and exclusion are equally violative of liberty and differ from historical slavery only in that the latter was purposed to extort labor or service. Captives and/or detainees are enslaved regardless of whether they are required to labor and “earn” their sustenance.
Think of that! Exclusive people are also expressing the essence of slavery, depriving their own kind of essential liberty. But, by linking historical slavery to property and ownership, its coercive essence was essentially disguised. The focus on property and ownership of material assets effectively disguised that it was mobility that was being coerced. Indeed, by incorporating automobility in a vehicle, the concept of personal automobility was largely disappeared.
Anyway, there is no essential difference between “You can’t go out” and “You can’t come in.” Both aim to restrain mobility.
Funny how the negative is necessary to define the positive.
The dude in the White House, the wanna-be slave-owner, is forcing us to consider the essence of liberty. But then, Satan also forces us to consider what goodness is.

Funny how automobility is, like deprivator, a word the electronic dictionaries don’t recognize.

Announcing the bombing of Syrian airfield

The video of the Dude’s announcement of retaliation against Syria by launching bombs on some deserted airfields is interesting on several levels.
It was obviously scripted and scrolled at the bottom of the three cameras that recorded the event. The exercise proved that he can read. Whether he can comprehend is another question. The flat affect of the recitation has been interpreted by some as evidence of cold-bloodedness and lack of empathy. Which may be accurate, but is only significant if we expect empathy to be present. HAL, the computer in “2001,” was chilling but only surprising in that computers weren’t expected to have intent. There isn’t any question that the Dude intends to do harm. So, why should a lack of empathy come as a surprise?
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