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The piecemeal destruction of the environment

I am guessing that in the case of wetland filling doing things ass backwards has a purpose. Because nobody (not state, not feds) prohibits the filling of wetlands on parcels less than an acre in size, they get a preliminary plat for a subdivision and then argue that the lots are too small to regulate. Of course, that can only happen when local authorities are complicit.
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The War’s Come Home–Iraq Redux

The victims of school shootings are, like the civilians killed by bombs in Iraq and the people lynched in the U.S., collateral damage–incidental to the main purpose. The object Of mass extermination is to intimidate the witnesses and the survivors and make them easier to manage. Focusing on the dead victims distracts us from what the agents are about.
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Journalist messes up

Journalism has become very formulaic.

something old

something new

something for a future hook

That makes it easy to put together stories and perpetuate misinformation.

One half truth plus another half truth does not, however, produce a whole truth. Rather, the result is more likely a big fat lie. “Fake news” resonates because it is self-evident that neither historical references nor predictions are new. A bit of gossip sandwiched between the past and the future is an insult to human intelligence.

The press problem is, like the law enforcement problem, systemic. Everybody wanting to tell other people how to behave.

The obnoxious one percent.

With subversives, it is never about what it seems to be about. The object of tax cuts is not to affect revenues to the Treasury or gift anyone. The object of tax cuts is to maintain the fiction that Congress is only responsible for the collection of currency NOT ITS DISTRIBUTION. This is a fiction that has been assiduously maintained for a hundred years. It started with the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank BY CONGRESS, based on the rationale that Congress is irresponsible and cannot be counted on to manage the currency. So, we will let banks do it so they can use it to reward their friends and insure that the undesirables stay poor. When Nixon severed the tie to gold, which had provided a rationale for why money was scarce, the rationing got worse. Why? Because Congress relies on the financiers to fill their campaign coffers and stint the competition.
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Warren A. Stephens has a new gig

Warren Stephens, the Lord of Little Rock, got his start in banking as the heir of a couple of guys who got rich peddling bonds. More recently, he made a stab at communications by acquiring a bunch of failing papers. But the media emoire did not blossom. Similarly, his entrance into the world of recreation by building a new golf course when the sport was going belly up, did not fulfill expectations. So, he’s going back to basics by touting capitalism.
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