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Missing Common Sense

there you have it. Perfect example. No sense of time as a sequential event. DeVos is purely reactive. The use of the second person is also characteristic, evidence of no sense of self. She exists in an ineffable present tense. Planning for something after it happens is an intellectual version of putting the cart before the horse. Sheer randomness would argue for being right half the time. So, there must be an identifiable flaw. Social support covers it up. Family values serve to disguise idiocy, but the idiots, like less sophisticated creatures, recognize each other. All in the family. Archie Bunker, Meathead and Edith all come to life.
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Pence on schools

Mike Pence may not have actually said that, but for some reason schools are being pushed as sort of all-purpose care providers. Perhaps it is just a matter of people not being clear about proper functions. Psychological damage and mental health seem to be new found concerns. Trying to get ahead of the curve? Trump is going back to Walter Reed.
Is cognitive deterioration going to be an excuse to transfer authority to Pence as a last ditch effort to salvage Republican control? Is cognitive disability going to save him from the hoosgow?
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I agreed with my signature to accept the distribution from the Treasury. The Puddy said he wanted to use it to pay for ads to counter the status quo.