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From the American to the Impossble

Donald Trump was much taken with Jim Nabors’ rendition of this song in about 1967. It le him see himself as a star. I’ve long said that Donald Trump is media made. Perhaps it would be bettor to say he absorbed American culture from the electronic media, like a sponge. The result is a stinking mess.

The only question now is when he will be discarded. While his performance at St. Anselm’s College was gross and disgusting, I suspect the laughter ofthe crowd was more akin to the laughter of the crowd at a lynching. It is not even likely that abusive males will appreciate having their bad habits exposed.

I would note that the American Dream is not only impossible, but a gross deception.

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Clarence Thomas’ Revenge

Clarence Thomas is getting revenge for the fact that his qualifications for SCOTUS were challenged by that woman, “Anita Hill.” Now Harlan Crow’s assertion that he sent the grand nephew, grandson of a sister he never liked, to a private school because of his concern for at-risk youth is sure to be fodder for the fire of revenge.
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There are so many unmentionables in the U.S.
1) That Germans are the largets ethnic cohort at 19% of the population.
2) That Catholicism is the religion of male hegemony.
3) Women.
4) That all U.S. children are legally and Constitutionally chattel.
5) That parental rights belong to the male contributor of sperm.
6) That neither Constitutional, common or case law serve to insure human rights.
7) That owning human beings is still supported by the law.
8) That the American Dream is a nightmare.

It used to be said that “money is the last tabu.” Not so.

Culture of Obedience

The culture of obedience, while being fundamentally immoral, really has not moral objective. The goal is just to facilitate the exploitation by man of his own kind with as much surreptition as possible in the interest of avoiding revenge. So, it is the preferred mode of cowardly men and money is the ideal tool.

Election interference

That is what the NY DA is going to identify as the intent of the “catch and kill” scheme run by Peker and Trump. Three stories, including the doorman’s claim that there was another child by a housekeeper. Ronan Farrow is reported to have covered it in a book that we missed.
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Still waiting for indictment day

I am waiting to see more lawyers called to account. Michael Cohen was smart enough to survey the scene and set a trap. Did Cohen suss out the anti-semitism and prepare himself for being thrown to the wolves? Otisville was probably the safest place for him. It strikes me as interesting that Trump has nothing to say about Cohen. Also, he is silent about Obama. At some point fear does shut him up.
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