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False Attribution of Agency

Why is it so common and what purpose does it serve? Well, first of all, agency is imperceptible. We only see the agent and the result or effect of what he did. So, depending on when we become aware, “who done it?” is up in the air. We have to think back. And that involves memory, which may well be poor. (I know it takes a lot of effort for my brain to remember).
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Strange doings.

Facebook keeps freezing, regardless of which browser I use.
Does it have something to do with the big story of the day? That the Dude is trying to threaten Comey with the possible existence of a recording of the conversation over dinner in which he tried to exact an oath of fealty?
More likely, the internets are just getting overloaded because, after all, we are going through a never before experienced Constitutional crisis. How to remove a mentally incompetent person from office?
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Wherefore doth the Dude?

Clueless people always behave the same. I think there is a missing link in their brain. It’s probably why there are seven deadly sins — behavior that is self-defeating. These people do the same thing over and over again, not because they expect a different outcome, but because they expect/anticipate nothing.

Hope is not the same as anticipation.
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Enforcing the law

Justice Anthony Kennedy is correct in that, ultimately, it is the people who enforce the law. And, since that is the case, when the American people reach a consensus, a President, who has proved himself unqualified to carry out the duties and obligations of the office, will have to depart.
Unfortunately, the current office holder is so dumb he may have to be carried out in a straight jacket.

“Non Compos Mentis” redux

Let us recapitulate. When Director Comey was asked about the status of the Clinton email abnormality by Congress, he truthfully reported that her practices were ill-advised (or good advice not followed) but not illegal. It was proper for him to respond because the investigation was complete and nothing actionable had been found.
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Wanna buy a piece of swamp?

This development of regional impact has sprouted two houses in eight years. Now someone thinks putting up a gate to make it more exclusive will spur sales.
The difference between a swamp and a marsh is that a swamp has trees.

Public Notices to mislead?

One has to wonder. After a while a persistent pattern of mistakes begins to look intentional. The last time a hearing for this project was noticed, there were several mistakes in the application and after they were pointed out, the public hearing was canceled at the last minute. Now it’s being re-noticed, but for a much larger area (over three thousand acres) and the information in the advertisement is misleading and incomplete.
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