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‘Twas a terrible day, worse that the message was not understood even after the World Trade Center was hit twice. That the use of money to extort the natural resources and labor of the people’s of the world and leave them with barely enough to survive is wrong simply does not register with a commercial class that sees only profit for itself.
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Commerce is King

It has taken me a long time to understand that because I have no interest in commerce (moving things around to nab a share) or ruling. The wedding of church and chamber is quite an innovation, more practical than selling indulgences. Though the latter is obviously antecedent. Jesus drove the money changers out of the temple, but not for good. The Almighty Dollar is not ironic. The deification of the currency makes it hard to see it as just a tool.

FBI looking for the would-be bomber in D.C.
After looking at the video, my take-away is that it is of a female. A friend suggests Ashli Babbitt, which would explain both the military stride and the inability to find a living person.
Presumably, the backpack has DNA.

Brereton Report on Australian war crimes in Afghanistan

“Culture” is identified as a cause. However, not as an inherent problem aiming to coerce. Bad culture, lack of command and reporting failures are identified as systemic, but not that a standing military is basically wrong.

There is also a new flavor of triangulation–“blooding” which involves new arrivals committing a random killing to validate themselves as part of the team. Guilt as a bond.


Good idea!

Wonder if they are aware of the concept of human husbandry and the likelihood that the incarcerated merely serve as reminders of what the culture of obedience expects. What makes triangulation such a constant success is the innocence of the victims.

Bottle feeding

I wonder if bottle feeding infants retards maturation and accounts for why so many adults are still walking around sucking on bottles, cigarettes or even their fingers. Does breast feeding teach about satisfaction and delayed gratification while bottle feeding promotes gratification on demand? How long have American infants been bottle-fed?

Yet another giant fire at the port facilities.

The recently rebuilt wood pellet storage building went up in flames again as a result of sponatneous combustion. But, the fire department reports there are smaller incidents all the time. Clearly, the Georgia Ports Authority is not competent to manage the facilities without putting the neighborhood at risk.
In twelve hours nobody thought to notify the suppliers that no more deliveries of wood pellets ought to be made.
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