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POTUS is puzzled.

What is our country coming to when a judge can halt a Homeland Security travel ban and anyone, even with bad intentions, can come into the U.S.?

OK, so intentions are scary because they are invisible. That’s a given. But, there is also the problem that people who exist in an ineffable present do not perceive time as a continuum made up of past, present and future. They don’t get that sequence is important — that it is inappropriate to ban people who haven’t done anything because they might do something. Then there’s the additional problem that people who only intend or mean have no sense of what doing even is. These are the people who got very upset when Obama said “you didn’t build that” because in their minds the intent and the act are one. “You didn’t build that” and “what the meaning of is is” challenge the same conceptual problem — the inability to distinguish fact from fiction, act from intent, expectation from experience.

It is quite likely that some brains do not register experience at all and have no awareness of an environment outside themselves. Plato described them, but I suspect he wasn’t one.

Our consideration of the right to travel is long overdue, especially since automobility is the key to liberty. It’s a natural right, not just for humans but all creatures that can move from place to place on their own.

Cash Cow

Non-governmental U.S. enterprise has always looked upon the governmental sector as a cash cow, a source of income requiring no effort. In the beginning, the income/benefits were composed mainly of land and natural resources to exploit and take to market for a profit. More recently, as much of the continent has been allocated as private property and the federal treasury is the only source of currency, the entrepreneurs are after plain old cash. The view with envy any money that doesn’t flow into their hands.
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Exclusive exclusion

When did “exclusive” become a synonym for special, high quality or high class? Was it when segregation was identified as socially unacceptable behavior? Was it to disguise that the characteristic function of segregation was always exclusion — shutting people off from normal social intercourse for no reason that had anything to do with their actual behavior? Are we supposed to conclude that “exclusive communities,” also known as gated communities are somehow better because the residents voluntarily lock themselves in, rather than shutting people out?
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Trumplethinskin or Tweedlethinskin?

Seething Bull

Tweedlethinskin probably is more appropriate. Although staff are muttering about tantrums, there’s likely little physical action involved. Will it take physical action to trigger restraint? We’ve not had much experience with a chief executive who’s totally mentally deranged. Perhaps if the staff get him used to signing lots of papers without reading, they can slip in his resignation for medical reasons.

Krugman opines why the Dude whines.

The economic guru has concluded the Dude in the White House is mentally ill. I think he’s got that, like his economics, wrong. It’s a matter of time. Illness is generally temporary and subject to being, if not totally cured, ameliorated over time. What the Dude is exhibiting is a life-long cognitive disability that his inherited wealth and family support have masked. None of them are prepared to manage an organization that has to be functioning 24/7 every day of the year.
Medication won’t help and, if they try it, he’ll either crash or turn into a zombie.

Revenge Vote

“Revenge is a dish best served cold.” It seems that many a vote for the New York/New Jersey dude was an act of revenge — as if people said to themselves, “let’s give him what he asked for and see how he likes it.”
It’s deplorable, but the voters who pulled the lever or checked the box for Trump were not in a pleasant mood.
Talk about leaving someone twisting in the wind.