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Children in Cages

Talk about a really bad idea.

It left me sort of speechless. But KIDDIES IN CAGES!!!

People don’t have or even want children go balistic over kitties and other “fur babies” in cages.

What were they thinking? Oh, that’s right. The instinct-driven do not think.

What would Rousseau say now that his chains have morphed into the chain-link cage?

Myth vs. Fact in re the kidnapped children

“Myth”is a bit euphemistic, but I did not author the following post. I might add that legality is not the issue. Morality is, and Constitutionality. The distance between legal and moral has long and often been wide and the arc bending towards justice is a bit of hyperbole that we can do without. In the interest of saving the economy, Obama was just treading water when it came to morality.
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My critique of the Glynn County Comp Plan Update

Comp plan critique

Character areas are not in parallel construction, some are place/subdivision names, some describe vegetation, some are directional, some refer to land use. For example, the designations of Brunswick, Jekyll Island and Sea Island have nothing to do with character. Two are politically distinct areas and and one is just a subdivision.

Now, if one consults the color-coded accompanying map, it becomes obvious that the designations are not only inappropriate and confusing, but the underlying planning principles are being wrongly applied. For example, calling the airport and surrounding public lands, including the historic Brunswick/Altamaha Canal an “employment center” which seems to be a euphemism for light industry, and locating it immediately adjacent to residential uses is inappropriate.
More egregious is the falsification of the dimensions of the Sea Island subdivision to include the Coastal Marshlands.

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Little B, big A

People with little brain and big aspirations follow a predictable pattern of behavior. They bully or coerce. The question is why this common behavior often goes unrecognized for a long time. And the answer, I think, is because we tend to focus on or get distracted by the effects and the affected, rather than the perps. Then we go into compensatory mode instead of simply imposing restraints and stopping the bully in his tracks.

Or perhaps we even conclude that all talk, no action is not so bad. Which would be true if it were not for the triangulators just waiting to do the dirty deeds at the bully’s command.

For the record on FOIA in Glynn County, Georgia

All across the country, public servants, both elected and appointed, are inventing ever more creative ways to avoid having their work products inspected. One suspects they hold “workshops” on the topic at their various “professional” conferences.

FOIA requests, which in Georgia are referred to as GORA requests persuant to the Georgia Open Records Act, are not appreciated. Although almost every budget request for Information Technology “improvements” is premised on the promise of making information more readily accessible and reduce red tape, that is not the end result. Information is power and power is what our petty potentates guard jealously.

That the people govern is not readily accepted. After all “representative government” is really but a vestige of in loco parentis in disguise.

So, herewith I provide an example to make a record. If the message does not register, eventually it will be necessary to resort to legal action.

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Instead of pointing out the mishmash of non-sequiturs on which the instinct-driven, I’m thinking “potpourri” is a better word.
FOX, for example, specializes in marketing a potpourri of information. Take today’s revelation that Mark Penn, a reputed liberal because he orchestrated Hillary Clinton’s first efort to be elected President, has an opinion about Michael Avenatti. No kidding! Penn relishes gilt by association. That is why he is a consultant, not a candidate.

We kidnap over here, ’cause we no longer kidnap over there.

These seats remind me of the “capture hoods” we sent along with the troops to Iraq, so there would be less risk the troops would be identified and retaliated against by the captives’ families. This equipment testifies to the fact that the deprivation of rights was/is not a happenstance, but a well organized violation. Organized crime. Perhaps the reason we seem to have less of it is because crime has been legalized. What is a Costa Rican baby worth? In Minnesotta foster children come with an eight hundred dollar a month stipend. It only takes three to run a modest household.


Cherché the "capture hoods"