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Christian Nationalism

A good summary, But I think it overlooks that the major impetus behind nationalism is patriotism and patriotism is a fancy term for male dominance.
I find it interesting that psychologists consider male dominance natural and consider toxic masculinity an aberration.

Criminal Confederates

The prospect of acting with impunity and the promise of immunity are the glue that hold a confederacy together. That is true of the Catholic clergy and the torture practitioners in the CIA.

Revenge and Reciprocity

Poor Donald is quoted as saying that all he knows is revenge. This leads me to wonder if revenge is merely the obverse of reciprocity. If someone only experiences injury, what does he give back but revenge? Reciprocal negativity. How does perverse perception come about?

That he threw stones at a baby in a playpen and yelled “Make the baby cry,” is just too monstrous. He must have been damaged at birth.