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Dangerous electorate

The Founders warned against factions, probably because they were expected to waste energy in disputation, rather than getting the people’s business done. As it happened, partisans conspired to ignore the interests of the people entirely to promote their own hegemony. The parties, being extra-legal entities that have wrangled a position of importance for themselves without benefit for the polis are now fixated on perpetuating themselves. What is not enough discussed is that the percentage of unaffiliated voters is larger than of either Democrats or Republicans. From the perspective of party operatives, the electorate is the enemy. What was significant about the Georgia special Senate election was that therewere 21 candidates in the first round. Manipulation occurs at the candidate selection level.

Dissembling in Georgia

For quite a while, candidates for public office in Georgia were pressured to run under the Republican banner by the Republican establishment with the argument that Democrats could not get elected, despite the numerical plurality of voters identifying as Democrats. Though all newcomers were likely to be rejected in the primary anyway, the argument did serve to reveal basic Republican duplicity.
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Yup. Georgia done did it.

Biden and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, traveled today to Plains, Georgia, to visit former President Jimmy Carter and former First Lady Rosalynn Carter. “We owe a special thanks to the people of Georgia. Because of you, the rest of America was able to get help,” Biden said to reporters while he was there. “If you ever wonder if elections make a difference, just remember what you did here in Georgia…. You changed America.”

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Non-sequitur and the intent to confuse

In ranting against the designation of the District of Columbia as a state, a couple on Congress persons came up with irrational claims. One said the District has no car dealership and another said it lacks a mine.

When one comes up with an idiotic statement, it may be pure idiocy. When two or more cough up non-sequiturs, it is a tactic or talking point designed to detract from the real issue. But then, that is the Republican mode. They need to distract from the fact they do no work.

Hice, Grothman and Gosar are ripe for removal. Georgia, Wisconsin and Texas take note.

43 Lazy Boys and Girls

John Barrasso, WY,
Marsha Blackburn,TN,
Roy Blunt, MO **
John Boozman, AR, **
Mike Braun,IN,
Shelley Moore Capito, WV.
John Cornyn, TX,
Tom Cotton, AR,
Kevin Cramer, ND,
Mike Crapo, ID, **
Ted Cruz, TX.
Steve Daines, MT,
Joni Ernst, IA,
Deb Fischer, NE,
Lindsey Graham, SC,
Chuck Grassley, IA, **
Bill Hagerty, TN.
Josh Hawley, MO,
John Hoeven, ND, **
Cindy Hyde-Smith, MS,
James Inhofe, OK,
Ron Johnson, WI, **
John Kennedy, LA, **
James Lankford, OK, **
Mike Lee, UT, **
Cynthia Lummis, WY,
Roger Marshall, KS,
Mitch McConnell, KY,
Jerry Moran, KS, **
Rand Paul, KY, **
Rob Portman, OH, **
James Risch, ID,
Mike Rounds, SD,
Marco Rubio, FL, **
Rick Scott, FL,
Tim Scott, SC, **
Richard Shelby,AL,
Dan Sullivan, AK,
John Thune, SD, **
Thom Tillis, NC,
Tommy Tuberville, AL,
Roger Wicker, MS,
Todd Young, IN **

** on the ballot in 2022

Violence Against Women in U.S.

In 2018, 1,838 women were killed in the U.S. That was up from 1,517 in 2017. Femicide. Some people consider it an epidemic. But, for some reason, hard data are hard to find. In part, it is likely that the term “domestic violence” is disguising since both male and female are victims. I note that the dictionary used by the wordpress program does not recognize “femicide” as a word. Ditto for “disfemism.”

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