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Scavenging America

That’s what the vultures on Capitol Hill up to. Getting their psychic gratification while the getting is good. The House GOP lost nine seats in 2016. So, it’s getting to be desperation time.
Also, there are now twenty one women in the Senate. Of course, meanness is not restricted by gender, neither is revenge. Time will tell.

Today is National Voter Registration Day

Are you registered to vote? Is it current? To check:
in Georgia
in Alachua County, Florida
in Massachusetts
in New Mexico
in New Hampshire


Dave Kulju’s recollection is not perfect truth, but it contains no falsehood. Sad to say, Dave is evidence of the old saying that “only the good die young.” He is missed but the effort of which he was a part continues. Carol Shea-Porter is still our NH-1 candidate for Congress. Because of tainted money, she’s been trading places with a Republican know-nothing.
There is just one little mistake. The meeting where Dave and Carol met had no connection to the DNC. It was held at my house under the auspices of Democracy for America whose founder, Howard Dean, had moved on to the Democratic National Committee, as a result of our first successful upset of the status quo, and left the grass roots to his brother.
Perhaps Dave’s hopeful attitude was due to the after-glow. My own state of mind on election day was less positive.
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False Information is Protective

It’s not a matter of “what they don’t know can’t hurt them.” It’s a matter of false information serving to shield the true perpetrators of harm. So, for example, when workers believe that the currency they need to access the necessities of life comes from their employers, then sending the cops to “protect” corporations from protesters and dissent makes sense. The truth that currency not only belongs to the people but is under the control of their representatives would turn the country upside down.
I’m not sure the Sanders strategy of turning the citizenry against the middlemen is going to be effective. At some point, the focus has to be on Congress. The recently announced agenda for 2018 is not enough. The rot has to be cut out of Congress now. Calling them corrupt is not enough.

Secular Breviary

S3310002Going to a Republican political event involves being propagandized from a secular breviary. That is, after the obligatory prayer to the Father or the Lord from whom all blessings flow. The person responsible for everything in the party of personal responsibility is the deity.

The ritual is predictable and the message is always the same. Public officials pronounce the importance of providing “protection” and keeping everyone safe. Our Congress critter, Buddy Carter’s, proud declaration that he and his colleagues had passed yet another bill to cancel Obamacare strikes none of the audience as inconsistent. I’m beginning to suspect that’s because, like the ritual of the Latin Mass, nobody actually considers what’s being pronounced. The tone of pride is what elicits applause. I can see why Michelle Obama caused such a fuss when she said she was proud. Pride is a Republican virtue. It’s all some of them have got.

Buddy also waxed enthusiastic when talking about drilling for oil in the Atlantic so the Arabs can’t hold us hostage again. The sequester, in retrospect, was a bad idea because the military has been cut too much. Gotta keep those protectors supplied, don’t you know?