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Christine Balsy

What do you want to bet that’s what they called Christine Blasey? She seems, after all, to have been a ballsy chick. Why do I say that? ‘Cause she went and partied with the underclass.

If you read these two articles

and then consider the entry in Brett’s calendar for a visit to Timmy’s for some “brewskis” on July 1, 1982 and if that Timmy is Timothy Patrick Gaudette, who now lives in Colorado, but used to live at 507 Azalea Drive in Rockville, then it looks like maybe Judge and Kavanaugh were just slumming and decided to have some sport.

Like the pigeon someone nailed on Kit Winter’s door, perhaps Christine just came in handy.

And, finally, perhaps the reason Dr. Ford needed to have a second exit out of her house is because

Person v. Performance

Instinct-driven people are hooked on personal coonection, evenwhen they do not know how to connect. The politics of personal destruction and personal adulation are examples of both.
The connection to personalities is quite irrational, but usually boils down to some emotional trigger, for good or ill. The Bernie Sanders fans are as unhinged as the Trumpists. Are Sanders’ policy proposals more caring and supportive? Without a doubt. Coukd he get them enacted as President? Not likely.

He’s also got a deus ex machina mentality.

Trump’s a home wrecker. That is all he’s good at. Wrecking is probably an addiction by now.

Thoughts on Richard Nixon

Current events are resurrecting memories of Richard Nixon and prompt me to reiterate that, after he was re-elected, he had to be removed, so the plumbers set him up with a botched burglary. At whose behest? That I do not know, but Nixon had already been an agent of disaster — the abandonment of the gold standard, the cessation of the military draft, and the admission of teens to the electorate — that the powers that be just coukd nit take anymore. Nixon’s support for the guaranteed family income was likely the last straw. While McGovern had also supported the concept, if McGovern had been elected, it was unlikely he coukd get the legislation passed. Nixon’s track record spelled disaster. So they engineered his replacement by Gerald Ford.

Who? I don’t know, but perhaps Goldwater had something to do with it.