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Overlooked Overlook Park and other issues

Dear Islands Planning Commissioners:

Having compared the Future Land Use Map (FLUM) 2018 prepared by the Ecological Planning Group to what is on the ground now or could or should be on the ground in the near future on Saint Simons Island, I would like to know when the IPC will begin to discuss some of the obvious differences between what is found on FLUM 2018 and our current zoning. Continue reading

Evacuating in a car culture

Dear EMA Director Wiggins:

Copies of this new official “Hurricane and Storm Surge Checklist” pamphlet were passed out at the January 9th “Town Hall” meeting on Saint Simons Island. Shortly after receiving a copy, I communicated directly with you and Glynn County Public Information Officer Matthew Kent about errors, omissions, and other problems I noticed. In the hope you will soon distribute a revised edition, let me offer a few comments, suggestions, and corrections:
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