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Making Connections

Making connections is apparently difficult for some people. I don’t think it’s because they are inclined towards independence. Perhaps it is because they are self-centered isolates. Engaging in physical contact or fighting seems a way to overcome the isolation. In other words, warfare may just be an alternative to affectionate connection. Children wrestle to experience tactile sensations. A reason to have more, not less, phys ed in the schools.

Stopping is relatively easy

In response to public opposition, Republic Waste Haulers has given up on getting permission to import coal ash into Wayne County. Getting Honeywell to clean up pollution in the marshes along the Turtle River has taken decades and still isn’t done.

Non Compos Mentis

There is a lot of non compos mentis around and it doesn’t just suddenly appear when premature aging can be blamed. While the common translation of the Latin phrase is “of unsound mind,” the more literal rendering, “not in control of the mind,” seems more accurate. Lack of self control. How widespread is that?
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The Religion Alternative

Self-government is hard for people who have no self-control. They’d rather somebody tells them what to do. Establishments of religion are a viable alternative. Religion serves as an alternative in the former confederate states. Tithing takes the place of taxes. The secular and the sanctified state.

That the latter is preferred is perhaps difficult for self-directed people to understand. But, life is a lot simpler when there is someone to tell you what to do. Which may account for why the secular state is more popular when it goes to war. It is not the fighting that is attractive; it is the regimentation.

Josh Meyrowitz writes …..

Perhaps I should have done this earlier. Josh Meyrowitz is a professor of journalism at the University of New Hampshire and a civic activist. Over the years, he’s invited special guests to his classes and, on occasion, extended an invitation to the community. This year, he decided to make a whole course on news analysis available to the community and sent out weekly reminders of the contents of up-coming lectures. The following is the latest.
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Stupidity is genetic?

I didn’t think it was, but now the Dude’s off-spring sound like they’re about to prove me wrong.
Perhaps some humans are simply creatures of habit in the sense that repetition creates habits that define and encompass their daily behavior, so that consciousness and reflection never intervene. Flesh and blood automatons. Perhaps they are the natural product of child abuse.
What happens to humans who survive un-rescued from abusive households?

Can’t read.

There is a growing awareness that the Dude can’t read. So he’s dispatched aides to the various departments to tell him what’s going on instead of him having to read reports. That this is not going to work, any more than it did in his business, will not register for the simple reason that he’s not aware of his deficits. Besides, it’s not a matter of not being able to read; it’s a matter of not understanding what the words mean.

Imagine spending a life-time repeating what people say without knowing what they mean. It is frightening. So, those who become aware of it make fun of him.

I might add that people suffering from disabilities are often harsh towards the disabled. It may be part of their cover-up.

Who rules.

The issue of the twenty-first century is who rules. Do the people rule or are they ruled? Republicans believe that people getting to vote in their rulers is enough of a compromise. That way, some people still get to exercise authority over others despite not having achieved anything worth being honored. Elections, in the Republican view, are the incompetents’ key to power.
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