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Why explain the law?

Why does Judge Jackson find it necessary to explain the law to defendants? Because cops and prosecutors lie and lazy defense attorneys, convinced that “everybody is guilty of something,” like to make deals.

The real Russia?

Russians are, of course, descendants of the Viking hordes and the Mongol hordes, from which the Scandinavians and the Chinese seem to have routinely relieved themselves. The Slavs have long provided a buffer for the West. Yes, Ukraine was also a borderland between the Mediterranian civilizations and the savages to the north.
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Our presumptuous public servants

Georgia arranges for newly elected public servants to be trained. Apparently, the curriculum does not emphasize the importance of deference to the public that employs them. Either that, or Mr. O’Quinn was not paying attention.

I would note that the money wasted is the least of our problems. Incompetence is wasting our time and jeopardizing lives.
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Letters from Kyiv and Moscow

The writers asked they be widely shared. Some humans are predatory and abusive. We institute governments to restrain such people. When we allow such people to arrogate the use of force unto themselves, then the observers are to blame.

I thought Biden was responsible for Obama’s caution in the face of abuse and aggression. I was wrong. Or perhaps Biden has realized that he was not forceful enough. I had mostly overlooked Russia in Syria and, frankly, forgot that one of the legitimate briefs against Sadam Hussein was his palling around with Russia. That got swept under the rug along with the military the Pentagon wanted to locate there. Why? Because the press got co-opted.
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