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Non-sequitur syndrome

There, I’ve invented a new condition for which there seems to be no cure. That’s because the non-sequitur, like third-party support, is the result of a missing cognitive link. Things don’t follow and people get side-tracked because some brains are simply unable to compute reality.

Which suggests that the non-sequitur and triangulation are signals of a common cognitive deficit.


The Republican party has attracted a membership made up mainly of outlaws. Whether the myth of the American West being settled as the result of a contest between outlaws and Indians has influenced our perceptions, I don’t know. What is fairly certain is that the outlaws have slipped into governmental positions and their only saving grace is that they are incompetent. Incompetent outlaws are definitely preferable to competent ones. Fortunately, the competent ones are unlikely to volunteer as agents of government. So, while a four-time bankrupt in the White House is distressing, having him there may well be the next best thing to sending him to the “big house.”

Paul Krugman bemoans the loss of the rule of law

This in the very week that Congress downgrades ethics investigations and considers exempting the President from Constitutional restrictions. Fact is that money and the law are the primary tools whereby the majority of the citizenry have been stripped of their natural and human rights, as well as the necessities of life. Evidence can be found in the decreasing life spans of the majority populations despite ever increasing health care expenditures.

Money and the law make it possible for humans to engage in vile behavior against their own kind and Mother Nature even as they reject any responsibility for the consequences of their acts. Subterfuge! At least Pontius Pilate had the courage to wash his hands in public.

Thoughts on persistent segregation.

Segregation is a central component of the culture of obedience. How else to punish people who don’t obey than by shutting them out of normal social intercourse? In a sense, “segregation” is a euphemism. The activity it refers to, separating things and people into categories, is actually a neutral act and even a necessary component of organizing sequentially. What’s negative is what comes next — the exclusion of humans from society, not because of what they have done, but because of their failure to comply with irrational demands.
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