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The Lib and the Con

They are distinguished by their preconceived notions. The Con or authoritarian person is convinced that the individual must be positively directed, if he is not to go wrong. In other words, the individual cnnot be trusted to his own devices.

That this preconceived notion is consistent with a desire to give orders may be intentional or accidental. In any event, the authoritarian is content to give orders without worrying about their effect. Indeed, many an authoritarian has no interest nterest at all in consequence. GivIng orders and being personally agreed with is often enough, regardless od any follow through. You coukd say the Con is into personal relatins in a big way. Schmoozing and gossip are his M.O. The socializing has no goal.

The Lib, on the other hand, operates from the preconceived notion that individuals are entitled and able to do their own thing–that they are self-starters. Dorection comes into play only when behavior steps out of bounds and interferes with someone else. Where the authoritarian favors pro-active law enforcement, the Lib is “hands off.”

This turns out to be a big problem because it leaves the Cons in a sea of uncertainty. What will they do, if there is no-one to tell them what to do. Even worse, when Libs do tell them what to do and expect results, that ends up being wrong. Cons deliver nothing but agreement. Theirs is a mutual appreciation society. Libs withholding appreciatiOn is an insult.

So, how is one to win?

Language is critical when dealing with deceivers

If Satan had not spoken to Eve, would she have been deceived?

We’ve known about the Cons’ facility with language at least since Spiro Agnew regaled us with “nattering nabobs of negativism” and managed to distract us from the fact that the Party of No, the embodiment of the negative, was out to steal us blind. Indeed, the subsequent burglaries were just tokens of what they were about. But, we mistook the symbols for the substance and missed that a much bigger burglary was in progress, the theft of our national resources by the kleptocracy.

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For the record. Evidence of caprice in Glynn County?

For the last five decades, much effort has been expended on vitiating the powers of the citizens, who govern, by insisting on THEIR compliance with official directives and by turning the complaint, which in practice initiates all legal action into a dysphemism. That is, to complain is supposed to demonstrate weakness when, in fact, it rallies the power of the law. Crooks, of course, are antagonistic to the law. That’s true whether they operate from the street corner, a corporate tower, or the Court House.

Basic to the law is proper procedure and adherence to the clock. Unfortunately, an increasing number of public officials may know how to read the clock, but they do not know how to tell time and follow a proper sequence. Thus, their behavior becomes arbitrary.
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Our law is organic

Ok, so what binary thinkers seem to miss is that our legal system does not operate like a car in which going forward is simple to reverse.

Perhaps that is because it is more organic. Just as a flower cannot be converted back into the seed from which it sprang, rights once recognized, respected and served, cannot simply be deprived. The law of the U.S. Does not allow it. Deprivation, under color of law or not, is a crime.