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How Things Ought to be Done

Request to rezone, from R-6 Residential to FA Forest – Agricultural, that irregularly shaped tract identified as ‘Recreation Center on plat of Brunswick Villa Subdivision prepared by W. N. Gramling, C. E., dated June 3rd, 1943, and owned by the Boys Club of Glynn, said tract being situated approximately 320 ft. east of Wylly Avenue and approximately 145 ft. north of Townsend Street and having access via Johnson and Cate Street.␣ .
County Administrator Harold H. Baer was present to explain the circumstances relating to the subject request. Mr. Baer stated that the County had recently conveyed the property involved to the Boys Club, a non-profit civic organization. Not realizing that the site was not properly zoned for a recreational building, the Boys Club had cleared the land and commenced construction but had been unable to obtain a building permit under the land’s existing R6 Residential classification. In order to assist the Boys Club in this worthwhile community project, Glynn County had initiated the subject rezoning.
The area in question had been designated as a recreation center in the development of the Brunswick Villa Subdivision but had never been developed as such due to its poor drainage and swampy condition. However, under the County’s drainage program this problem had been greatly eliminated and the land is now suitable for use.
After careful study, a motion was made by Mr. McGarvey, seconded by Mr. Johnson and unanimously adopted to recommend approval of the rezoning of the
subject property to FA Forest Agricultural for the following reasons:
1. the property was originally intended for a recreation area; and
2. the service rendered by the Boys Club of Glynn is a needed asset to this community.

Perhaps because the drainage facilities have not been properly maintained, portions of this property are still “swampy.” There are cypress knees in the yard of the adjacent lot we have bought.

POTUS is puzzled.

What is our country coming to when a judge can halt a Homeland Security travel ban and anyone, even with bad intentions, can come into the U.S.?

OK, so intentions are scary because they are invisible. That’s a given. But, there is also the problem that people who exist in an ineffable present do not perceive time as a continuum made up of past, present and future. They don’t get that sequence is important — that it is inappropriate to ban people who haven’t done anything because they might do something. Then there’s the additional problem that people who only intend or mean have no sense of what doing even is. These are the people who got very upset when Obama said “you didn’t build that” because in their minds the intent and the act are one. “You didn’t build that” and “what the meaning of is is” challenge the same conceptual problem — the inability to distinguish fact from fiction, act from intent, expectation from experience.

It is quite likely that some brains do not register experience at all and have no awareness of an environment outside themselves. Plato described them, but I suspect he wasn’t one.

Our consideration of the right to travel is long overdue, especially since automobility is the key to liberty. It’s a natural right, not just for humans but all creatures that can move from place to place on their own.

The Preconceived Pres

The word “prejudice” has been turned into a dysphemism. Instead of just referring to information prior to its being evaluated (judged) for accuracy or worth, “prejudice” has acquired an antagonistic stance that is often followed by segregating or exclusionary behavior. Which is why, for an idea whose value or meaning hasn’t been fully determined, I tend to prefer “preconceived notion.”

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Self-centered trumps self interest

It occurred to me some time ago that the self-centered person tends to be lacking in self-interest. Maybe it is a matter of lacking an objective perspective, of being able to regard oneself as distinct from one’s environment. That is, the self-centered person lacks a sense of self, perhaps because sensations are based on comparisons.

Anyway, if a person has no self-interest then s/he can’t have a conflict of interest. Right? If there is nothing there, there is nothing to conflict. That might explain the Republican failure to recognize that public servants are not supposed to serve special interests, including themselves.

Resistance is Fertile

I have actually long thought that fertility is a response to stress throughout nature and that, in humans, a low birth rate, as in Italy, for example, is evidence of stress-free living. It makes sense that reproduction would be triggered by an adverse environment because that increases the chance that natural variation would produce off-spring more in tune with the changed conditions. If so, then restricting a population’s dietary intake has the effect not of making them work harder, but of reproducing more off-spring.
Which means that the oft-repeated suggestion that the African rate of reproduction in North America was evidence of being well-provisioned is probably false. More like is that slaves and other immigrants reproduced in huge number because their existence was precarious and survival past childhood even more so.
Anyway, resistance is essential when liberty is being challenged.