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The pons.

I used to think that the “seven deadly sins,” which are obviously self-destructive in the here and now, not some after-life, are the consequence of natural instincts becoming excessive, perhaps as a result of repetition or habit. So, for example, the urge to eat or satisfy hunger swells to excess as gluttony. However, I have reconsidered, and it now seems as though some individuals are undermined by the autonomic systems going haywire in the absence of cognitive supervision with the result that the individual is in an almost constant state of jeopardy. For, while the reptilian brain is organized for survival, it is the survival of the species that matters, not the individual.
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On so-called school choice

Choice is irrelevant when someone else’s future is involved. Children are being coerced to pay attention. Whether that coercion is imposed by the parents or the community at large is the issue. Nobody knows the results. What some parents apparently feel is they should be coercing instead of being coerced to hand their children over to the community. Children have no choice and, as long as they are considered the property of their parents, no rights.
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Hiding in plain sight

The liar’s advantage is that nobody believes him when he’s telling the truth.

There is no cover-up.
There is no limited hang-out.
There is just “in plain sight.”

Hillary’s emails were stolen. Everybody knew it. The Dude got them and used them. That’s called “receiving stolen property.”

Konstantin Kozlovski, a Russian, has admitted to the theft. Burglars often want us to believe that the victim’s failure to “secure” his/her property properly is responsible for the theft. Law enforcement, representing the culture of obedience, has an interest in supporting that rationale. However, there is an arrest warrant out for one Dmitry Dokuchayev, whom Kozlovski blames for ordering the theft, in the U.S.

Sister Jere Reports from Houston

The news about the flooding is filling the whole area with white rage. I went to see our old neighborhood and even the few streets whose houses did not flood are like a wash board. It looks like a run down slum. I stopped before I got to our old street. Phil and Tjohn saw it and their descriptions were enough. You may have been following in the news. The Houston Chronicle has done some excellent reporting.
The following is a rough draft of some thoughts about what I have seen over the years.
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