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First Volley

When one initiates a civil suit, and a suit against a state agency for failing to do its job would be civil, if the suit is not dismissed as frivolous out of hand, the plaintiff is entitled to posit interrogatories to the defendant entity. Interrogatories serve the dual purpose of providing information to the plaintiff and an opportunity for the defense to provide exculpatory evidence. Statutory requirements to provide information are partly designed to prevent unnecessary legal action clogging the courts. On the other hand, if it turns out that appropriate records are not being kept by public officials, that in itself is evidence of negligence and may provide grounds for judicial intervention.
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Anschutz’ Folly

Why is the state of Georgia letting an Anschutz corporation, headquartered in arid Colorado, litter our Atlantic shore with granite rubble and disrupt the surf with yet another rock pile, aka groin? Is it because anyone willing to waste money in Georgia is welcome? Are we that hard up?

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Harrington Creek, aka Village Creek Landing

Perhaps “Harrington” is not a fancy enough name and that is why the location of the public boat ramp and the erstwhile bait shop are often referred to as the Village Creek Landing. In fact, where the Harrington Creek joins Village Creek lies about a thousand feet further east. This is what the dock looked like from the air about a decade ago when there was also interest to “improve” it.

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