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Thirty Pieces of Copper

Thirty pieces of copper seem like a come-down from thirty pieces of silver. But then, that’s the price of a cubic yard of sand, not of the life of a man. Yes, thirty cents is what the socialist U.S. State of Georgia expects to deposit in the till for every one of 2.3 million cubic yards of “beach quality” sand the Sea Island Corporation is having pumped up onto the beach from off-shore. The whole document can be found by clicking here.
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Sea Island Mess ala Holland

Good Afternoon Mr. Rutlin, USACOE
This e-mail is being written by me (James R. Holland), retired Altamaha Riverkeeper┬« and a full time resident of Georgia. My background is in Commercial Fisheries and as a veteran of nine (9) years in the United States Marine Corps. I have devoted my last years to the protection of our freshwater wetlands, salt marshes and coastal areas, which includes but is not limited to Georgia’s Beaches and sand dunes (Sand Sharing System). Please accept this e-mail with attachments as an official complaint about the beach and groin renourishment project on Sea Island, Georgia. My concerns will be explained in the attachments.

Mr. Rutlin, by this e-mail I am requesting that the USACOE investigate this site in the Sea Island dunes beach renourishment project to determine if violations of a Federal Permit are occurring or have occurred. If it is found that the dunes and other areas are being violated I am requesting that the USACOE intervene and cause the violators to correct and restore any area where public property on this site has been harmed… This would also include the LOP issued by the CRD that destroyed dune vegetation and fragmented the dune there by interfering with the all critical sand sharing system. This LOP caused the renourishment company to violate the original USACOE document.
Thank you very much..
James R. Holland
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First Volley

When one initiates a civil suit, and a suit against a state agency for failing to do its job would be civil, if the suit is not dismissed as frivolous out of hand, the plaintiff is entitled to posit interrogatories to the defendant entity. Interrogatories serve the dual purpose of providing information to the plaintiff and an opportunity for the defense to provide exculpatory evidence. Statutory requirements to provide information are partly designed to prevent unnecessary legal action clogging the courts. On the other hand, if it turns out that appropriate records are not being kept by public officials, that in itself is evidence of negligence and may provide grounds for judicial intervention.
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