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Anschutz’ Folly

Why is the state of Georgia letting an Anschutz corporation, headquartered in arid Colorado, litter our Atlantic shore with granite rubble and disrupt the surf with yet another rock pile, aka groin? Is it because anyone willing to waste money in Georgia is welcome? Are we that hard up?

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Harrington Creek, aka Village Creek Landing

Perhaps “Harrington” is not a fancy enough name and that is why the location of the public boat ramp and the erstwhile bait shop are often referred to as the Village Creek Landing. In fact, where the Harrington Creek joins Village Creek lies about a thousand feet further east. This is what the dock looked like from the air about a decade ago when there was also interest to “improve” it.

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Dissecting CRD Failures at the SSI Yacht Club

Once upon a time, it was suggested that Glynn County, as guardian of the Golden Isles of Georgia, adopt a fifty foot building setback from the high water line in order to preserve the shoreline of the islands in its natural vegetated state. Of course, the electeds would do no such thing, since such regulation might interfere with how many dollars their land speculating buddies could extract from the rubes they can still entice to buy near underwater lots.

However, it might well not have made any difference because the regulatory geniuses at the Coastal Resources Division of the Dapetment of Natural Resources, whose mission is to preserve resources for future exploitation (not unlike putting up strawberry preserves for Christmas dinner), still do not know where marshland begins and ends. Perhaps it depends on whether their feet get wet when they stick in their little flags. Perhaps the CRD cannot afford to hire trained botanists and that accounts for why they cannot tell the difference between a swamp, a saltwater marsh, a freshwater marsh and seasonal wetlands needed by frogs and toads to reproduce.
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