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SLEAT missive

I need to send one out to highlight the arrival of the crane that will cut apart the car carrier, the distribution of the Bartram movie starring James, and the persistent efforts to remove the vegetation that holds these islands together.
Whether the crane stays anchored is to be determined. So far they have sunk a bunch of pilings and dumped granite rubble to prevent the tides from causing erosion from around the boat.

Hunting Green Herons

Dear Jere:

A few days ago, our friend James Holland (the one I go flying with) came over to share a big pot of seafood chowder that included some fresh pan fish he dropped off the day before. After the feast, he was sitting in our rocking chair watching some fledgling green herons in the bamboo over the pond in our back yard, then got up and took the photos below with a huge zoom lens.
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