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SLEAT letter

Dear friends of SLEAT:

If you agree with me that the primary mission of our community water and sewer systems is to protect the health and well being of our people and our environment, then I call your attention to the kerfuffle brewing at the Brunswick Glynn Joint Water and Sewer Commission as outlined in today’s Brunswick News.
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A Perfect Picture

Dear James Holland,

Thank you for catching this beautifully composed picture mixing the old and the new—and the shape of things to come. You have a little bit of everything in this image: the old style family farm compound on the right, the corner of the airport property in the upper right hand corner, the wooded area along the historic canal that the Future Land Use Map identifies as industrial, parts of two suburban developments at the top and bottom, and the muddy clearing in the middle that looks like some kind of wound or disease creeping toward the old family compound—and Hannah’s Dead End Oak Hammock Retreat in the lower center.


Thirty Pieces of Copper

Thirty pieces of copper seem like a come-down from thirty pieces of silver. But then, that’s the price of a cubic yard of sand, not of the life of a man. Yes, thirty cents is what the socialist U.S. State of Georgia expects to deposit in the till for every one of 2.3 million cubic yards of “beach quality” sand the Sea Island Corporation is having pumped up onto the beach from off-shore. The whole document can be found by clicking here.
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