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Where Car Culture Comes to Die

Let’s hope!
Some people get agitated about “paving paradise,” but the promoters of industry see this sea of vehicles in the Marshes of Glynn as the salvation of a county, 40% of whose children live below the poverty level. The cars come in and the cars go out, just like the ocean’s waves and, we are told, deposit wealth on our shores. More likely, if we’re lucky, dead cars don’t shed as many toxins as the ones that clog our highways and commercial sites.

Symrise, inc.

This Dutch-owned firm produces stock for flavors and scents from “natural” substances — tree roots and such. In a sense it is a descendant of the naval stores industries that processed pine tars and oils to water-proof and lubricate sailing ships. Basically, it is a chemical industry that processes vegetation before it turns into petroleum.
Regardless, if there are problems, the source is always the same — an inability or disinclination to properly separate what has been combined into new organic compounds with which the natural environment is not prepared to deal. In this case, the vegetation seems unable to process the waste in the quantities the factory is delivering it.
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