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Culture of obedience

Obedience is a natural virtue.
The culture of obedience is unnatural, coerced.
The culture of obedience serves no practical purpose.
It only satisfies man’s impulse to dominate his own kind,
Surreptition is necessary to avoid retaliation.

Is it a predominantly male proclivity?

USA is a commercial enterprise

“Buy low; sell high.” Commerce is a sophisticated version of predation, relying on amoral currency to disguise the theft. More sophisticated than a shell game because no-one admits the intent to trick. Currency imperceptibly extracts consent. Money is not the root of evil (getting something for nothing); it is a disguise. Why is there resistance to admitting currency is worthless? Nobody likes to admit they’ve been tricked. Adam and Eve accept blame for being tricked by the snake. Pride does that. Without pride man might just as well lie down and die. Pride is self-preservation. Does that mean commerce is an existential threat survived? If you don’t buy and sell you die?

Solicitation and proselytizing

Is there a difference between solicitation and proselytizing? I always thought the designation of some lawyers as solicitors was reason to be suspicious. Law and religion. They are closely aligned in the west. Mostly, it is my impression, the law serves to dilute, if not eliminate, the moral perspective. But then, Western religions are hardly moral — authoritarianism in disguise.

Wonder who came up with the notion of urging transgressions by promising forgiveness. It was neither Jesus nor Satan.


I just realized I am not a fun person. I do not think I have ever had fun. I enjoy life, but it is definitely not fun. Nor, most of the time, funny.

On John MCain

Steve Schmidt is younger than our youngest. So, of course, he knew nothing of John McCain in the early eighties when he was hoping to be selected as Vice President, nor even that he set up the International Republican Institute to run his own foreign policy shop with the assistance of the dirty tricksters, Manafort and Davis and Stone, the rats who swam away from Watergate.
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I suddenly remembered the name of a runaway youth I took home after his appearance in juvenile court where had obviously impressed the judge for why he should not be remanded to juvenile detention. I don’t think he stayed with us linger than a day, either, but left a lasting impression.
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Macho Man

To what extent is macho man enmeshed in commercial culture? Does he buy wives and heirs because he is lacking the biological awareness of producing them himself? Or is it just a matter of predatory exploitation having evolved into a more symbolic system. Currency, being impersonal, makes it easy and renders trade and exchange amoral. Money and marriage producing heritage: effortlessly.

Yes, that is the key attraction for the middleman, effortless achievement, surreptitious theft. What is the difference between a dollar and an empty shell?