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In response to today’s BN eitorial

WRONG. A county is a geographic entity designated for administrative convenience and governed by its resident citizens. Neither elected nor appointed public servants have authority other than to carry out the duties and obligations assigned to their jobs. Qualifications count. “Plays well with others” is not a qualification. Reading, writing, record keeping, accurate accounting and public speaking are qualifications and, sad to say, sorely missing on the BOC at present.
Since when are public service salaries set by applicants? That is the kind of practice affirmative action requirements are designed to prevent and citizens should not tolerate.
Don’t blame the road when the tires are flat.

Selbst Lob schtinkt!

And that is true whether it is an individual, a group or an organization that is tooting its own horn. However, U.S. culture seems geared towards self-promotion. Is that a consequence of personal rights not being recognized? Is it a consequence of the need to compensate for a pervasive sense of insecurity and the popularity of confidence building.
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Ron DeSantis is quoted as saying “If you can do Home Depot, if you can do Walmart, if you can do these things, then we absolutely can do the schools.” Howard Dean opined that DeSantis is a moron. That may not be fair, but the Governor of Florida has some obvious cognitive deficits, including numbers and agency. What does “do Home Depot” even mean? Is it an all-purpose word for any kind of interaction?
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“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” THAT’S WRONG.

If fear is not endemic to humans, then it is created by intimidation in the interest of domination and that has to countered (removed, restrained) by a third party intervention. That may well be the message of the trinity, which we have missed perhaps because dominion is a rather rarified aspiration. Servants do not seek to dominate. Their error is to tolerate those who do. Tolerance of the dominionist.

Not interested in

I would like to know how inferiority complexes are created. Why is clear. Subservience is an ego booster. But whose ego needs boosting?