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Musing on the demise of interlopers

The political parties (factions) and the press have no official role in the selection and hiring of public servants. So, they have insinuated themselves as inlluencers and the quality of the candidates they promote discredits them. Presidential electors, which are supposed to be chosen by state legislatures are actually, for the majority, designated by the extra-legal party conventions BEFORE the election is held. Which means that the scheme to substitute electors AFTER the 2020 election was doubly fraudulent. But, what it was was a last ditch effort to grab some authority for entities that are designed to be purely ministerial.

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Morning after.

The morning after the election is facing some delay. But, I want to point out that while the Murdock media empire is turning on trumpty Dumpty now, I dubbed him that in the spring of 2018. What makes the media so slow on the uptake? They have fallen into the habit of looking at history and predicting instead of focusing on day to day reality.
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Rule of law

According to former Justice Anthony Kennedy, the law binds government and all its officials. Individual persons are guided by moral principles.Authoritarians would have us believe that ordinary persons are governed by laws, rather than being coerced by force. Their laws are seen as an improvement because they create a separation between the coercer and the coerced and lessens the likelihood of revenge.
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