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Hegemony vs. autonomy

Hannah Smith
2 minutes ago
Guys are biologically inclined to be connected for the simple reason that the survival of their genetic heritage depends on it. So, when it turns out that their connections are destructive, they are in a desperate situation.
Authoritarianism appeals to those who need to be connected. I suspect that freedom is less important.
Females favor disconnection or parturition. Because, from a biological perspective, individual survival depends on it.
Perhaps it is fair to present the dichotomy as male hegemony vs, female autonomy.
How can they be reconciled? By taking turns

Marketing and iconography

Is the practice of associating some material object with an emotion, desire, memory or expectation, as exemplified in sales propaganda just a secular version of what christianity elaborated to sell itself because spirituality does not lend itself to being sold/imposed? Just imagine, christionity even iconifies water, not as a necessity of life, but as a representation of an after-life. Can we assert that christianity invented the acquisition of goods, not for their practical usefulness, but for some symbolic purpose?
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Murdaugh the chameleon

It looks like Alex Murdaugh is a chameleon. His demeanor while interacting with the polite prosecutor is quite different from when he was interrogated by his defense attorney, whom he apparently resents. It is quite possible that the night of the murders something set him off to the point that his behavior went into automatic mode.
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What’s with Emily Kohrs?

Emily Kohrs was chosen by the members of the Georgia special grand jury to be their foreperson. They met for about seven months and issued a report to which her name was appended. I’d imagine one reason the other jurors picked her was because she was least likely to react badlyto public attention. In any event, the jury released its report, said it should be published and the judge was persuaded to hold off publication for a while.
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Prickly Dune Starter

Photographed in 2016 Very likely Iva imbricata. It is a woody perennial whose spreading branches trap sand. So, it burries itself and builds dunes. After a while it is hard to find. aka Beach elder.


why do we judge behavior by its effect? Is that just a varient of blaming the victim to deny responsibility? I do not think so. Denying responsibility would be self-serving and I do not think that is a universal priority.
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