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Killing Soleimani was a big mistake.

Money is both infinite and immortal.

A man only becomes immortal after he is dead. So, if Trump had Soleimani killed to hide his debts to Russia, BIG MISTAKE creating a martyr.

Pompous Pompeo

Pompous Pompeo has had a bug up his ass about Iran since he was in Congress. That and private airplanes. Maybe he thinks the latter will help him escape in the End Times.

This guy came out of West Point. Maybe he’s another one of those people with a Google brain and no processing function. How else to explain the lack of discretion?

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Psychological Attractions

What is the function of idolatry, adulation, cheerleading and celebrity creation? Why are the glitterati seemingly irresistible?

Conservative is a misnomer. I’m suggesting CONFEATHERATES for the nonce.

They’d as lave decorate a confeatherate’s grave as a thrue pathrite’s. All they want is a chanst to go out to th’ cimitry; an’, faith, who doesn’t enjoy that? No wan that’s annything iv a spoort. “I know hundhreds iv thim. Finley Peter Dunne


When I was younger, I lasted 17 years as an activist. Now I think I’m about done after six. Glynn County’s self-satisfied communities are difficult to characterize. Many are satisfied to exist in a state of deprivation where they can feel sorry for themselves. It may be a consequence of being abused, but I’ll be damned if I know how to deal with it, much less reverse it.

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On Trees

That the earth is man’s to abuse and despoil has a theoretical basis in the Old Testament. Indeed, not long ago someone tasked with “resource conservation” explained his mission as a response to despoliation having gone too far. We conserve to destroy later.

However, the transfer of carbon out of the earth’s mantle into the atmosphere we breathe is a relatively recent event prompted by something else. Why were the organisms that capture carbon and secure it in the earth cut down and not replaced?

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Brunswick News editorial

Making resolutions is as much of a staple of ringing in the new year as the ball dropping in Times Square in New York City. While we can make changes and promises to our lives at any given point in a year, it is only human to look back at the previous year, see where your failings were and resolve to do better the following year.

Of course, it doesn’t always work out like that. Resolutions can be tough to keep, usually because the change that is being made is tough to keep up with. Not everyone will succeed if they suddenly resolve to quit smoking or get in better shape. You have to find a way that works best for you to reach your goals, and it may take a couple of tries before you find the right balance.

With that in mind, we have a couple of resolutions we would like to see the county and city governments embrace in 2020. While we know there may not be immediate solutions to the problems, we do hope there is a concerted effort to improve them.

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Erbil, Iraq

Although Google does not have up to date images of Iraq, they are available by going through a link for military bases.,44.0130931,1377m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en-US

City center of ERbil, Iraq

It seems sort of eerie that I was moved to look up the latest on Iraq a few days ago. Then, on January 3rd we have Richard Engel reporting from Erbil to explain the potential fallout from the killing of Suleimani in Baghdad.

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