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The illusion of power is corrosive. But where does the perception of impotence, which it is expected to cure, come from? Incompetence. Inculcated incompetence is the perversion of a natural mistake. Intentional inculcated incompetence, aka “dumbing down the populace.” Is that what dope dealing is about.

Recycling water

Almost fifty yers ago we visited a waste water treatment system in San Diego County that achieved tertiary treatment by directing the effluent through a series of ponds and wetlands to end up with drinking water quality. Now, we read that the LA water district is considering recycling instead of dumping treated water into the ocean. The estimated cost is a mere $50 BILLION. We need to remember to compare that to the $70 Billion we spend on lottery tickets every year to make the point that we shoukd not be basing decisions on anticipated costs. Avoided disease and drought are not quantifiable.

Equal and unequal

“Equal” and “unequal” are both deceptive because neither refer to quality (high, low, good or bad) but are in fact quantitative measures. How much, rather than how well. The suggestion that value is related to quantity is just plain wrong.

Christianity secularized = commerce

Is that what capitalism is, christianity secularized? Is it a mission bereft of moral content, with the result that church and state are just two sides of the same coin? If each is designed to exploit human beings to their detriment, is democracy an antidote? Christianity and Commerce, the abstract behaviors of cannibals. Destruction without consumption.
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