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In a nutshell

Yes, cruelty is endemic to the culture of obedience. The culture of obedience is difficult to identify because, of course, obedience is a virtue.

How do we get from virtue to vice? Simple. Just add coercion. The use of force converts virtue into vice. Think of nutrition and force feeding. Think of speech and enhanced interrogation. Think of intercourse and rape.

Satan roams through the world because the Creator gave Lucifer, just like Adam and Eve, free will.

What is the motivation? The lust for power by those who perceive themselves as impotent. The cruelty is inevitable because power, to be felt, has to hurt. Continue reading

Targeting Americans

What is being almost totally ignored is that most of the people being abused at the southern border are AMERICANS. I think it is wonderful that these people are prepared to insist on rights, on being seen by doctors, on having medical tests performed.

Yes, of course they are going to be Democrats when they get settled and vote. They know what democracy is before they get here.

What do forty days incarceration mean when national legislators show up to investigate? What is the lesson when people complain and something actually changes?

What we need to do for our left-behind populations is school them in the art of the complaint.

Care for the undocumented? For sure.

We provide physician care because injury and illness are social negatives and a threat to the body politic. Dealing with negatives is what we hire agents of government for. Providing for health and welfare is a Constitutional obligation. All Constitutional obligations have to be carried out regardless of the personal characteristics of the recipients.

While the amendments to the Constitution are commonly referred to as a Bill of Righta, they, along with the whole document, are addressed to the agents of government, not the potential recipients of services.

Just as the Ten Commandments are not addressed to God, the Constitution is not addressed to the people who govern. Why is that so hard to understand? Because there be segregationists among us who are bound and determined to identify some population that can be excluded/abused with impunity. Why is that their ambition? Because it gives them a cheap thrill. Effortless Potency.

AOC challenges the myth of American exceptionalism

Well, yes, the challenge to exceptionalism is stressful because the whole point of being exceptional and exclusive is to compensate for a deep sense of inferiority. Where the U.S. inferiority complex comes from is a puzzlement. Perhaps it is in response to the reality that, like Trump’s grandfather, most of the European migrants to the U.S. were actually rejects who told themselves that theirs was a quest for fame and fortune. Perhaps segregation came so easy because it provided an opportunity for the excluded to avenge themselves.

What African and today’s American migrants have in common is either involuntary removal or voluntary exodus. They are not being thrown out like so much trash.

The American Exodus. That is what we are seeing now. Calling the migrants Latins or Hispancs is inappropriate. They are all Americans.

Police in the news.
When I saw the announcement on the college’s electronic sign that a “police training” was in progress, I hoped that, since it was taking place at a college, the training involved writing clear reports, speaking politely to the public, becoming familiar with the law, rereading the Constitution, including the amendments, and increasing their awareness that, as public servants, they had sworn to carry out duties and obligations assigned to them by the citizenry.
Instead we learn they were practicing how to respond to a shooting without incurring any injury themselves.
One hopes the training was not provided by the Parkland School deputy who’s just been indicted for negligence in failing to confront the shooter.
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Looking for weapons

Under the guise of looking for weapons, agents of government are being officious in detaining and searching people without cause. They do not appreciate that they are supposed to wait until they are called and there is a complaint. Pro-active law enforcement is a step towards tyranny.