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Shadow Economy

There is no new information. How can anyone make informed decisions about economic activity when all the data being compiled is a decade old? Even the Bureau of Labor Statistics, writing in 2020 is looking at numbers from 2017. How long will it take the Bureau of the Census to get its data out? Will anybody care?

Morning musings

Rational people assume that people act on what they believe, but that is not necessarily so. Some people stop at belief and do not act at all. Others neither know nor believe anything and act on the spur of the moment. Still others respond to their emotions and satisfy themselves with talk.

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Daddy Warnock and Little Jon

Daddy Warnock and Little Jon are Georgia native sons. Warnock is from Savannah on the coast and Ossoff is from Atlanta in the granite mountains of Georgia. Georgia has more granite than New Hampshire but they are more eroded into the coastal plain, carried there by the mighty Altamaha, Georgia’s Amazon.

Attention seeking

Attention seeking is not self-centered as an exhibitionist might be. The act is actually person-directed. The response of the person whose attention is sought is wanted. Indeed, the absence of a response generates anger. “You are ignoring me. How dare you!”
Of course, it is possible that anger is a constant, regardless.

The Cons’ Conundrum

From the beginning, the commercial class has been catered to with free land, free natural resources and subsidized monopolies. The results have not been good. The argument that subsidies weaken has actually been validated. U.S. enterprise finds itself unable to compete in the global market.
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