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The full title of Herman Melville’s short story is “Bartleby the Scrivener; a story of Wall Street.” Published in 1853 about a clerk who was employed to copy legal documents before machanical copying machines were invented, the employer is not a financier, but a lawyer. Still, the attribution to Wall Street deserves consideration. Was it, even then, a place full of people who prefer not to do anything, to be idle while others work. Was the employer unable to refute the scrivener because, he too, preferred not doing anything and didn’t?
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How commerce became a shell game.

Commerce, as typically defined, refers to the trade of goods and services for something of value. The problem is that modern day currency has no value. Moreover, although currency is associated with the issuing entity, so we have U.S. and Canadian dollars, currency is anonymous in that there is no person to vouch for a value it does not have. Talk about a double negative, which is definitely not a positive.
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Why are so many people apparently eager to accept blame for something they did not do? I’m not just referring to the people who accept that their appearance, speech or behavior is what prompts others to attack. No, it is also people willing to accept supposed benefits from another’s deprivation that were not even realized. It is, apparently, more important to be part of the action than to be uninvolved. The objective observer is not valued in U.S. culture. Perhaps that is the basis for the antagonism towards intellect.
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The Leadership Schtick

Leadership is big in Georgia and the source of much disappointment. One recent example is Hoschton, Georgia where at least two community leaders were eventually prompted to resign from the Town Council because of their poor attitudes towards dark complected individuals. One even managed to argue that God would not have made different races, if he did not mean them to be kept separate.

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How to define slavery?

Does it mean laboring without adequate compensation?

Does it mean having one’s mobility restricted?

Does it mean having one’s associations limited?

Does it mean being owned by another person and used/abused by him/her?

Does it mean one has no standing in the law?

Does it mean being deprived of natural rights?

Does it mean being caged like another animal species?

Is it a synonym for coercion? The absence of liberty?

Impatient, I am

I’ll give you a new “perspective.” The U.S. fixation on flags, statues, monuments and other iconic representations, including logos, trade marks and insignias is weird. So much concern for figments of the imagination while real live persons are ignored! War is a terrible thing and the people killed are not heroes. Neither are the war fighters and killers.
If Ahmaud Arbery is a modern day Abel, what his death tells us is that humans have not progressed very far.