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On Law

This I like.

Laws DO nothing. They ARE figments of the imagination which justify or disapporve of human behaviors. In a sense, laws are expressions of prejudice, efforts to pass judgement ahead of time. Hope springs eternal that disapproval is preventative. It isn’t. That is why we just consigned a couple of lawyers (Manafort and Cohen ) to prison. Since they presumably knew better, their violations of the law are insufferable. Their previous client is different. Or was until he started ordering the violation of laws in public and prompted the hiring of substitute minions. We will be lucky if the long term effect of this kerfuffle is to clarify the ROLE OF LAW rather than the RULE OF LAW. Since the law is an amoral, if not immoral, compendium of prescriptions and prohibitions, we do not want to be ruled by it.

The Word

“In the beginning was the Word.”

The word is the Dude’s all-purpose tool. He uses the word as a weapon to prevent its use against him. The word is what he uses to swindle people of their rights. The object is immaterial; the swindle is pure evil. The swindle is the object of the lie.

Attention seeking

It may well be addictive and that is why the seekers never get enough. Lies are sure-fire because they can be proved.
Why do attention seekers have no shame?

Why I object to racism as an explanation for behavior.

Racism implies that some personal traits or superficial characteristics for which there are no defined genetic links manage to prompt really unsavory behavior in an observer who is then not willing or able to resist the prompt. Why this apparently pervers cause and effect relationship appeals to the victims of the irrational antagonism as an explanation is a puzzlement. One is almost tempted to speculate that being attacked is better than being ignored. Continue reading

Nymphaea mexicana explained

These yellow water lilies have grown up from the deeper part of the pond. They are new arrivals, possibly during the inundation by Irma, when all the fish went missing. Puddy took the opportunity to muck out the pond, but did not entirely clean out the center where the Nymphaea mexicana took root.

Native to Mexico and the southern U.S., Nymphaea may well be considered invasive where anglers disport themselves.  Our goldfish are holding up very well and may even have, for the first time, reproduced. Don’t know how else to explain the different sizes.

A Kilgorian Exclamation


The agenda for the May ZBA meeting was posted overnight—and the report contains the draft minutes for the March meeting. Here is what the minutes for the first item, the Plantation Drive variance request, say about you: “Mr. Jeff Kilgore exclaimed that ’this body has flagrantly violated the rules . . . they need to read the law or resign!’”

Congratulations on the rare honor of being awarded an exclamation point. Perhaps you should bring flowers for the minute taker to the ZBA meeting this week.

I’ve copied this to a few others who spoke at that meeting and invite them to check out how their comments were captured (or escaped capture).


Faith and Values

Our County Administrator recently reported that despite a surge in new construction, revenues from property taxes are flat. There is a good reason for that. Initial sales prices, including for vacant land are grossly inflated and when the intial owners go to sell, the market tells them they got rooked. Meanwhile, their neighbors discover they are “underwater” and lenders are demanding higher premiums. The result is a bunch for foreclosure notices in the Saturday section of the local paper entitled “Faith and Values”
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