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American Trajectory to Tragedy


Now the question is was it inevitable and is it salvageable. I would argue yes, if the culture can embrace reality and sideline the idealists. The American Fiction in support of male hegemony cannot survive. Males need to be contained, to be house bound.

Nancy Abudu

Nancy Abudu has been nominated to the eleventh circuit court of appeals. Senator Cruz is antagonistic because she has been associated with the Soouthern Poverty Law Center as an advocate. All I can say is that if the law were moral and just, we would not need special advocates.

Is the fact that the US legal system was constructed by and for corporate interests responsible for the virtual exclusion of human rights? Probably not. More likely is that the male interest in artificial association prompted the preferential designation of corporations and the disregard for female interests. Man is born of woman similar to how a bird emerges from its shell.

On History

Having attended seven schools on three continents by the time I got to eighth grade, I missed a lot of the normal history curriculum and then, in high school, every course seemed to start with the Greeks and Romans and the school year ended before we got to the second World War, which was when I was born. Consequently, I had no familiarity with history until a college friend, a history major needed some help with his studies of European history.
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Aileen Cannon, affirmative action judge

It has long been my contention that the misconception about affirmative action requirements is ultimately destructive. However, it is very difficult for those historically excluded from advancement in response to prejudicial attitudes by decision-makers to understand that “affirmative action requirements” are not intended to benefit them or people like them. That the requirements are directed to decision-makers to encourage qualification or talent-based decisions, not to promote a culturally compensatory preference simply does not register.
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Indulging Magalomania

What is the function of the syllable ‘lo’ in that word? Given the explanations of the Greek source, I think it is fair to conclude that the syllable serves to associate dimension or size with the location (brain, city) of that characteristic. I also think the exchange of an ‘a’ for an ‘e’ is insignificant.
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