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Still Manafort

This such a nothingburger of a story, one has to wonder who keeps pushing it and for what purpose. The pollsters hired by any candidate to spread disinformation and make predictions that please the person who hired them, have nothing to do with the votes that are collected and tabulated by public officials during an election.
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There is something truly ironic about titling a recollection of Bartram’s explorations of the southern climes “Cultivating the Wild.” What we definitely do not need is more cultivation of the wilderness. Culture, after all is coercive.
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I just had a breakthrough perception. Placing an order or making a purchase is, for some people, a little power trip. They buy stuff, not because they need it or have some use for it, but because the purchase or acquisition makes them feel potent and counteracts their sense of impotence. Hoarding is just an incidental consequence. Not intentional.

Ulterior motives. Need to explore them more. Call and response.

Ship Wrecks


What does the suffix refer to? A transitory condition on which it is best not to rely?

Hero worship

Is hero worship a sort of self-enhancement or desire for increased self-importance. I well remember and am still puzzled by my mother’s critique of her mother for having or making friends with pwople who were “beneath her.” My mother prided herself on having friends (who never lasted long) who were socially superior to herself, in her own estimation. While she perceived herself as extremely talented, intelligent and accomplished, she was, in fact, a non-entity. If people praised her, it was mostly to be rid of her. Sad.
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Commercial Man

The traders, middlemen, have always been favored in North America since the first ships arrived from Europe. Neither producers nor consumers, they be pirates in gentlemen’s garb. The commercial class exists to stir things up and claim whatever profit falls out. Disruption is not incidental; it is the point. Sophisticated thievery via slight of hand.

Finding the right verbiage

I’m constantly trying to find new words to describe modern day reality in the USA. The USA is peculiar, a land of illusion and, perhaps, self-deception. I think it was Samuel Clemens as Mark Twain (false ID) who said “it is best to be shifty in a new country. And that was a long time ago. But, the USA is still a new country.
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