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Dumbo confesses to Woody

Listening to Bob Woodward’s conversations with the dude, I wonder to what extent his “reasonable” demeanor is a product of whom he was conversing with.  Even though he says irrational things on tape, he sounds reasonable.

Why Bob Woodward kept the conversations secret for so many months is almost inexplicable. Obviously, the fourth estate cannot be trusted.

Property Rights

Property rights are a very sensitive subject because, for many people, property rights are the only rights respected. They personal rights are often restricted, including speech, under the guise of PC. For others, property rights are the key to the exclusivity and segregation they rely on for a sense of self-importance. The culture of obedience has left people with few options. People walking around freely actually reminds them of what they have lost, the ability to go outside without some protective armour.

Poor Donald

Individuals whose behavior is responsive to superficial optics occur in every population. When their response is adulatory (“I love red roses”), it is unobjectionable, although some authoritarian may well object. When the response is antagonistic (“I hate broccoli”) it tends to be dismissed as idiosyncratic unless someone takes offense. It is when these gut reactions prompt behavior that is unwelcome to those affected that we have a problem.
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Idiocy at the DoJ

There is some idiocy about. How do I know? Because the Department of Justice is consorting with economists and an Assistant Attorney General who does not know the difference between “protect” and “promote.”

Actually, the notion that one promotes innovation by protecting competition follows the same thought pattern as historic cost/benefit analysis which failed to realize that assigning benefits to one entity and costs to another is fundamentally unfair and illogical.

Perhaps inequity is always the result of an absence of logic?

Ordered business closures

They target bars and restaurants and barbershops for closure because those are enterprises which are required to have special licenses to operate because of health and safety concerns. Agents of government are doing what comes easy; not what is necessarily relevant to the occasion.
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