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Verbal insecurity

After all this time, you’d think there was unanimity on the meaning of words. But. when I went to look up surrogacy, I discovered that it was being reserved for the practice of hiring a womb to bear one’s child–a prominent enterprise in Ukraine before the war. Which suggests there was some truth to the claim that the Trump Tower confab with the Russians was about adoptions.
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Michael Cohen and the DOJ

Yes, Michael Cohen is correct that Donald Trump used the DOJ to punish and silence him. But, prison was probably the safest place for Cohen when he went cross-wise of Trump. What Cohen perceives as a major affront, is really just a blip in a governmental entity that has been corrupt for a long time–not at the behest of any individual, the corruption is systemic.
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Crunch Time for Power

Although the essence of government by the people is that power is dispersed over the whole population, for two hundred years independent clusters of power managed to do their thing without opposition. In large part that was because half the population was content to let males do their thing. Then mid-twentieth century it became obvious that letting males do their thing spells disaster.

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Arrogating the language

How our verbal masters, who’s vocabulary is actually quite limited, arrogate words and phrases to make them generally unusable is worth noting. We are, of course, generally aware that “liberal” has not only been hijacked by the predators, but had its meaning perverted. “Freedom” is another word whose value has been stripped. More recently I discovered that “surrogate” referring to any representative of a person, has been hijacked by reproductive service providers and their opponents to designate women who bear children for others.

What they are doing is stripping away multiple meanings. Makes sense. The instinct-driven are easily confused.