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Culture of Obedience.

The culture of obedience relies on death and commiseration to sustain itself without generating the resentment that should cut it off. We exist in a grand web of illusion not of our own choosing. The deception is perpetrated by those who would exploit their own kind.
Are they the descendants of Cain? That would explain why those who are descended from someone else do not recognize their flaws.
Power lust

What is commiseration? A more sophisticated kind of leper licking. But, boy is it popular!

Professional = Paid

It’s as simple as that. Professionals are paid; amateurs do it out of love. So, whom should we respect more?

Why is the paid person respected? Because the payment represents an element of control. The amateur exercises autonomy.

On some level, the Dude recognized that. Which is why he insisted he was going to reject the Presidential pay. Of course, that’s not how the system works. We pay public servants exactly because we, the people, expect to be obeyed and exercise control.

Abrogate, arrogate and abstract

So, here on the Georgia Coast there’s a lot of arrogation of property and abrogation of responsibility going on. Mostly, it’s not the same people making false claims to property they don’t own and the people failing to protect those who do. But sometimes it is governmental entities failing to honor what other governmental entities are responsible for.
From which I conclude that it’s no wonder people are fixated on property rights when their rights are being either challenged or ignored left and right.
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I’ve been wondering if there was a single word to describe people wallowing in other people’s injuries, worries and disappointments. There is, of course. It’s commiseration. My, how quick people are to do that. Just a whiff of distress brings them out of the woodwork. And what do they offer to help? Prayers.
Leper lickers have more skin in the game. It’s disgusting.
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On Pleasure and Power and Paternity

Pleasure, power and paternity minus obligation equal predatory behavior. It is in obligation that the social connection resides — giving something back for what is taken. Without obligation we are left with nothing but exploitation and eventual extermination.
Any species can drive itself to extinction by eradicating the resources it needs to survive. The knowledge that each individual faces extinction regardless does not result in changed behavior. A vindictive person may well welcome the deluge.

Disagreeing with Stiglitz

Reading this in bits and pieces.
The economists write:

The standard theorems about the efficiency of the market were developed under the assumption of full information; with imperfect information—in particular, with one person having information that others do not, which is what is meant by secrecy and lack of transparency—the economy is not in general efficient.6 One party can and often does take advantage of another. That is why all countries have fraud and disclosure laws on consumer product contents, securities, etc., with stiff penalties to ensure that the disclosures are truthful.

Well, penalties ensure nothing. If they did, we would not still be inundated with lies. Penalties are applied AFTER the fact. And that is what the economists are still leaving out of their consideration — time. While it is true that some people have false or incomplete information because other people lie (transparency is not a corrective because looking through or at something does not reveal function), the reality is that complete information is only available AFTER something has been experienced by an aware person. People who aren’t paying close attention don’t “get” function. Function is change over time and, probably because it cannot be seen, is inaccessible to people who rely primarily on superficial optics. It is also not available to people who ignore the passage of time, as traditional economists have been wont to do. And Stiglitz is apparently still doing. Reducing transactions to dollars whose quantity can be fixed at a certain point in time does not take care of the problem that the trade and exchange of goods and services is a dynamic system that, like the weather, never holds still.

Yes, it is presumptuous to disagree with world-renowned economists. However, I said decades ago their assumptions were wrong and they have now admitted it. Only, they are still not admitting structural impediments and blaming other people’s moral deficits (a penchant for secrecy and/or deception) for their inability to acquire “complete information.” Even if they were all knowing, the dynamic system would escape their apprehension because they have left time out of their equations. Change over time. I don’t know how it would be modeled, but that’s what has to be included.

Rude Dude

The rude Dude is nothing but a pampered rich kid to whom the lessons in etiquette didn’t stick.

That’s my thought of the morning and I think I’ll spread it. “Dude” is already being used by others who are disinclined to speak his name. That he is a pampered rich kid might register with supporters who don’t know what to make of him. In the beginning, his crude speech manners made him sound familiar and not uppity like that last feller. Now we have to make clear that speech, like appearances, can be deceiving.

There is no excuse for bad manners.