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Thought of the morning.

After reading that Parnas and Fruman thought they were on a secret mission for Trump because he recruited them.

So, habitual criminals trip themselves up by being habitual.
Given that, financial thieves are, or could be, minimally upsetting, since the supply of money is infinite.

The financial world and the thief are made for each other. Problems arise from the pretense that the supply of currency is fixed.

Nothing much

The impeachment hearings are distracting. One hopes this test of our Constitution is strengthening, not destructive.
The POTUS’ behavior is an abomination. Somebody has got to teach him that there are serious consequences to using words as weapons.
Roger Stone has been found guilty on seven counts.

Impeachment Hearing

Republicans are trying to argue that either:

The POTUS is entitled to define U.S policy
The extortion of Ukraine did not work

The first is consistent with Republican preference for the unitary executive relieving the Congress of all responsibility and the second is akin to arguing that attempted crimes should not be of concern.

The central problem, of course, is that extortion is SOP on Capitol Hill. If Trump is guilty, then so are a lot of Congressmen.

Of gold and black gold

When Richard Nixon severed the official ties between U.S. currency and the mineral known as gold, he did not know what he was doing. Well, to be more accurate, as he told me, he did not take the potential effect on nations with a substantial supply of the mineral in the ground into consideration. That is, it seems not to have occurred to Nixon that repressive regimes in South Africa and the Soviet Union would no longer be able to purchase advanced technology, or anything for that matter, by just digging gold out of the ground. Vodka and wine were not going to bring in enough universally valued currency. So, they’d have to play nice and some other sources of revenue would have to be found.
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Musing on the future of black gold

One of the things often ignored about oil reserves is that they are identified by what has been officially identified as a result of geologic investigation. That is why the reserves keep growing.

I became aware of that during the Iraq occupation when, while the U.S.was busy fending off resistance fighters, German geologists were exploring for oil in the Syrian deserts and finding it. And now Trump has been persuaded to keep some troops in Syria to “protect the oil fields.” And how have the Kurds been financing their protection? By selling oil to the Scandinavians.
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