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Can an amoral person commit a crime? When did intent become a necessary component of guilt? Is it a necessary component of the justification of official killing?

Where the shift of the law’s focus from effect to intent occur? When does the initiation of youth into sexual experience turn into abuse? Is is abuse if the perp doesn’t mean anything by it?

Killing a person is, of course, just the ultimate escallation of abuse. So, if we want to interdict killing. We have to stop abuse.

Trump the turd.

Reminds me of the “Entertainer,” a has-been who cannot relinquish his shtick. The Turd cannot give up his lies. Why? Perhaps it is a late-onset compulsion.

Anyway, the result of persistent preverication is pseudo everything. Nothing is real.

The Turd likes the word “fake.” Pseudo President might be better.

The connection between abortion and slavery.

That the terminology is wrong does not matter because the real issue is not abortion; it’s coerced reproduction. Just as some cultures keep cattle as status symbols, some U.S. populations look to have off-spring as a source of effortless status and wealth. That is what I heard the other day when an irate, obese woman proudly proclaimed herself a single mother of two boys, a three and a sixteen year old. She was offering to sell us her house at an outrageous price.

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In response to the NH veto override

That a veto had to be overridden is shameful. That our agents of law enforcement need to feel protected by the possibility that some other agents might be ordered to kill a human in cold blood is shameful. When did we start hiring wimps to be our agents? Why have we made it safer to be a cop than a school girl? Why should agents of government be in a position to determine who lives and who dies and when? Because they were able to do it historically by drafting men into military service and sending them off to be killed in foreign lands at the whim of a few old men? Because males in the U.S. are still subject to involuntary servitude? Is that why interfering with the reproductive roles of females is also justified? To assert the supremacy of the agents, despite the fact that they have been hired as servants? How did we come to employ so many people who do not know their place?


Life is an abstraction. Being pro-life is to elevate an abstract concept or idea over the real. Plato referred to that, but I would argue he was being descriptive of a certain mode of thought, rather than prescriptive. Ideologues are prescriptive. For example, they assign a higher value to money, a figment of the imagination, than to the goods and services money represents.
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