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The advantage of having a master.

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but the reason authoritarianism appeals is because following orders provides relief from having to accept responsibility. Knowledge is not a boon and ignorance is bliss. Of course, willful ignorance is a moral failure, but who cares?

On Wander Lust

People who cannot build often destroy. In the late eighties, they even came up with an ideological justification. They called it “creative destruction” and assumed that because creation involves some destruction, they could wreck havoc and something better would automatically take its place, like the phoenix rising from the ashes.
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Reconsidering pairs.

About twenty five years ago, when I started writing about cost/benefit, the analysis of which was a favorite in the late eighties to promote enterprise that turned out not too well, there was little awareness that the problem with this pairing was that it involved a sort of non-sequitur. That is, the supposed relationship between cost and benefit is not valid because the costs are borne and the benefits flow to different entities. Since then, “socializing the cost” and “privatizing the benefits” has come to be a standard explanation for why many well-intentioned proposals have not, in fact, increased the well being of the people supposedly being served. Rather, it has resulted in a society where a few are extraordinarily wealthy and the vast majority are increasingly deprived of even the necessities of life. Having a good explanation obviously doesn’t correct a problem.
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Corporate subsidies are killing us, and the trees.

They used to be called “externalities” and, for a time, their consideration affected our decision making. Then they got transformed into “benefits.” How that happened requires more thinking than I have time for today. So, this is just the start of my assault on the prospect of handing over more public lands to a solar farm.

Evangelicals hung up on Israel

Why are U.S. evangelicals hung up on Israel? Why, for that matter, do they worship Christ the King? Neither signals a rejection of earthly powers or the concept of the nation, as one might think. Rather, by associating themselves with royalty, their sense of self-importance is enhanced. In other words, fans are about compensating for the insecurities imposed on them by family and friends — or that result from inherent intellectual and practical deficits that keep them from coping well.
So, was voting for the Dude a rejection of the culture of obedience?