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Promoting incompetents

Since Republicans prefer group-think, rather than self-starters, the promotion of incompetents for public office is a gross insult to the electorate. Disrespect. Where does it come from?
Need to remember this: loud mouth drunk on his own magnificence


What’s Russia going to do with a pile of rubble? About as much as the puppy does with the slipper he chewed. Increasingly, Putin’s Tantrum is looking like one big distraction from Russia’s administrative failures. Showmanship, the typical response of failed leadership? Is showmanship a substitute for the deluge or the antecedent? Is that what is meant by “going down in a blaze of glory”?
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Material objects are tangible physical manifestations of the memory function. The problem with currency is that it is twice removed from the material and imperceptible to individuals who have no awareness of their memories as such. Observers can identify short and long-term memory function, but the individual may not be aware of remembering.

In an alzheimer’s patient, why are autonomic functions lost? Does the destructive agent travel like a virus from the temporal lobes to the amygdala?

Original sin.

The self-defined originalists on the SCOTUS are likely informed by their familiarity with original sin, the concept that give lief to some to control the behavior of others to enforce conformance with defined moral standards. (I should note that I perceive a significant difference between coercion and restraint). Who’s the boss? Is there a legitimate boss?
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Funny how disdain for the person leads to the creation of personalities and the personification of the inanimate. Also, depersonalization. Is that all the consequence of the triumph of the ideal over the real? Is the destruction of the real material world imperative if the idea is to win. The triumph of ideology. Desideratum of the incompetent. Clean hands. Is that the ultimate perfection of the upright stance? I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW!