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Virtual or simulated.

One of stories of the day is poor Donald’s assertion that the “virus affects virtually nobody.” Where did he get that formulation? Technically speaking, no body can be affected by virtual reality or simulation. The internet is not affected by the virus. Was somebody providing a technical explanation that he simply misunderstood? Is the word as used an adjective or an adverb?
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Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died

I am struck by how many people find it necessary to announce how her demise makes them feel. It is as if the significance of any event is defined by a personal response.  Is this evidence of people being self-centered (man is the measure of all things) or of an inability to perceive the world dispassionately?

Dear Rachel Maddow

Sorry, Ms. Maddow, you are wrong. Under the Constitution, minor children are considered property and have no rights. When their parents are adjudged to have abandoned them and neglected to provide proper care, the children are removed by social workers and placed in foster care situations and made available for adoption, if anybody else wants them.
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Burr letter

After Aaron Burr killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel he came to St. Simons to avoid prosecution as dueling had been made illegal. While here he visited John Couper on Cannon’s Point and survived a hurricane. This is his letter to his daughter, it includes fascinating tidbits about life back then.