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The 13th.

Wholesale incarceration and involuntary labor are legal according to the 13th Amendment to the Constitution and justifies the behavior of agents of government, as do all the rest. Legal scholars would have us believe that the Constitution does not intend what it says, because for centuries it has proved convenient to discount the language and face up to the truth. The American Dream is the realization of intent where none actually exists. Continue reading

Poobah Syndrome

It is the affliction which causes public servants not to know their place.

How shall we categorize media-made America? ‘Tis not a dream or a nightmare. Not a myth or mystery. Perhaps a fable? Ein Märchen. Fabelhaft.

The Criminal Mind

The object ia primarily attention. So surveillance is not a deterrent and doubling down is to be expected.
Individuals who are reluctant to expose themselves to restraint are content to share in the escapades vicariously via schadenfreude: pleasure experienced not because an enemy has been chastized, but because an icon has provided an example criminal behavior and avoided meaningful restraint.
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The Many Faces of Manipulation

The notion of the blank slate satisfies both the impulse to control and to negate autonomy. Autonomy is the antithesis of authority even as the negation of autonomy creates the demand for authority.
I am not anti-social, but I am against socializing.

Trump Attack on Federal Regulation of Commerce and Industry

The effort had some merit but not as Trumpists intended.

Fact is, the assumption that record keeping would protect the environment and prevent pollution was wrong. The assumption that development is a positive for man or nature was wrong. Applying the presumption of probity to artificial persons, which are set up to evade responsibility, was wrong.
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