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Root or cover?

While money is not the root of evil, it does provide cover to evade detection.
“Some humans aint human” as John Prine opined. ‘Tis true. I think they are missing a link between the cognitive brain and the ancient instinct-driven brain.

Prohibitive or Prescriptive

Under the Constitution, the law is prohibitive when it comes to the behavior of natural persons. Because of the presumption of probity, the law is restricted to responding to behavior that is proven injurious to another. It is only when it comes to agents of government or public servants that the law is prescriptive—i.e. orders them what to do to carry out duties and obligations. This difference does not seem to be widely understood. Finally, there is the problem that non-governmental corporations, which are actually subsidiary entities because their creation is authorized by agents of government, have effectively escaped legal responsibility because their authorizers have given them carte blanche to do what they want, even when the probability of harm is 100%. Sometimes it seems these subsidiaries were created for the express purpose of evading moral strictures AND duties and obligations.

My Nose

The surgeon cut off half the front and then decided more needed to go and I would have to be hopitalized in a few days so he could cut out more and fix a flap from my forehead to close the hole. Meanwhile, because my heart rate was elevated, I was supposed to get a clearance from the cardiologist to get the surgery under anathesia.

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Effortless Celebrity

The KKK is made up of insecure people looking to acquire some social importance or significance without having to do anything to achieve status. A monetary inheritance, theft, birthright citizenship and skin color are some of the ways what they aspire to can be achieved. Effortless celebrity. The lazy Donald John is their idol.

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Trump has a habit of assigning blame where it does not belong. He was not impeached and  declared to be dishonorable because he fired Comey. Though that was also wrong, as was the effort to remove Marie Yovanovitch surreptitiously.

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Where the House went wrong.

The House erred in focusing on Trump’s intent to promote himself at someone else’s expense. What he actually did was much more eggregious—he offered an American citizen up to the judicial inquisition of a foreign country. When the U.S. did that under a prior administration to foreign national, it was called “extraordinary rendition.” Although Biden was not actually handed over to the tender mercies of Ukraine’s corrupt judicial processes, the offer was unambiguous. No wonder Bolton bailed.


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Response vs. Reaction

What is the difference between response and reaction? Reaction is largely instinctive and, as such, may be generated by internal factors. Action against some perceived prompt which may or may not be accurate. But, because time is not part of the process, there is no opportunity to check.

Response, on the other hand, is a cognitive function, an answer to information that has been digested and considered. So, it is delayed action or even no action.

Instinct-driven people react and, because they have no sense of time, their reaction may be out of order. Instinct-driven people do not understand that a sense of time resides at the core of the Constitution. Regular order. Is that a redundancy?