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Personification of the Deity

What does the personification of a deity, assigning human characteristics and attributes to a God, accomplish? I used to think the purpose was to provide a substitute to compensate for the miserable conditions and deprivations visited upon some humans by their parents. “God loves you, so don’t worry about the shits who participated in your coming into being.”
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On Abuse

This comment was originally posted on a diary by a father whose eight year old daughter, a victim of rape, thought she should ask him for forgiveness. Perhaps for having been disobedient?
I think I am getting closer to the core of this issue.
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Sexual Abuse Means What

The suggestion is going ’round that the identification and opprobrium heaped on some mega serial abusers is evidence that society’s toleration for such behavior is waning. Right! And the election of an admitted abuser to the presidency means what?

From where I sit, all abusers, regardless of the characteristics of their victims, are tolerated because they provide a service to the non-abusers. In comparison, nice guys don’t finish last, but look much better when there are bad guys around. It’s sort of like “what would the cops do if there were no burglars to catch?”

Emergency Management

Emergencies obviously cannot be managed while they are on-going. Emergencies require pre-planning and the pre-positioning of resources that will be needed during and after the emergency itself. That is why Collier County, a coastal region on the tip of Florida, was able to accommodate residents at 20 schools to take refuge from the storm. Doubtless the facilities were outfitted with generators to maintain electric service and communications and the kitchens were stocked with emergency rations.

Of course, Collier County, which typically serves 47,000 students and housed 17,000 evacuees during Irma provides no basis for comparison to Glynn County, whom the Red Cross has ordered not to provide any shelters and considers sending people onto potentially flooded highways a better alternative. People killed on the highway outside the county don’t count, even if they were heading into the cone of influence.

After the fact, Glynn County discovered that the Brunswick High School served first-responders well, but the question remains why, given all the rebuilding of Glynn Academy, the Brunswick Middle School and Goodyear, as well as the new construction at Oglethorpe Point and Satille Marsh, those projects weren’t designed to resist the impact of water and wind.

It’s not rocket science. When Hurricane Andrew struck Homestead, Florida, it demonstrated that just following the building codes then in place, as only Habitat for Humanity did, kept the roofs from blowing off buildings. It also taught us that good code enforcement is definitely required because where that didn’t happen builders “saved” themselves a few bucks by attaching each shingle with two nails instead of four.

While here in Glynn County the community is dissatisfied about not being allowed back into the county to start cleaning up, the explanation for poor communications (rather than poor planning) we are supposed to swallow is that the officials requested 6 public relations people from the state and only got one! That’s why only two public service announcements a day were posted on the electronic web site for people whose electricity was out for a week. Who relies on electronic communications when everyone knows that even public buildings, sewage treatment plants and lift stations aren’t a priority to be kept up and running?

That Matthew visited last year and Irma visited this is instructive because it was the same old, same old. Sea island had power restored within a day. Elsewhere, including major intersections on Saint Simons, rotten wood poles came down last year and this year again.

We have to do better and some did. The Brunswick Housing Authority residence, for example, experienced no flooding, which no doubt pleased the majority of the residents who stayed behind. One hopes that before the new Burroughs/Mollette is constructed the plans will be checked to make sure the potential impact of water and wind have been taken into account.

For the rest, one hopes Glynn County will prepare an inventory of structures suitable for refuge and start planning for the next event.

One More Time

The culture of obedience is abusive. The victims of abuse, probably in an effort to retain some self-respect, have a tendency to rationalize that the abuse was somehow deserved. And then, to complete the self-deception, they extend the abusive behavior to others. Conventional wisdom encapsulates it as “misery loves company.” Then there is “if I could take it, so can you.” Not to mention “what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.” That is how abuse is normalized and, in official hands, gets transformed into torture. That football players have indentured themselves and ceded their human rights does not make their condition right. The victim’s consent does not change that the behavior is criminal. Treating people like cattle is wrong. Human husbandry is wrong.

Krugman wants to call it Fascism.

hannah Aug 28 · 08:27:51 AM
Fascism is a longer word than Nazi and shorter than authoritarianism, but authoritarianism, a claim to authority for which there is no basis in fact, is more accurate. An authoritarian is one who loves authority, much as librarians love books. What makes the word more accurate is that, while certain populations tend to be selected for being taken out of circulation and/or expelled, that’s only because the authoritarian finds it physically impossible to target the whole population at once. Although, if the triangulation he employs is a success, the vast majority of the population will respond to his examples by “behaving” themselves as the authoritarian demands.

“What you do to the least of these, you do to me,” is a perception of the authoritarian reality that needs to be widely shared.

The real problem with a figment of the imagination, which is what authoritarianism is, is that, unlike a material desideratum whose accumulation is practically limited by time and space, there are no boundaries to a figment of the imagination. As we see now that fascism and nationalism and colonialism and capitalism have surfaced with another name.

All honor and glory to God forever and ever……

What I’m thinking is that giving God the honor for every positive achievement is not only presumptuous but perverse.

Why not give credit where credit is due?

That’s the question that should have been posed to Cain. But, then and now, the Cains of the world are motivated by a jealousy which blinds them to others’ achievements.

So, having ruined His creation, they honor Him with yet another sacrifice. Jesus Christ thought he’d put an end to that, but he was mistaken.

In the Religious States of America, “you didn’t do that; God did it,” is a constant refrain. No wonder Barack Obama’s “you didn’t build that” got under their skin! How dare that son of Kenya arrogate the lingo of the Religious States.

What a clever way to insure that the message of inferiority persists. There’s no escaping subservience to a deity.

Who knew free will would be so widely rejected? Must have come as a nasty surprise to the Creator, as well. The original unintended consequence.

Shirking responsibility for both good and evil. It’s not a universal habit, but widely shared. For the instinct-driven, it may even be a valid excuse. Those lacking in self-awareness literally do not know what they do.
Ego-fluffing is what they need — praise for something they didn’t do. Why? Because those who don’t know what they do, don’t do. They have no achievements and so cannot be praised. Telling them “God loves you” is sort of a sop.
Perhaps those who cannot give also cannot receive. They can only take and resent being resisted.

On Oppression

Oppression, being a version of abuse, requires an intervention from outside. The U.S., unfortunately, is too tolerant of abuse, perhaps because the line between discipline and abuse is so thin. No doubt, those lacking in self-discipline perceive restraint as abuse. But, there again, an external perspective is needed to decide. Perhaps we can say that self-discipline rests on a foundation of social support, which both promotes and keeps it from going overboard.

Innovations in Law Enforcement

While I have some sympathy for our agents of law enforcement confronting the fact that the rate of violent crime has fallen about half in the last twenty-five years, a reality that gives rise to the fear of being summarily sent to the ranks of the unemployed, agency response has to be judged as totally unacceptable. The answer to less crime being committed should not be to define more behaviors as crimes.
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