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Reverse bi-furcation

Bi-furcation typically refers to a directional flow from a single source into two streeams — division, not combination. But, if nature is diverse, does there not have to be a combination first? Is the totalitarian intent on reverse bi-furcation?

I Am a Person Lacking in Sympathy

No, it is worse than that. The killing of seventeen more young people by a serial killer in Florida simoly reminds me of the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis bombed and burned and sentenced to a generation of birth defects because a series of United States politicians wanted to impress the globe with its awesome planes, bombs and boats.

So, I went rummaging through the blog for pictures of Iraq’s wounded children. What I found was this essay from 2007 which pretty much explains why Hillary Clinton, who supported that invasion for which the Pentagon had geared up under the direction of her spouse, did not impress.

I think it is worth another read.

Of politicians and preachers –and pundits

Politicians and preachers tell other people what to do because they are themselves incompetent. Extracting sustenance for oneself (sucking on a teat) is less objectionable than using force, but it does seem possible that the extracters do not know what they are about. Perhaps the self-centered perceive themselves as the cause of what everyone else does. As if the parade goes by because I am watching it.


So, I’ve got this hypothesis that people whom I used to call “instinct-driven” are actually audio dependent in that hearing and speech are their sole source of information. Imagine GIGO ala Siri or blindness before Braille got invented. (Fun fact. Some sounds that cannot be picked up by the human ear are registered by the skin, the locus of the sense of touch).
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On Voter Suppression

The philosophical premise for voter suppression in the U.S. Observations prompted by the judicial determination that civil rights restoration for felons in Florida should be governed by the same principles that invalidated efforts to restrict montary contributions to electoral efforts (Citizens United).
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On Instinct

hannah Jan 26 · 05:49:27 AM
Well, the endemically insecure have reason for their insecurity. Running on instinct fails them. I used to think the “seven deadly sins,” which are self-defeating, were a matter of excess being the result of habit. I still think the results are not metaphoric and reserved for the afterlife, but running on instinct more and more looks like a default to keep people alive despite their cognitive functions having been severed.
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So, I’ve been wanting to come up with a representation of the human brain operating in a sub-prime manner that might be easily understood. That computers mimic how the human brain works seems a natural model since it would be expected that a model would mimic the original.
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