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“Beyond Good and Evil”

So, I was wondering what that “beyond” refers to. Is it before or after the perception of the binary? Well, it turns out the original title is “Jenseits Gut und Böse.” In other words, THIS SIDE or that which come before. So, why did the translators choose “beyond,” which implies greater distance? Did they just conflate the subtitle, referring to a prelude of the future, with the main?
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Dual systems

So, I learned yesterday that, in addition to civil and criminal law, which is based on statutes and codes, there is also common law, which may or may not have precedents in cases, or case law. Stare decis refers to precedents established in the common law. So, when applicants for the SCOTUS pledge to respect stare decis, they are referring to something that can be supplanted at any time by legislation.

The reason Roe v. Wade was found to have been prongly decided is basically because the U.S. legal system does not recognize, much less protect, human rights

Civil rights = civic obligations
Property rights = ownership obligations
Natural rights = who know?
Presumption of probity = nobody cares

Government by the people

Government by the people, aka democracy, was OK as long as “people” was a category restricted to adult males. The freed men were quite successfully absorbed until their business acumen was perceived to be in competition with white males. Although females perceived their exclusion from the electoral process as being responsible for their subordinate status, access to the franchise after the passage of the 19th Amendment did not significantly affect societal restrictions, which were largely effected by currency restrictions.
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Theocracy schmeocracy

Evangelicals feel abused because Trump had Pence merely for show. What they wre after was a theorcacy, which is really just a subterfuge for an authoritarian hierarchy over which an immaterial deity is hypothesised to rule. The reality is that Christianity, like Islam, relies on a deity to justify man’s subordination of his own kind. Dominion is the object.
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