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Loony letter response

From the Brunswick News:

Letters to the editor are opinions that sometimes cross over the line in reason and judgment. This includes mine as well. One such letter recently submitted by Monica Smith of St. Simons Island — who must be a U.S. constitutional authority with her certainty of its interpretation — reaches a new plateau of loony. She as well as many of our black-robed politicians have amended, twisted and distorted our constitution to meet their own agenda of how the world, should be.

The original Constitution had only 4,543 words, counting the signatures. Since the states signing on to be part of the United States, our document has been amended 27 times and now has 7,541 words, making it still the smallest constitution in the world for larger countries. Perhaps many of The News’ readers connect the same dots I do in that many so called constitutional decisions are reached which have no correlation whatsoever to do with our founding document.

Mrs. Smith’s polluted thinking aside, she is more than likely correct that someone will challenge that legal and illegal immigrants — in fact the rest of the world — are protected by the constitution. It matters little to those who think like Mrs. Smith that the results are bankruptcy, loss of sovereignty, etc. It is thoughts such as those expressed by Mrs. Smith that are destroying our country — once the greatest man has ever known. Too bad.

Felton Hudson

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The Composition of Deceit

Or perhaps it would be better to enumerate the varied modes of behavior that end up perverting reality. Lies are actually the least offensive because easiest to demonstrate. What’s worse?

SNAP, etc

Sidney Lanier says:
Sidney Lanier SNAP is a subsidy program for food producers and distributors. A regular subsidy to individual households, as Switzerland is proposing and as both Nixon and McGovern supported in the ’72 election, would be more equitable and efficient. But, that would violare the fundamental prejudice that people have no money because they do not know how to manage it. Which of course is contrary to the reality that all dollars come out of the U.S. Treasury and, if people have none, it is because they were given none from the public purse and have not been clever enough to steal some. See, the problem with paper and electronic dollars is that they are inedible, undrinkable, unwearable and non-protective. Indeed, unlike the gold and silver, of which they used to be made, they cannot even be turned into artifacts or baubles which someone might value more. A cross of gold would be more useful than a pallet of Benjamins. Personally, I think anyone with an eleemosynary impulse should start carrying some Benjamins and hand them out more or less at random to people who will spend them and prime the economic pump. The dollar’s current has been slowing since about 1991. See that graph?

I am slow.

I am slow. Sometimes it takes me years to puzzle something out, especially when, on its face, that something is illogical. So it is with the question of how and why Dune Lane on Sea Island, the Yacht Club on St. Simons and now a development identified as Pleasant Grove off South Harrington Road came to be. How, without proper review by the Islands Planning Commission and an opportunity for public input, were the roads and utility lines installed and house lots defined BEFORE the subdivision was even approved?
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The Seven Deadlies, again

The deplorables have pride.

Pride is one of the seven deadly sins. They are called “deadly,” not because they merit eternal damnation in hell, but because they are self-destructive. Sins are not metaphors. They are descriptive of behaviors that do not serve the person well.

The consequences of gluttony and sloth and anger are quite obvious. The negative consequences of lust (for sex and power) and greed and pride and envy are less obvious, but also real. In a sense, these impulses become habit produce nothing but frustration at never being satisfied. The lusting, greedy accumulator is on a psychological treadmill he can’t get off until he has exhausted himself.

An authoritarian clue?

The ancestors of today’s authoritarians rejected public education after the Civil War. Education is only useful to the authoritarian, a person who relies on fake authority, if it’s aim is indoctrination. That is because people who think for themselves and are self-directed do not follow stupid orders, the only kind that’s on offer from authoritarians.
The people exiting the Trump Administration have one thing in common. They are no longer inclined to follow stupid orders.
The bigger question is why stupid orders so hard to recognize? And the answer, I think, is that fake authority relies on the disguise of verbal acuity. For some reason, we tend to equate stupidity with silence and smarts with sound.
Perhaps that is why Emma Gonzalez’ silence was so rivetting.