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We are plagues with a species of tiny mosquitos, so small they are hard to crush, whose bite causes an itch that last long after they have been demised. After just five minutes outside to feed the fish, both arms and legs are itching. Those that get in the house almost inevitably end up on my left arm. There must be some benefit to itching and scratching

Wildlife report

joshua found a tiny turtle and directed it to water. Both the goldfish and snapper came for fish food almost right away. The cardinals were waiting in the hedge and chattered while I filled the feeder.


Colbert had a skit about leading to a reduction in brain function.
I just went to check the cookie tin and there are not even any crumbs. But, it’s my fault because I keep baking them. That, my dears, is how logiv works.

Owls after cats?

I am actually inclined to think that Joshua’s cats were getting old and had a sense of their demise.

Tiger, the NH house cat, hung around for years and then disappeared, He clearly pined for his NH home during his year in Florida and stayed near the car until we took him back. Did Josh’s cats head back to Gainesille? i sort of doubt it