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GADOT has posted a public notice that it intends to acquire a half acre (0.483) of land along the east side of Highway 17 for roadway widening and drainage easements. The two parcels directly affected (03-00580, 03-00579) contain 3.5 acres of mostly vacant land. Which is why the official appraisal of value is just $75,600 for the land. Continue reading

The German Village matter

I would note that permits are issued for inherently beneficial activities, for the convenience of public servants who might have to provide assistance and on occasion when there is a question whether the judgment of beneficial was accurate.

As Justice Kennedy often explained, the “issuance of a permit is not a matter of grace.” However, permits are also not designed to facilitate injury. In this instance, the SSLT seems to have sought a permit to garner a privilege that discombobulates the neighbors.

One point that was not clarified is that routing commercial traffic through a tiny residential enclave is totally uncalled for. But then, our Director of Community Development often does things backwards.

SLEAT letter

Dear friends of SLEAT:

If you agree with me that the primary mission of our community water and sewer systems is to protect the health and well being of our people and our environment, then I call your attention to the kerfuffle brewing at the Brunswick Glynn Joint Water and Sewer Commission as outlined in today’s Brunswick News.
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Environmental Conservation is a Scam

I have been aware since the nineteen eighties that I have little in common with environmentalists, mainly because of their essentially exclusive interest. That is, environmentalists are essentially the heirs of segregationists. They focus on the characteristics of the environment, rather than the characteristics of people, to restrict public access and interaction.
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Re: Ligon and the Duncan Dunces

Dear Senator Ligon,

As the spouse of a person who has restored 12 residences and built two from scratch, I resent the suggestion that either of us is opposed to development.

What I am opposed to is shoddy development: septic tanks that pop out of the ground because the water table is too high, houses built over fill in a swamp, the designation of a former landfill as a residential site and neighborhoods that are flooded every time it rains.

What I am opposed to is public officials who do not know what “health and safety” means, who eliminate purposes clauses from regulations because they prove inconvenient and who propose legislation that serves no practical purpose.

Your support for HB 445 suggests all of the above. Will it make a difference? Not hardly. The Coastal Resources Division of the DNR is a joke. It was ineffectual before and will be even more ineffectual now.

So, yes, Senator Ligon, you are wrong on several counts, largely, I suspect, because you do not know what you are talking about.


Monica Smith, founder

Sidney Lanier Environmental Advocacy Team

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Regarding Plumbroke

The area was reserved for residential development in 1987 and 2011 and yet, there is an effort to change it to commercial on the comprehensive plan. Because stakeholders.