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Puddy’s Nose

For a couple of years now (decades) we have been dealing with periodic sinus problens which manifest as post-nasal drip and from time to time affect respiration and sleeping. That is, sleep apnea causes disturbed sleep. A regimen put together by the doc in Durham managed to provide some relief, but then Puddy moved to Georgia and the doc died. Continue reading

News of the day

Took an online survey sponsored by Carnegie Mellon to assess public understanding of COVID-19. I think this is the second time. They are trying to track the efficacy of public information programs. There were no questions about booster shots–an omission.

Also, AMAZON is announcing that they are going to be issuing tokens. In other words, Bezos is going to try to get rid of his U.S. Treasury token by starting his own banks.

Turtle in the Pond

Actually, there are two. The smaller one has a cream-colored head and a much longer neck and a four inch long tail. It is shy and scooted off into the deep. The large one has a black head but cream colored legs and body. He comes after the fish pellets almost immediately now.
The iphone records video as image files. That is a little confusing. It is really hard to capture images in the black water with bright sunlight above.


Dear Mr. Austin,
Yesterday I had a hissy fit when I discovered what looked like a county truck with a grabber digging up my bamboo. It turned out that this giant machine which reached up to the oak branches was merely picking up some bamboo that had been clipped about two feet off the ground. The operator of the machine claimed not to have anything to do with what he was collecting, but it did make the point that cutting bamboo like that just makes it send sprouts out even further. So, if it is to be removed, it should be cut to the ground.
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Today’s octogenarian agenda

Up at 3:00 AM.  Watch highway interchange video.  Write elder son.  Make waffles.  Fill bird feeder.  Feed fish.  Check waterfall. Decide grass is too high but I have to get out earlier to beat the heat. Tomorrow!