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Tony Baker homage to John Prine

I’m glad to have a John Prine to offer. It just so happens I picked this one for my last album, Me and Crickett. If any y’all haven’t heard John’s last album, Tree of Forgiveness, try to hear it. He knew this was coming, and this song came from it. It wouldn’t have been half as good if my beloved Crickett had not added her keyboard devotions to it. 


In the event I expire from the virus, I want my body submerged in the backyard pond as food for the fish and crayfish.

Sticking close to home

We have the luxury of sticking close to home and now that it is getting warmer, there is yard work to tend to.

I have gotten used to the scab on my nose. It is all sensitive to touch, so I presume that nerves have colonized the graft.


I am staying in the house and languishing abed because it is chilly outside and I am still recuperating from the nose job. I read the warm currents have moved closer to the north pole and that accounts for our chill. Normally, by this time the azalea is in full flower.
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Kerfuffle morning

Shabaka had to be called. The dentist to pull a tooth had to be called.
I am not coughing so much, but sneezing. We will see whether the carcinoma can be dug out.
Saw a report yesterda about the potential hazards from general anasrhesia for old people. Might interfere with their cognition. Duh.

Waiting for Shabak

Our next artist-in-residence will come late. Puddy is taking a nap to prepare for a dem meeting and I am still coughing up phlegm. Supposed to get my nose worked on tomorrow, but if this cough keeps up they won’t be able to work me over. Oh well.