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Mark’s Prime in Gainesville, Florida

Our goal is to create a unique dining experience that will please the palate and soothe the soul. We will be serving the finest beef, the freshest seafood, premium wines and naturally fresh vegetables. We look forward to seeing you.

Yup, it sure was unique and not likely to be repeated. It is not my habit to send food back, but the potatoes were undercooked. The filet was tough. Somehow $50 entrees should be easier to chew.

Besides that, the lone sidewalk table seemed to have been set over some ants that came to nibble on my feet. Four days later the welts are still itching.

Returned from Florida

Seting out from Gainesville at 4:17 AM, we discovered that COVID in Florida means nowhere to sit down to eat breakfast so the skelleton crews at Waffle House do not have to wipe tables. We got to Brunswick in time for lunch at Marshside.

High Tide

Even though the moon is just a sliver, we are looking for an 8.53′ tide this morning. That means the marsh between the island and the mainland pretty much disappears.