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Owls after cats?

I am actually inclined to think that Joshua’s cats were getting old and had a sense of their demise.

Tiger, the NH house cat, hung around for years and then disappeared, He clearly pined for his NH home during his year in Florida and stayed near the car until we took him back. Did Josh’s cats head back to Gainesille? i sort of doubt it


So, yesterday I put up 12 cups of blueberry syrup. And then I discovered another half gallon bag in the bottom of the fridge. Those are going to get frozen in single layers and stored in the freezer. Some of the bushes have not started to ripen.

Invasive Species

I learned the other day that invasive species is a category invented by argriculture departments to designate plants that have no economic “benefit” attached. Although the invasives are supposed to be differentiated from native plants, plants growing wild are not to be collected. Rather, they are to be purchased from growers who are issued permits to collect and propagate them.
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I have had the impression for some time that my comments are moderated and sometimes removed by a page refreshing before I am done writing. Other times length seems no criterion.

However, here is a comment I am sure I left on someone’s post and it did not stick.
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