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Regarding Plumbroke

The area was reserved for residential development in 1987 and 2011 and yet, there is an effort to change it to commercial on the comprehensive plan. Because stakeholders.

Thirty Pieces of Copper

Thirty pieces of copper seem like a come-down from thirty pieces of silver. But then, that’s the price of a cubic yard of sand, not of the life of a man. Yes, thirty cents is what the socialist U.S. State of Georgia expects to deposit in the till for every one of 2.3 million cubic yards of “beach quality” sand the Sea Island Corporation is having pumped up onto the beach from off-shore. The whole document can be found by clicking here.
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“Nourishing” the Sea Island beach

The only objection I would have is to the assertion that the consultant, Oertel, had “determined” anything. It is not possible to make a determination about something that has not yet happened. All anyone can do is make informed predictions based on the assumption that prior behavior will be repeated.
In fact, the eastern Sea Island shore has continued to erode, nor has the expected continued elongation towards a merger with Saint Simons Island materialized. Instead, largely as a result of groins having increased turbulence, Sea Island sands have migrated to the sandbar off East Beach, where nascent vegetation is anchoring a new island, providing both habitat and foraging success for migrating birds.
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Promise versus Reality



Tomorrow I will be collecting what DNR and CRD have in their files about the predations of Sea Island since 1985. It will cost a bundle to have all that stuff copied, but it is a start.