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The cost of King v. Marcy

I’ve got the invoices for legal services defending Glynn County against the suit. The specific services delivered by private counsel are blanked out in the interest of attorney/client privilege. However, since the citizens of Glynn County are the clients, the redaction is questionable.
Of course, it is possible that the County Attorney, like some of our police, thinks he works for the Board of Commissioners, much as William Barr seemed to think he worked for Donald Trump.
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When my great-grandfather returned home to Louisiana after the War of Northern  Aggression, he started a family and the family business that still bears his name: H. J. Smith & Son. If you don’t believe me, you can Google it.
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Busy day in the kitchen

Prepared a pork shoulder for sweet/sour, twice cooked, ground for fresh sausage and some kind of stew. That will keep us a while.
Chicken tomato soup for dinner.
Pumpernickel peach pudding for breakfasts.
We were waiting for rains to arrive.

Christmas Dinner

We had a lovely repast of stuffed chicken breasts in store-bought turkey gravy, rice, cranberry sauce, fresh tomato in lemon and honey dressing and a glass of Oh Schist, a Riesling from the Moselle region.