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Promise versus Reality



Tomorrow I will be collecting what DNR and CRD have in their files about the predations of Sea Island since 1985. It will cost a bundle to have all that stuff copied, but it is a start.

First Volley

When one initiates a civil suit, and a suit against a state agency for failing to do its job would be civil, if the suit is not dismissed as frivolous out of hand, the plaintiff is entitled to posit interrogatories to the defendant entity. Interrogatories serve the dual purpose of providing information to the plaintiff and an opportunity for the defense to provide exculpatory evidence. Statutory requirements to provide information are partly designed to prevent unnecessary legal action clogging the courts. On the other hand, if it turns out that appropriate records are not being kept by public officials, that in itself is evidence of negligence and may provide grounds for judicial intervention.
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Communicating with the JIA

Dear Ms. Smith,
Your position is definitely understood. Both of the incidents you noted should have been avoided. Unfortunately, even after hearing from the contractor, I cannot understand why his crew would have left equipment on the beach during the holiday period like they did. While the two incidents definitely are not acceptable, I can assure you there are actions taken daily by the JIA and our Conversation Department to protect the natural areas and wildlife of Jekyll Island that would not occur if we were not dedicated to being good stewards of Jekyll Island.
I appreciate your concerns and position.
Jones Hooks

From: MonicaSmith
Sent: Thursday, January 03, 2019 5:32 AM
To: Jones Hooks
Subject: Re: complaint…

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Dear Mr. Hooks,
Thank you for your response to my alert about equipment left behind.
However, I would note it was not a matter of fortune. More likely, it was a
matter of inattention. From personal experience, I know that contractors
need to be constantly monitored and the failure to do so accounts in large
part for why the expected savings from contracting are often not realized.

Insufficient attention likely also accounted for the haphazard clearing of
high marsh along the causeway a couple of years ago. While some people
might dispute us, Mr. Holland and I do not believe people visit Jekyll Island
for a manicured experience. Hawks sitting on the telephone poles and
swooping down after a marsh hare in the thicket is what I have seen
reported with awe on social media. But, to be fair, in that prior instance, the
JD line identified by the DNR was in error. However, Mr. Carswell, given his
position, ought to have been able to recognize the high marsh vegetation.

Thank you again for your attention to this matter.
Monica Smith