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New land.

Today is the day the deed for our woodland is to be signed. It will add two acres on the B&A Canal to our eleven acres of marsh.

Much more gratfying than sending dollars to Costa Rica.

Glynn County Comp Plan Kerfuffle

Let me see if I have got this straight. The State of Georgia has set up regional planning commissions since 1964 and each County is entitled to send representatives and to access services. One of the services on offer is assistance with the development of plans for land use, zoning and transportation. But, for some reason, Glynn County opted to hire an independent consultant to update the comprehensive land use plan and the work product of that consultant just happens to be totally inadequate and fraught with blatant errors, such as designating the second largest port facilities in the state as marshland.

These errors could not be corrected because the County Commission was in a big ass hurry to forward the plan to the Coastal Regional Commission for review, which it voted on July 19 to do. Now, two weeks later, without taking a vote to rescind the prior resolution, they are proposing to adopt a revised resolution on grounds that the Coastal Regional Commission might be biased BECAUSE ITS STAFF DID NOT GET THE CONTRACT TO REVISE THE PLAN.

Strikes me as a perfect way to antagonize all the other counties in the region. Regardless, I would think that to be legal, the first resolution has to be rescinded.
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Police Presence at Public Meetings

Is that a new intimidation tactic? When they ask for permission to inspect my purse, I tell them I object on constitutional grounds. Now the cop tells me I’ve told him that before. So, he’s in the know.
Seems like our right to privacy needs to be affirmed, along with the right to perambulate at will.
Oh, but keeping people out makes it so much easier to govern, don’t you see?
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An Open Letter

It is rather difficult to copy and/or link to newspaper ads. The url is curtailed so it returns an error message. Four image files can be extracted, but that results in the message not being contiguous. Of course, I could have just copied the mock-up the editor sent out, but it is not the same as what shows up in the paper.
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My critique of the Glynn County Comp Plan Update

Comp plan critique

Character areas are not in parallel construction, some are place/subdivision names, some describe vegetation, some are directional, some refer to land use. For example, the designations of Brunswick, Jekyll Island and Sea Island have nothing to do with character. Two are politically distinct areas and and one is just a subdivision.

Now, if one consults the color-coded accompanying map, it becomes obvious that the designations are not only inappropriate and confusing, but the underlying planning principles are being wrongly applied. For example, calling the airport and surrounding public lands, including the historic Brunswick/Altamaha Canal an “employment center” which seems to be a euphemism for light industry, and locating it immediately adjacent to residential uses is inappropriate.
More egregious is the falsification of the dimensions of the Sea Island subdivision to include the Coastal Marshlands.

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