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Why can’t we at least have standardized internal parts for our various appliances and fixtures?  The market demands that parts wear out and prove difficult to replace in otder to prompt the purchase of new. Well, my almost half century old stove top is going to be missing one burner for a while longer. Three burners and a griddle should be enough for two old folks.

Boiled Chicken

I used to cook chicken soup so the dog would have some meat with his rice.  Now I cook it for the turtle and the fish. Is that progress or regress?

Attending to the turtle and the fish is more rewarding than listening Poor Donald, the hollow man.

COVID-19 Survey

Took one for a Carnegie Mellon group just to provide a baseline. They are notgoing to find a bunch of healthy old women on the internet. I question whether muscular pains should qualify as an illness. But that may account for why there are so many negative tests.

An uneventful day.

We have entered that part of the summer where we wait for afternoon rain. 5″ in a bucket at the road house.

Oh, yes, another one of my stove top burners blew out. The unit is at least fifty years old and in frequent need of repair.