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My critique of the Glynn County Comp Plan Update

Comp plan critique

Character areas are not in parallel construction, some are place/subdivision names, some describe vegetation, some are directional, some refer to land use. For example, the designations of Brunswick, Jekyll Island and Sea Island have nothing to do with character. Two are politically distinct areas and and one is just a subdivision.

Now, if one consults the color-coded accompanying map, it becomes obvious that the designations are not only inappropriate and confusing, but the underlying planning principles are being wrongly applied. For example, calling the airport and surrounding public lands, including the historic Brunswick/Altamaha Canal an “employment center” which seems to be a euphemism for light industry, and locating it immediately adjacent to residential uses is inappropriate.
More egregious is the falsification of the dimensions of the Sea Island subdivision to include the Coastal Marshlands.

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Granite Rock

This is our whalerock in New Hampshire, also known as a “glacial erratic” because, having been rolled and tumbled by the glacier, it was left behind, along with other, smaller rubble, when the glaciers retreated north. The smaller rubble is what the frost continues to unearth and what farmers have, for several centuries, piled up as “walls” to define the boundaries of their properties.

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Trouble in Glynn County

Dear Friends of SLEAT:

Having read all 127 pages of the draft of the Glynn County Comprehensive plan so you don’t have to, I’m prepared to give you a precis. However, before I get into that, let me give you an example of how our time (and probably money) is being wasted by public servants whose main purpose seems to be to keep the public in the dark.
April 28 — Glynn County published a notice in our paper of record about an amendment to the zoning ordinance.
May 4 — upon inquiry as to the text of the amendment, staff responded it would be distributed to the planning commissions on May 8 and then published on the web
May 10 — amendment nowhere to be found
May 12 — amendment distributed to planning commission but not available to public.
May 15 — Scheduled to be rubber stamped by Planning Commissions
May 17 — Scheduled to be rubber stamped by Board of Commissioners. For what purpose? To relieve the BOC from having to make decisions about our beaches.

Abandoning responsibility is next to abandoning the land.
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