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Follow up to a police report

Re: Report G17-34235

Dear Chief Doering,

As you may or may not have noticed, I like to know what I am talking about before I make public statements. Consistent with that position, after having heard many citizen complaints about the delivery of public services in the Magnolia Park, Brunswick Villa and ARCO neighborhoods, my husband and I purchased a derelict property at 2091 Cate Street in January of this year. From the start it was obvious that the property and the adjacent Boys and Girls Club Facility, which has an entrance on Cate Street and on Johnston Street, had been used as dumping grounds for many years, if not decades. Indeed, the former owner of the property at 2091 was a major offender. And he had arrogated to himself a portion of the B&G Club property to build a concrete block storage building and dump waste from his roofing enterprise, including a ton or more of asbestos siding and roofing material.
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Saga of the Litter Critter–it’s not easy doing the right thing

Dear Lea:

Here is an adventure of a Litter Critter:


Back in early February of this year, I paid the brother of Ms. Williams, the tenant at 2090 Cate Street who kept having yard waste and debris dumped on the west side of Cate Road, a thousand dollars to cut up and remove four trees that had fallen over during Hurricane Matthew on my property at 2091 Cate Street.

Instead of hauling all of the trunks away as he agreed, he dumped some section of trunks and thick limbs in the county right-of-way across from my property and on vacant property owned by Georgia DOT.

After repeatedly asking Ms. Williams to have her brother take the wood away, I removed all of the smaller sections of wood from that pile and disposed of them properly, leaving only the largest and heaviest section. As that pile of wood tended to encourage other dumping, I routinely removed new deposits of litter and trash and put them in my garbage can.

Yesterday morning, I put the remaining wood in the roll-off in my driveway.

This morning, a Glynn County Police officer ordered me to take the wood from my roll-off and, to use his words, “put it back on her property.” When I declined to do so, he arrested me. So I spent about two hours of the Fourth of July being processed into and out of county jail.

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