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Vegetation Report

Both individual Lanatana bushes and Groundsels have variable deveopment schedules. The Lantana on the side of the road still has blossoms, while the one in the yard, a mere fifteen feet away is all done for the year. Then, further along the street, two Groundsels that have recententl grown large on the bank of the pond are also at different stages of development. One is in full flower, while the other is all spent and dropping seed. The fillaments that look to give them wing, are all shrivled and dried up.
Birds are still coming to the feeder, but sporadically. Looks like fall migration is slowing down.

Got booster

There was a good crowd. The billboard by the Causeway announced that shots are available today from 8-3. It’s a Republican billboard so maybe a lot of people figured it would be OK. Lots of people were filling out forms as first-timers. Having to make appointments may have put people off.

Baccharis halimifolia

Also known as Groundsel bush. I do not know why I cannot remember that name. Anyway, one giant got removed from the yard as unisightly. I am not sure it nurtured many insects or birds.