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Ligon 1

Authoritarians are people who claim the right to tell people what to do without any basis in fact for that exercise of authority. Authoritarianism has found some disfavor. So, as is the conservative wont, the Cons have come up with a euphemism. LEADERSHIP is the new term.
One of Georgia’s current state Senators is William Ligon. He’s a lawyer, supposedly an expert mangler of words, who apparently does not know that leadership doesn’t do any of the things he claims.
Leadership doesn’t
Never mind that collecting money and writing rules are the only tools at a legislator’s command.

Instead of standing there with his hands in his pockets, you’d think he’d at least be holding a pen.

LEADERSHIP is sort of like OWNERSHIP. Neither is going to take you anywhere you want to go.


Well, another morning wasted in court, but at least this time the case was dismissed without the county solicitor trying to extort court costs.
Puddy was not happy and neither is the judge. Hope the next time there is an election the community will put forward more qualified candidates for solicitor/prosecutor.
If Puddy gets elected, I think I will go back to court watching. Attention must be paid

Linguistic markers

Our Conservative friends, people who prefer things to stay the same in a world where the only constant is change, have a number of conversational ticks in common.

One is the habit of referring to ideas, or what one of my friends refers to as “philosophy,” with directional signals (right and left) as if they were traversing the globe. Perhaps that is because they are uncertain about where they are heading.

Another verbal tick is an apparent inability to stick with whom they are speaking. This manifests itself as a sort of careening from first person to second and then back again, often in the same sentence or paragraph. Perhaps the reference to the second person is useful in that it suggests an interest in dialog that, after all is said and done, is not there. We are left with the sense that we have been deceived.

Perhaps most annoying is a well-practiced habit of redefining the meaning of words and relying on euphemisms to hide their true intent. Straight talkers is not what our Conservative friends are, though that’s how they represent themselves.

What one wonders is whether the deception is intentional or is it just how insecure people respond to comfort themselves in a world of change?

If you want an example of all of the above, check out Saturday’s solitary LTE in the Brunswick News.