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Jekyll Island “Cottages” are deplorable

James Holland writes:
These combo photos show the “The Cottages” after Hurricane Matthew and after Hurricane Irma. Looking even closer at some of those sites, it’s obvious building should have been stopped after Hurricane Matthew.
This is glutton development greed at its worst and our policy makers for development on Jekyll Island are totally responsible!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We must have new development guide lines coast wide and prevent this from ever happening again. LIKE I SAID ABOVE, DEVELOPMENT OF “THE COTTAGES” SUB DIVISION ON JEKYLL ISLAND SHOULD HAVE BEEN STOPPED AND REASSESSED AFTER HURRICANE MATTHEW CAME CLOSE….. OBVIOUSLY, THIS WAS NOT DONE AND THESE IMAGES SHOW THE RESULTS OF THIS MESS. NOW, THESE DEVELOPERS WILL TRY TO COVER THIS UP AND MAY TRY TO SELL THESE COTTAGES TO UNSUSPECTING BUYERS!!!!! James
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The Disneyfication of the Golden Isles

Dear Friends of SLEAT:

Yesterday evening (Sept 20, 2017) the spouse and I, who rode out Hurricane Irma in Glynn County (he on the island and I near the Brunswick Airport), attended what was billed as the first of three town halls to inform citizens about the help and services available to them to make up for the trouble the hurricane and the mandatory evacuation caused. Citizens were promised an opportunity to ask questions, but after 94 minutes of presentations by various eleemosynary entities, most members of the audience just wanted their promised goodie bags and their tired children wanted to go home. I regret not having made a video of the event. Continue reading

Refurbishing Pond

Since the fish all absconded when the yard was under two feet of water, it seems like a good time to muck out the pond (after 24 years) and thin the bamboo to let in a bit more sunlight.

Verizon LG phone is really smart.

Best buy in a long time. The hotspot accesses the internet much quicker than the ATT service.

Still no power on the island. However, access is now supposedly unfettered. Sewer services are limited by lack of power to the lift stations. All-electric is not realistic when it’s run by a profit-seeking monopoly.

Tuesday afternoon

Moondoggies is about to open and feed me warm food. Power went out early Monday morning on Canal Road because a tree on county land toppled on the power line again. Really no excuse. It did the same thing during Matthew.

Drove around Brunswick this morning and saw any number of old wood power poles that had either broken at ground level or snapped. Renewal and replacement has not been adequate.
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Around the County

So, I made the circuit. Harry Driggers was flooded when i drove out, but mostly clear when I got back. A police car was blocking theroad to the airport, but it did not look flooded like last time.
Canal Road between the Spur and old Jesup was impassble because the canal had obviously left its banks. I went over to old Jesup on Scranton. Soon after OJ was blocked by a big tree, so I went back to Habersham. That street was mostly clear because one big tree that fell near where they recently cut the field had been cut up. Townsend and Habersham had the only working traffic signal. The newfence at the corner of Cate is half down. Cate is open to just before the B&G Club where a big tree is blocking the whole street. The ditch is full of water.
Our drive was somewhat blocked by branches that got ripped off the sweet gum tree. I took pictures with my phone because the camera wouldn’t work and wouldn’t turn off. The ditch behind the house had expanded into a lake, covering most of Faith Ave. The “lake” had attracted at least six egrets who were probably busily catching frogs. I pulled the biggest branch back from the road and cut back some of the branches, so the drive is now clear. For some reason, the new mortar boat is full of water, but the one where I put the plants had none. Funny. it held water before. One of the houses on the north side of Cate had a tree fall on the roof. The fellow at 2191 was busy washing his car.
On Altama, Willie’s Wienie Wagon lost the ceiling of his outside eating area. The intersection with Fourth lost a couple of street lights.
Around the hospital, Lakeside is completely flooded by the lake and Wildwood has a tree across it barring access to the further residential streets. Parkwood is free and clear, but where it runs into Glynn Avenue, there is still a lot of water. No lights on Glynn.
The light at the Spur was blinking red. No lights working along the rest of the Spur. Half the trees that were remaining by Canal Crossing in the flooded area are now down. Oh, big oak on the college campus split into three parts and all fall down.
Old Jesup looks to have had microburst.
Supposedly, the phone will sync with other devices but I don’t know how. The image files on the phone are very large, so should not stay there long.