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It’s my impression, based on cursory evidence, that the virus, perhaps because it has freed up some time, is prompting people to reconnect with relatives and distant friends. Here’s a picture from Jerry and Sandy Nolan, who moved from Exeter, NH to Wilmington, NC in about 1978. Dr. Jerry Nolan helped deliver our two sons. It’s quite likely I would not have sprung for the third baby, if the second delivery had been as scary as the first. So, I looked him up on Google on Bastille Day and discovered to our delight that at 94 he’s still doing well in an assisted care community, still in Wilmington.

McMichaels arrested by GBI

James Herndon, a candidate for sheriff in Cobb County provides an analysis. I worry that the danger posed by such persons to the community is not fully appreciated. Monstrous hunters equipped with killing machines.

You see, I am from South Georgia myself. I recognized something in the video many people likely will not. When you see a truck parked in the middle of the road with an armed man standing on top of his tool box or in the bed of the truck armed with a gun, it indicates to me, that he is hunting an animal that is running. It is a common technique used to hunt running game in the Georgia flatwoods. It is actually unlawful to even hunt animals in this manner.

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