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General Emancipation Proclamation

All foreign-born natural persons, having peacefully lived for five years within the jurisdiction of the U.S. Constitution shall be entitled to claim and exercise the civic duties and obligations of a citizen of the U.S. at age eighteen. So ordered by the President of the United States on this the 4th day if July in the year of our Lord 2023. A certificate of citizenship will be issued upon application by the person and the administration of an oath to said Constitution.
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Commercial enterprise

Commercial enterprise is christianity de-sanctified. Godless exploitation by a middleman. Christianity is an interloper, propagandist and exploiter. “What doth it profit a man?”

So, Christianity was spread around the glbe as a cover for the exploitation of man and nature in the name of a “greater good.” Oh, and the woman was to blame for succumbing to the blandishments of the deceiver promising wisdom. Stay stupid, woman!
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Yesterday it snowed in the Alps. Today in bright sun, the wind is blowing snow to help it evaporate. Guess it was not as heavy as it looked on the trees. The branches have all been freed.