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Thought of the Morning

Yes, thirty million people have already voted. Interest and attention are both high. Democracy is being tested. If we the people retake the helm of our ship of state with so few casualties, we will be the envy of the globe.

How long have Russians put up with Putin? He’s meddling in elections to demonstrate the dictator is the people’s own fault. But, we are not like the Russians, regardless of how many Russians think they are like us.


So many of these faces are iconic in the sense that they are not grinning for the camera as poor Donald routinely does.


It’s my impression, based on cursory evidence, that the virus, perhaps because it has freed up some time, is prompting people to reconnect with relatives and distant friends. Here’s a picture from Jerry and Sandy Nolan, who moved from Exeter, NH to Wilmington, NC in about 1978. Dr. Jerry Nolan helped deliver our two sons. It’s quite likely I would not have sprung for the third baby, if the second delivery had been as scary as the first. So, I looked him up on Google on Bastille Day and discovered to our delight that at 94 he’s still doing well in an assisted care community, still in Wilmington.