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Trump Indictment in Florida.


Trump, the ham got indicted in Florida for stealing paper. Florida will be much easier to hold a trial.

Smith is going for speedy trial. In the federal system that means 70 days from indictment.

I actually have some sympathy for Poor Donald. Hr got tricked into a harness like one of those show horses who are supposed to prefer showing off to running wild.

General Emancipation Proclamation

All foreign-born natural persons, having peacefully lived for five years within the jurisdiction of the U.S. Constitution shall be entitled to claim and exercise the civic duties and obligations of a citizen of the U.S. at age eighteen. So ordered by the President of the United States on this the 4th day if July in the year of our Lord 2023. A certificate of citizenship will be issued upon application by the person and the administration of an oath to said Constitution.
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Commercial enterprise

Commercial enterprise is christianity de-sanctified. Godless exploitation by a middleman. Christianity is an interloper, propagandist and exploiter. “What doth it profit a man?”

So, Christianity was spread around the glbe as a cover for the exploitation of man and nature in the name of a “greater good.” Oh, and the woman was to blame for succumbing to the blandishments of the deceiver promising wisdom. Stay stupid, woman!
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