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Economists are Presumptuous

You’d think that by now, given all their failed predictions, economists would have developed some modesty. But no, now comes Joseph E. Stiglitz arrogating and attacking the only real economy (one that is not controlled by financiers and speculators) that is still operational.
Well, maybe he’s just arrogating the term, “shadow economy.” In any event, his agenda is bound to fail because it should.

This Report attempts to address these aspects of secrecy and provide recommendations for overcoming the shadow economy and ultimately, closing it down. Section II explores the global phenomenon of secrecy-havens, the structures through which illicit funds escape detection, and the risks involved in that opacity. Section III describes the ongoing international efforts and emerging standards to reign in the shadow economy. In Section IV, we offer recommendations for all countries for closing the global channels of secrecy, and Section V concludes with a perspective on why such measures are
necessary for the survival of globalization.

Cultivating Inferiority

The culture of obedience seems to have a partner that is cultivating inferiority. Perhaps the two go together. Once they are convinced they are inferior, people are easier to dominate.

However, because feeling inferior is psychologically and practically debilitating, the suppressed strive to overcome the impediments placed in their way. In other words, instead of just exercising their talents, they aim for superiority to compensate. And in that context, equality presents a threat. How can they overcome their inferiority, if they can’t strive to be superior?

If that’s the pattern, where does it come from? Heritage and habit?

Transit for the Georgia Coast

The Coastal Regional Commission, which has been operating an 
on-call coordinated transit system for rural patrons in Glynn 
County, has proposed setting up a fixed route system that, in 
addition to the city of Brunswick proper, would serve the 
airport, Blythe Island, the colleges and the industrial parks.
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Cognitive deficits

Some people are calling them dumb, but the dumb are people who can’t speak, which is just the opposite of the rude dude and his supporters. They chatter ceaselessly– sort of like the mockingbird. They make noise from morning to night and when there is no-one to talk at, they talk to themselves.
Are they stupid? Yes. Do they know it? No. They have no awareness of themselves.
This is really getting tedious.