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Transit for the Georgia Coast

The Coastal Regional Commission, which has been operating an 
on-call coordinated transit system for rural patrons in Glynn 
County, has proposed setting up a fixed route system that, in 
addition to the city of Brunswick proper, would serve the 
airport, Blythe Island, the colleges and the industrial parks.
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Cognitive deficits

Some people are calling them dumb, but the dumb are people who can’t speak, which is just the opposite of the rude dude and his supporters. They chatter ceaselessly– sort of like the mockingbird. They make noise from morning to night and when there is no-one to talk at, they talk to themselves.
Are they stupid? Yes. Do they know it? No. They have no awareness of themselves.
This is really getting tedious.

An hypothesis

Perhaps it is a repeat. Instinct-driven people, lacking cognitive processing skills, compensate by developing linguistic fluency. That is, they talk to compensate for not thinking. And, this is a new thought, when they read, they do so without comprehension. That makes them good speakers in the world of the speech writer, since they perform like a record on a player. Drop the needle and a segment plays. Whether it is relevant depends on the accuracy of the manager or director.
It is said that thirty percent of American adults are functionally illiterate. It’s a good bet that among politicians it is higher. How can we have legislators that can’t read with comprehension? They rely on lobbyists.