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My mother’s mother was born a Haunstetter, the eldest of three children: Emilia, Louis and Anna. Louis and Anna emigrated to the U.S. in the early 1900. My mother was born in 1907 to a girl who was barely seventeen and had no more children. Anna never married and louis had one son, Norman, who was found ahot to death in the trunk of his car in his early thirties. My great grandfather also had a brother, Adam Haunsteetter, who dies in California about 1941. My mother and I arrived in 1949, but did not stay in California for long. We left for Chile in 1954 and were back in the U.S. within the year.
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Integrity-free Commerce

Can we blame the “separation of church and state”? No. Because the church is the very model of self-serving authoritarianism. The European migrants to the Americas arrived prepared to trick and cheat the natives because of their “otherness”.

Where did othering originate?


I simply reject the notion that humans naturally want to spend their hwole lives in one lcation It is not consistent with the nature of mobile creatures. Memory argues for the environment in which man roams to remain constant because that makes ir easy to find desirable resources again.

On originalism and stare decisis

Both principles satisfy the curricular penchant for rewarding individuals with good memorization and speaking skills, but minimal innovation and process development skills. Also, although the bureaucracy is big on record keeping and all oral testimony is reduced to writing, judges and juries go with the most persuasive oral argument, in part because they are convinced they can divine the truth from witness’ demeanor.
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So, yesterday I put up 12 cups of blueberry syrup. And then I discovered another half gallon bag in the bottom of the fridge. Those are going to get frozen in single layers and stored in the freezer. Some of the bushes have not started to ripen.

Culture of obedience

Obedience is a natural virtue.
The culture of obedience is unnatural, coerced.
The culture of obedience serves no practical purpose.
It only satisfies man’s impulse to dominate his own kind,
Surreptition is necessary to avoid retaliation.

Is it a predominantly male proclivity?

USA is a commercial enterprise

“Buy low; sell high.” Commerce is a sophisticated version of predation, relying on amoral currency to disguise the theft. More sophisticated than a shell game because no-one admits the intent to trick. Currency imperceptibly extracts consent. Money is not the root of evil (getting something for nothing); it is a disguise. Why is there resistance to admitting currency is worthless? Nobody likes to admit they’ve been tricked. Adam and Eve accept blame for being tricked by the snake. Pride does that. Without pride man might just as well lie down and die. Pride is self-preservation. Does that mean commerce is an existential threat survived? If you don’t buy and sell you die?