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Crunch Time for Power

Although the essence of government by the people is that power is dispersed over the whole population, for two hundred years independent clusters of power managed to do their thing without opposition. In large part that was because half the population was content to let males do their thing. Then mid-twentieth century it became obvious that letting males do their thing spells disaster.

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Arrogating the language

How our verbal masters, who’s vocabulary is actually quite limited, arrogate words and phrases to make them generally unusable is worth noting. We are, of course, generally aware that “liberal” has not only been hijacked by the predators, but had its meaning perverted. “Freedom” is another word whose value has been stripped. More recently I discovered that “surrogate” referring to any representative of a person, has been hijacked by reproductive service providers and their opponents to designate women who bear children for others.

What they are doing is stripping away multiple meanings. Makes sense. The instinct-driven are easily confused.

On Florida

When you hear something you’ve heard before or experienced, you tend to believe it. When it’s entirely new, you rely on the reputation of the reporter. When I moved to Florida in 1977, I knew nothing. When the spouse assured me that the South had changed, I had no clue what that meant. In the event, the notion that the South had changed was mistaken. Though, it could be argued that North Florida was never representative of the South. After all, the Peninsula, which had been acquired from Spain, remained a territory until after the Civil War and experienced an influx of Freedmen intent on claiming property for themselves.
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Christianity is the mercantile instinct to exploit sanctified. Virtual predation, that’s the ticket. Much preferred because the prey is not visibly injured. Transubstantiation, beyond matter. Don’t you know? Intellect lets man predate or even cannibalize surreptitiously, without being seen.

On the lawyers

Parlatore, the lawyer who resigned from Trump’s team because, as he explained, Boris Epshteyn, the Russian-born factotum who’s been at Trump’s side since 2016, interfered with the team’s effort to “educate” AG Garland about how the document case should be handled.
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