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Harris Teeter in our Community

Harris Teeter, a grocery chain supposedly owned by Kroger, announces on its community page:

The tragedies that so many families across our country have experienced for many years and are experiencing right now is unacceptable. The senseless killing of George Floyd. Ahmaud Arbery. Breonna Taylor. And so many more – too many more across our country – has shaken us to our core. We share in our feelings of sadness, fear and outrage.

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Abuse vs. Extermination

Is it better for a percentage of the population to be abused versus the extermination of millions to set an example? At least the abused can recruit outside assistance. Does memorializing the holocaust serve to alert or does it merely settle a score cheaply? The authoritarianism that sprouted in Germany is barely dormant in the U.S. Compliance is in competition with commerce. Both lusting for supreme authority.

Morning musing.

So, the U.S. legal system operates in response to complaints by injured or abused parties. Public servants are held to a higher standard in that they are presumed qualified when hired to carry out specific duties and obligations. What has been more or less true throughout U.S. history is that extra-legal factions have hijacked the selection process and impressed upon the public unqualified persons. We can only hope that with Trump they hit bottom. The motivation of the hijackers has not been well understood. The official story has been that this or that ethnic minority presents a threat and has to be excluded from civic participation. Truth is that it is the distaff portion of the population that has to be kept in check. What happened is that since the nineteenth amendment did not have much effect on how the American polity functioned in practice, the civil rights legislation was passed without much fuss. AND THEN WOMEN STEPPED UP AND INSISTED ON THEIR RIGHTS. and that resulted in four decades of push-back to validate the prediction that if women got power the whole country would go to hell.