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Dear Rachel Maddow

Sorry, Ms. Maddow, you are wrong. Under the Constitution, minor children are considered property and have no rights. When their parents are adjudged to have abandoned them and neglected to provide proper care, the children are removed by social workers and placed in foster care situations and made available for adoption, if anybody else wants them.
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Burr letter

After Aaron Burr killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel he came to St. Simons to avoid prosecution as dueling had been made illegal. While here he visited John Couper on Cannon’s Point and survived a hurricane. This is his letter to his daughter, it includes fascinating tidbits about life back then.

Dumbo confesses to Woody

Listening to Bob Woodward’s conversations with the dude, I wonder to what extent his “reasonable” demeanor is a product of whom he was conversing with.  Even though he says irrational things on tape, he sounds reasonable.

Why Bob Woodward kept the conversations secret for so many months is almost inexplicable. Obviously, the fourth estate cannot be trusted.