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The protection of property

The U.S. legal system’s fixation on property rights and ownership, as opposed to personal or human rights, can be identified as a cause of the informal elevation of personalities to prominence. However, the emphasis on ownership can prove a disadvantage for the simple reason that it requires external validation. That is, unlike personal attributes or talents (natural properties), which are obvious and observable, a right to material property depends on external assent and recognition. In other words, a slave, be it male or female, is not recognized as such, unless socially certified.

I suppose that is what makes slavery a societal and, in the case of the U.S., an institutional sin. Never mind that it is merely an extension of categorizing progeny as chattel.

On Executive Privilege

The ideologues are in favor of privilege for the chief executive or “commander in chief,” as a shield for subordinates. They do not consider it as serving to protect any particular person. In other words, executive privilege goes with the job, not the person. That idealists are impersonal or even immoral is difficult to understand.

If this interpretation is correct, then poor Donald was particularly unsuited to the job he got.

American Trajectory to Tragedy


Now the question is was it inevitable and is it salvageable. I would argue yes, if the culture can embrace reality and sideline the idealists. The American Fiction in support of male hegemony cannot survive. Males need to be contained, to be house bound.

Nancy Abudu

Nancy Abudu has been nominated to the eleventh circuit court of appeals. Senator Cruz is antagonistic because she has been associated with the Soouthern Poverty Law Center as an advocate. All I can say is that if the law were moral and just, we would not need special advocates.

Is the fact that the US legal system was constructed by and for corporate interests responsible for the virtual exclusion of human rights? Probably not. More likely is that the male interest in artificial association prompted the preferential designation of corporations and the disregard for female interests. Man is born of woman similar to how a bird emerges from its shell.

Religion in America

Religion is not the opiate of the people. That’s a condescending charge, alleging that people desensitize themselves. At least here in the U.S. religion serves as a disguise behind which people hide their real intent. Does that make them all liars? Not really. Liars deceive in order to injure the lied to; Americans lie to protect themselves. I think that in German I would call them bauern schlau. It is a characteristic behavior that I found familiar in the behavior of the shep herders of Iraq in el Anbar province. I suppose naive Americans associated it with wily coyote. Yes, “wily” is probably a good translation of “schlau.”

The Hörpfing farmer’s wife was schlau in trading her milk and eggs for fabrics and furs she hid under her high bed. I wonder how much I learned in those four early years. It was in another language that I have nor spoken since.