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Defining a person.

Whence comes the habit of defining a person in terms of their relationship to some other person or group? Individuals used ti be defined, at least in the Anglo languages, by their talents or trades or native origins. Scandinavians identified individuals as someone’s daughter (doter) or son. That is still a functional/organic basis. Trumpist or National Socialist or Rotarian seeks to identify a person not as a self-contained organism, but as part of a group. Groupism. Where does it come from?
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Taxes, always a popular topic

The purpose of federal taxes is to return to the Treasury a portion of the currency it issued for accounting and redistribution purposes. Sales taxes, collected by the commercial class and forwarded monthly are more efficient because they involve less record keeping. What would be even more efficient in keeping the currency moving at a sprightly pace would be a transaction tax. Indeed, a financial transaction tax of one percent would generate sufficient revenue to cover the expenses of ALL governmental agencies (federal, state and local). But that would have a negative impact on the financial services industry and a whole class of financial consultants.

Writing to Think?

I suspect one of the characteristics of the binary mind, engaged in what is also called concrete thinking, is an absence of modifiers, either adjectival or adverbial. So, for example, a compound phrase such as “give back” is read as a conflict between “give” and “take back.” Indeed, conflict seems to be the only constant in the conservative or concrete mind.

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Killing Soleimani was a big mistake.

Money is both infinite and immortal.

A man only becomes immortal after he is dead. So, if Trump had Soleimani killed to hide his debts to Russia, BIG MISTAKE creating a martyr.

Pompous Pompeo

Pompous Pompeo has had a bug up his ass about Iran since he was in Congress. That and private airplanes. Maybe he thinks the latter will help him escape in the End Times.

This guy came out of West Point. Maybe he’s another one of those people with a Google brain and no processing function. How else to explain the lack of discretion?

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