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Original sin.

The self-defined originalists on the SCOTUS are likely informed by their familiarity with original sin, the concept that give lief to some to control the behavior of others to enforce conformance with defined moral standards. (I should note that I perceive a significant difference between coercion and restraint). Who’s the boss? Is there a legitimate boss?
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Funny how disdain for the person leads to the creation of personalities and the personification of the inanimate. Also, depersonalization. Is that all the consequence of the triumph of the ideal over the real? Is the destruction of the real material world imperative if the idea is to win. The triumph of ideology. Desideratum of the incompetent. Clean hands. Is that the ultimate perfection of the upright stance? I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW!

On SCOTUS, etc.

The SCOTUS, as do all courts interprets, applies and reviews laws. It does not make law and it does not grant rights. The problem we have is that the Constitution, which outlines a framework for a governmental corporation has only two interests, the promotion and protection of property and commerce.

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Herons today

Earlier in the day, they were skampering around the yard. Then four of them showed up again on the bamboo perch until something scared them and they scattered. One is exploring the edge of the pond.

In a nutshell, but fleshed out

There are too many Catholics on the Supreme Court. Catholicism is an authoritarian belief system with the added deficit of forgiving evil upon verbal admission. That is what Trump picked up at Fordham. If one admits the evil one has done, guilt (responsibility) is washed away. But not really. Shared in secret, guilt leads to an unholy alliance.
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Selling stuff

Commerce and christianity are both about selling stuff–saving. Souls and material goods are all the same, looking for a buy-in. What is the incentive for the mark? Increasing population density makes gathering and hunting impractical. Creating need incentivizes subordination.

That is why the family farm had to be actively phased out with monopoly-friendly policies. Industrialization does not evolve naturally. It has to be orchestrated with false promises. Now the negative consequences are obvious. Nature depends on diversity and redundancy. Uniformity is deadly.

The Perversion of Christianity

Christianity is a perversion of Jesus Christ’s perspective. it resulted from a substitution of the insubstantial for the transformation of substance. Transformation is a creative process that interacts with reality. The insubstantial is a figment of the imagination, the idea which Plato aslo posited as preceding reality. Idealists take it one step further in being content to have an idea and forgetting all about the transformation of the real.
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