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A Modicum of Success on the Corporate Front

Attorney General Schneiderman of New York has prevailed in the argument over whether a corporation (Exxon) headquartered in Texas, can be held to account for its behavior in New York, where it sells stock on the Stock Exchange. More specifically, can a corporation be charged with fraud when it hides signal information about its condition from shareholders? The answer, so far, is yes.
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Culture of Obedience.

The culture of obedience relies on death and commiseration to sustain itself without generating the resentment that should cut it off. We exist in a grand web of illusion not of our own choosing. The deception is perpetrated by those who would exploit their own kind.
Are they the descendants of Cain? That would explain why those who are descended from someone else do not recognize their flaws.
Power lust

What is commiseration? A more sophisticated kind of leper licking. But, boy is it popular!

Why ulterior motives are a boon?

Ulterior motives aren’t necessarily hidden. An ulterior motive can serve as an excuse to disguise what the real motive is. So, the ulterior motive and the real motive and the act form a sort of triangle whose object is to distract. It is hard to take revenge when one doesn’t know who did what and why.

False Attribution of Agency

Why is it so common and what purpose does it serve? Well, first of all, agency is imperceptible. We only see the agent and the result or effect of what he did. So, depending on when we become aware, “who done it?” is up in the air. We have to think back. And that involves memory, which may well be poor. (I know it takes a lot of effort for my brain to remember).
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Professional = Paid

It’s as simple as that. Professionals are paid; amateurs do it out of love. So, whom should we respect more?

Why is the paid person respected? Because the payment represents an element of control. The amateur exercises autonomy.

On some level, the Dude recognized that. Which is why he insisted he was going to reject the Presidential pay. Of course, that’s not how the system works. We pay public servants exactly because we, the people, expect to be obeyed and exercise control.