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Religion to Disguise Exploitation

What are the leper lickers after? The gratification of perpetrating abuse on the non-resistant. Example? Saving women from drug addiction after inducing them to voluntary imprisonment in a residential facility. We have one here in Brunswick. It is called Grace House and a person has to pay $800 to apply.

I do not know why it makes me feel ill.

Katie S. Phang

Ms. Phang is a lawyer who started as an Assistant State attorney in South Florida. When she participated in some podcasts to explain the law, her superior told her to stop because she did not want the public informed. I am reminded that when jurors are chosen, the first review is to eliminate people who have too much education. Then, when instructions are delivered, as prepared by the opposing lawyers, the emphasis is on precedent (what other judges have ruled), ostensibly to be consistent, but mostly because that is what lawyers have memorized. TRADITION!
Anyway, Phang quit that job and branched out.

The Destructionists

That’s the title of a recently published book by Dana Milbank about the Republican agenda over the last quarter century. Duh! I’ve been referring to destruction as an ideological agenda for eighteen years on this blog. So, Mr. Milbank would seem to be a bit slow. Indeed, I’d argue that the destructive national agenda came into its own with the First Gulf War and the “liberation” of household assets for “the market.” If women were not going to be returned to the household to provide unpaid labor and work for wages like the men who initiated the industrial era, then households might as well be converted into status symbols. Now we have a housing and homeless crisis because few are left to manage households.


How many Catholics are involved in the subversion of democracy in the U.S? Trump is not a practicing Catholic, but he apparently absorbed the authoritarian attitude during his short stay at Fordham. Cipollone is a graduate of Fordham. Barr is a Catholic. So are six members of the SCOTUS.
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People who lust for power have learned to disguise their ambition lest they generate active opposition. So, the verbiage they employ is intentionally deceptive. Also, if you disguise what you want, you do not have to admit failure when you don’t get it. In the fables that’s encapsulated as “sour grapes.”
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Colbert had a skit about leading to a reduction in brain function.
I just went to check the cookie tin and there are not even any crumbs. But, it’s my fault because I keep baking them. That, my dears, is how logiv works.