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Biden on Iraq

In 2007 Biden promised me in person there would be no permanent U.S. bases in Iraq. As best I can tell there are no more than 12.

It is always worth the cost when someone else is paying the tab. I have to admit to a guilty pleasure whenever I delete the latest five dollar ask from Joe Biden.

Federalist Society

They are actually proponents of centralized authority, perhaps in the interest of certain failure and social disintegration. Planning to fail.

Donald Trump is their prime example. What better to justify a dictatorship than a failed state?

Nose done

That dressing covering a skin graft is supposed to last seven days. Good luck with that. They cut a piece of skin off my tummy.
Got all the carcinoma on the first try today. Had to wait an hour for the lab report.

Tomorrow I will be brave enough to look at the mess.