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CNN’s apple ad to counter “fake news”

Well, it is accurate that what is pictured is not a banana. But, what that demonstrates is that the negative (what something is not) can be proved. On the other hand, what is pictured may be an apple, ein Apfel, une pomme or mela, if we are sticking to just European designations. Whether it is an apple is questionable. It is not possible to prove that it is an apple, only that it is not a banana. Which means that the negative has a higher degree of certainty, which is probably why it appeals to people who want guarantees.
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He Stole My Time

So, the story began about two decades ago when, after a majority of my upper teeth had absented themselves, I determined to have the rest extracted and a prosthetic device installed. The dentist wasted no time, pulled the teeth, made an imprint and within about a week I was fitted with a device that serves me still.
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On Status

Status is different, depending on whether we regard it from the perspective of the recipient or the donor. It is not a fair exchange.

I have been puzzled by people who seek status apparently above all else. That is, they are apparently willing to do anything that gets them recognition as being somehow exceptional. Although the status is sometimes signaled by a tangible symbol, medal or ribbon, status is essentially immaterial. Perhaps it is good for the soul? Perhaps it assuages a persistent self-doubt that’s been instilled by a history of abusive parenting?

Whatever its ultimate effect, the reality is that assigning status is cheap compensation for whatever the individual has accomplished. It costs the donor nothing — no effort, no blood, sweat and tears. And that, I would argue is what makes it so attractive as a reward for service. Status is evidence that somebody has got something for nothing.

Personification of the Deity

What does the personification of a deity, assigning human characteristics and attributes to a God, accomplish? I used to think the purpose was to provide a substitute to compensate for the miserable conditions and deprivations visited upon some humans by their parents. “God loves you, so don’t worry about the shits who participated in your coming into being.”
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On Abuse

This comment was originally posted on a diary by a father whose eight year old daughter, a victim of rape, thought she should ask him for forgiveness. Perhaps for having been disobedient?
I think I am getting closer to the core of this issue.
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