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Missing Common Sense

there you have it. Perfect example. No sense of time as a sequential event. DeVos is purely reactive. The use of the second person is also characteristic, evidence of no sense of self. She exists in an ineffable present tense. Planning for something after it happens is an intellectual version of putting the cart before the horse. Sheer randomness would argue for being right half the time. So, there must be an identifiable flaw. Social support covers it up. Family values serve to disguise idiocy, but the idiots, like less sophisticated creatures, recognize each other. All in the family. Archie Bunker, Meathead and Edith all come to life.
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Abstraction of the abstract.

A “business plan” is, by definition, not viable because a figment of the imagination (plan) is not a living thing. It is a symbol or simulation, but in using that term, you provide an example of the problem. Human relations have evolved to involve the trade and exchange of real goods and services, to convert a surplus into something useful for someone else.
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I have some.
It seems that talkers consider a kindness or charitable boon to be an invitation to talk. That it might be prompted by a desire to shut them up does not occur. So, what’s to be done? Does one have to be blunt and announce “I do not want to be your friend?”

Requests for money masquerading as interest surveys are beyond annoying. They seem to be this year’s campaign consultant innovation. Not a dime.

How many activities are we going to discover do not actually need to be mediated by currency? Why was eleemosynary enteprise monetized?

One more time

The problem with the economy, and that has been true for decades, is that the hoarders have been causing stagnation by withdrawing the currency from circulation. Trading certfied IOUs for speculative stocks and bonds is a churning that contributes nothing to production or consumption. Moving things around is characteristic of a shell game, an entertainment, not productive of anything but frustration. Taking the symbol for the substance is like taking the intent for the act. Intentions lead to loss (perdition). It takes action to produce.
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Pence on schools

Mike Pence may not have actually said that, but for some reason schools are being pushed as sort of all-purpose care providers. Perhaps it is just a matter of people not being clear about proper functions. Psychological damage and mental health seem to be new found concerns. Trying to get ahead of the curve? Trump is going back to Walter Reed.
Is cognitive deterioration going to be an excuse to transfer authority to Pence as a last ditch effort to salvage Republican control? Is cognitive disability going to save him from the hoosgow?
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A rant.

Perhaps in response to the prospect of widespread civic engagement, the powers that be embarked on a rear-guard action in response to universal suffrage, emancipation at age eighteen and the requirements of open government and FOIA. The object was to achieve a culture of obedience. As a part of that, the agents of law enforcement were redirected from responding to (prominent) citizen complaints to insuring a compliant citizenry.
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