Tax day

Paid less than half what the barn cost for four houses and two “land locked” parcels of marsh, woodland and canal frontage. Puddy’s playground.

Deprivation by Design

That is a fancy way of saying there are predators and parasites about. On Saturday we spent some hours walking the neighborhoods to scare up voters. Even cursory observation makes clear that even a few physically deteriorated dwellings have a negative influence on whole neighborhoods. Maybe I could call it the rotten apple syndrome.
The thing is that as values decrease, speculators see bigger profits. They can buy low, hold on and wait until the community decides “enough is enough” and buys them out.
So, I’m doing an inventory of slum lords which, in this community turn out to be “ladies.” I’m tempted to refer to them as the witches of Brunswick, except for the fact that most every part of the County is subject to their predations. Being silly, I am on the lookout for a third witch to identify, if only so it won’t look like I’m picking on people.

Thinking about “undue harm”

It is complicated, but I think I have figured it out. People, who have been made to feel inferior or incompetent, either by kith or kin, need to compensate psychologically and they do that in two ways— by looking down on someone else (to get a whiff of superiority) and by identifying with a person of excellence (glitter) and basking in his success.
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If so many people are fixated on persons about whom they gossip almost endlessly, how come so many persons find it necessary to attract attention to themselves with outrageous garb, decorations and behavior?
See the real me which I am hiding.