Select Comment #2 on the IACP report

IACP GCPD report: response #2

Glynn County has featured the IACP study on its home page with the following explanation of intent:

“The number one goal in the County’s Strategic Plan is a “Safe Community”. The Glynn County Police Department has a large role in the County’s effort to ensure that our community is safe for our citizens and visitors. In an effort to meet the objectives Continue reading

Select Comment #1 on the IACP report

The International Association of Chiefs of Police performs reviews of and provides guidance to police departments. Having been invited to review the Glynn County Police Department, the IACP team issued a 154 page report, which hardly anyone is likely to read in its entirety. So, I will provide excerpts on topics of community interest.

Let us start with traffic enforcement, since traffic is a constant irritant. On page 17 we are told:

“An activity, and the one that consumes the most time, is reported to be crash investigations. Traffic Unit officers are the primary responders and investigators for crashes, and they work seventeen to eighteen crashes per week, per officer. Patrol officers report that as many as half of all crashes may involve some type of impairment, but data have not been provided to support this anecdotal observation. GCPD patrol officers are not certified to perform Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFST) and must request traffic DUI officers (or state patrol) to respond to cases of suspected impairment to perform SFSTs. This is inefficient as it lengthens the call of the field investigation, both officers will have to write supplements, both officers will have to appear and testify in court on a single case, and it takes traffic DUI officers away from proactively seeking DUI offenses and responding to complaint driven and data driven needs for traffic enforcement.”

However, on page 115 we are informed that in one year there were 159 officer involved crashes. Since there are only 122 personnel in the GCPD, that means more than one crash per employee in a single year. Apparently, there is no requirement that police personnel actually know how to drive.

50% + 1

What was the original intent behind the requirement that candidates for public office need 50% + 1? Are run-off elections relied on to ensure the election of the desired one by having other candidates pledge their supporters to the preferred candidate, even if he comes in last in the first round?

Every Empty Suit a King

Thoughts on the rationale for borrowing dollars from China.

Letting hoarders lend us dollars for an additional profit instead of reqiring them to be sent back for counting and redistribution is how Congress rewards hoarders, regardless of national origin, because this hoarding gives them an excuse for why the are not providing for the general welfare. Also, hoarding worthless currency supports the illusion of superiority to which many people aspire. Hoarding lots of dollars also supports the illusion that anyone can grow up to be a king.

The 2018 election continues

People are waking up to the fact that the count cannot be completed on election day. And then there is this kind of problem:

The Georgia count has been extended to Friday, November 16th and a run-off will start on the 26th for at east four positions.

My Thought of the day

Not new, but perhaps more concise.

Whether elected or appointed, public officials resent being demoted to being public servants. So, yes, government by the people, aka democracy, is under attack by those who would be governing us. Since Republicans are royalists at heart, who would just as soon be ruled, they are less constroversial from the poobahs’ point of view.

The founders were wise to schedule elections every two years. We have been foolish in granting some officials life tenure. Of course, when the average life expectancy was 40, that was not a significant problem.