The Spouse

The spouse needs to feel connected and caring at the samee time that he needs to be on the road and interacting with others, especially males.

Way to alienate a majority of the population

FACT: human reproduction is hazardous to the female
FACT: sexual self-gratification is more reliable and satisfying than intercourse
FACT: reproduction is necessary for the survival of the species; all individuals expire
FACT: coerced reproduction does not ensure the individual fetus’ survival
FACT: abortion is a natural process, not subject to human law
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Christianity and Commerce

Which came first? Or did they develop simultaneously to justify exploitation and the accumulation of ostentatious wealth? How long have human/natural rights been overlooked? Is the primacy of the spirit designed to discount the human? If the spirit is saved, the material body can be destroyed with abandon. ” Christ lives, even though we killed him. So, what’s the problem?” As long as their souls are saved, people are disposable.


“If we must have leaders, it is best they be dumb.” One of my favorite sayings.

Trump’s kerfuffle was bound to fail. However, the instigation of threats against the election workers in Georgia should bring a charge of domestic terrorism.

Corporate favoritism

Why does most federal and state legislation favor corporate and ownership interests? Because it is an article of faith that persons have to be bribed to comply with public directives to provide information and follow regulations. The distinction between natural and artificial persons has not been sufficiently recognized.
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