On Ownership

Ownership is a law-dependent condition and should, in theory, be subject to social standards of behavior. However, perhaps because the U.S. legal system is very materialistic, property rights have trumped individual rights and are now perceived as a guarantor of autonomy. Since individuals have no personal rights that are protected, they should at least be able to do what they want with their property. And, by the way, that includes their children. The objection to the premature termination of pregnancies is based on the presumed male parental property right in the fetus. The absence of guaranteed personal rights is actually considered a boon in some quarters. If there is no personal autonomy, authority has an easier row to hoe.


Develop is a synonym for destroy. We should have learned that several decades ago when urban redevelopment ripped the hearts out of our cities, relocated retail to suburbs and turned farm land into instant slums.
That is what Glynn County’s department of community development is about–the planned destruction of our natural and built environment. That is why the files of County government are full of planned developments. That is why our woodlands and marshes are being razed, dredged and filled in the vain hope that some sucker will come along and fork over a bundle for a plot in amenity land. Frederica Township is full of them.
Economic development is no different; just a more honest admission that our natural heritage is to be sold off for dollars and cents.
Money is not the root of all evil, but it sure provides good cover.

Poor Demented Donald

He does not understand that he was hired to serve, not be served. So, the Pentagon will not put on a military show at his departure from office.
Will he ever accept that he’s a nobody? No.


My mother was a narcissist who lived to be 98. It took me about 35 years to figure out that she was also a persistent liar (when she was 67). The reason for my slow take was that she was a mimic and when she was around me, she acted just like I did. It was long obvious that she did not like men since she had deserted my father after he returned from four years as a prisoner of war and never had a positive relationship with any other man. It was when she turned on her young grandson for having done someone else a generous deed that I realized she had been lying about my father from the beginning. She acted as if generosity was stealing from her.
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Ancient Babies

It is hard to believe that eighty year old codgers can behave like five year olds.
On the other hand, the ninety year old rescue was sure I was his mother. So, perhaps the patterns never disappear, especially when they are not actualized. The ninety year old was still remembering that his parents dropped him off at the orphanage whenever they ran out of money.