Celebrity’s Demise

Celebrities have fans. That’s part of the dynamic. Fans celebrate and register their support with a vote or a contribution from the pocket book. Considering that votes are free, political celebrity seems to be a free good. Does that make it doubly attractive?
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Can’t read.

There is a growing awareness that the Dude can’t read. So he’s dispatched aides to the various departments to tell him what’s going on instead of him having to read reports. That this is not going to work, any more than it did in his business, will not register for the simple reason that he’s not aware of his deficits. Besides, it’s not a matter of not being able to read; it’s a matter of not understanding what the words mean.

Imagine spending a life-time repeating what people say without knowing what they mean. It is frightening. So, those who become aware of it make fun of him.

I might add that people suffering from disabilities are often harsh towards the disabled. It may be part of their cover-up.

Kingsley Plantation video from 1992

It is too large a file to upload directly to Hannah Blog. I might point out that this video has transitioned from a VHS tape to a computer file to a DVD and then back to a VOB, which, I was delighted to find, Youtube was prepared to upload. Not so Facebook. Hard to believe it’s been 25 years.

Unfortunately, I have already forgotten the steps I went through to excerpt the segment from the disk. I think MPEG Streamclip did the trick and produced the VOB.

Consensus forming?

A consensus seems to be forming that the Dude in the White House is unhinged. He’s being described as “deranged” and “demented.” Which leads me to opine

“deranged” and “demented” are likely accurate descriptions of a brain driven by instinctual responses like those of a base predator. It may be metaphoric or symbolic, but the predator’s objective is to destroy. The Christian ritual, in which the symbolic destruction and consumption of one man are supposed to supplant that behavior for all time, is obviously not adequate. If it were, humans would not still be killing each other.

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