Time is of the essence of the law.

Time is of the essence. Sequence counts. It is true that THIS indictment does not charge collusion, which is not a crime anyway (conspiracy and co-operation are), but there are many more to follow. There is a hint of witting and witness co-conspirators. In the end, while my ilk might be content to dismiss the dude as too stupid to be a crook, he’ll probably prefer crooked to dumb. Pride goeth before the fall.
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Reverse bi-furcation

Bi-furcation typically refers to a directional flow from a single source into two streeams — division, not combination. But, if nature is diverse, does there not have to be a combination first? Is the totalitarian intent on reverse bi-furcation?

The piecemeal destruction of the environment

I am guessing that in the case of wetland filling doing things ass backwards has a purpose. Because nobody (not state, not feds) prohibits the filling of wetlands on parcels less than an acre in size, they get a preliminary plat for a subdivision and then argue that the lots are too small to regulate. Of course, that can only happen when local authorities are complicit.
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I Am a Person Lacking in Sympathy

No, it is worse than that. The killing of seventeen more young people by a serial killer in Florida simoly reminds me of the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis bombed and burned and sentenced to a generation of birth defects because a series of United States politicians wanted to impress the globe with its awesome planes, bombs and boats.

So, I went rummaging through the blog for pictures of Iraq’s wounded children. What I found was this essay from 2007 which pretty much explains why Hillary Clinton, who supported that invasion for which the Pentagon had geared up under the direction of her spouse, did not impress.

I think it is worth another read.

The War’s Come Home–Iraq Redux

The victims of school shootings are, like the civilians killed by bombs in Iraq and the people lynched in the U.S., collateral damage–incidental to the main purpose. The object Of mass extermination is to intimidate the witnesses and the survivors and make them easier to manage. Focusing on the dead victims distracts us from what the agents are about.
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Everybody likes a scandal

So, the gist of this video is that one of Putin’s Deputies, Sergey Eduardovich Prikhodko, who has been a second banana in Russia for decades, vacationed with Deripaska on a yacht in the sea near Norway and was entertained by a bevy of escorts, one of whom fictionalized the adventure and let slip that political matters were being discussed.
Manafort -> Deripaska -> Prikhodko -> Putin
Maybe deception is like a cancer. Just grows and grows and grows.
Get out the popcorn.

Journalist messes up


Journalism has become very formulaic.

something old

something new

something for a future hook

That makes it easy to put together stories and perpetuate misinformation.

One half truth plus another half truth does not, however, produce a whole truth. Rather, the result is more likely a big fat lie. “Fake news” resonates because it is self-evident that neither historical references nor predictions are new. A bit of gossip sandwiched between the past and the future is an insult to human intelligence.

The press problem is, like the law enforcement problem, systemic. Everybody wanting to tell other people how to behave.

Of politicians and preachers –and pundits

Politicians and preachers tell other people what to do because they are themselves incompetent. Extracting sustenance for oneself (sucking on a teat) is less objectionable than using force, but it does seem possible that the extracters do not know what they are about. Perhaps the self-centered perceive themselves as the cause of what everyone else does. As if the parade goes by because I am watching it.