$188 trillion

Total U.S. Assets? Nobody knows. In 2009 there was an estimate of $188 trillion, but that only covered assets that are actually reported and have been converted into dollars. None of our public lands, infrastructure and buildings are included.
In any event, for comparison, the total gross domestic product at that time was about $14 trillion.

Why is this important? Because it makes all the whining about the wealth of the 1% insignificant. What is significant is that so many Americans exist in dire poverty. They are not poor because other people are rich. They are poor because they are deprived. Deprived under cover of law. Congressionally engineered deprivation.
Why? The lust for power. If Congresscritters were cannibals, they’d eat their constituents. Killing them slowly and remotely is neater and longer lasting.

The Handiman’s Report

Hello, Mr. S

It has been a while.

Your last email said I should let it go wild, but people go there quite often. There are children and their parents come to walk and play, college students settle down at the picnic table, and even during the winter children come there to ice skate or build a snow man. So, I am not going to let it grow wild. I will keep maintaining the playground as long as I am able, because I enjoy doing it. Maintaining the playground is like therapy for me and I like looking at our creation.
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If everything can be forgiven then there is no need to consider the consequences of one’s actions for oneself or anyone else. No need to pay attention. That’s a boon if attention is something one has not got.
Expecting a person with an attention deficit to pay attention is really mean. And a waste of time. On the other hand, attention is more than notice. Attention implies an interpretation of significance–what an action means.
Is it wrong to impute meaning to people whose behavior is nothing but a random response to some internal or external prompt. Is impulsive behavior immoral?

In re: https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2017/12/9/1722666/-Direct-Roy-Moore-Ties-To-White-Supremacist-Groups-Linked-To-Domestic-Terrorism

hannah Dec 09 · 06:28:43 AM
The Religious States of America are the heirs of the Confederacy. The proponents’ object is to coerce obedience to whatever ulterior force floats your boat. Whether it is a supreme being or a superior geographic area (aka nation) makes no nevermind. What is important is that most people subordinate themselves to validate the superiority of some others without any effort on the latter’s part.

Let the lazy man rule!
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Nuclear Ambitions

When the one hundredth anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Portsmouth was celebrated in Portsmouth, New Hampshire in 2005, we played host to four young Russians who had been sent with that country’s contingent of dignitaries. The young men from a city above the Arctic Circle, Severodvinsk, were not much interested in the official experiences that had been arranged for them and, instead, rented themselves a car to explore the White Mountains, Boston and even New York. However, during the few hours they shared with us, they proudly extolled the ship-board nuclear plant that was scheduled to be anchored in the bay by their city to generate enough electricity to supply the 200,000 living and working there.

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A Good Thought

“Privatization” is a subterfuge for a rwo-fold agenda: to evade having to account to the public and to promote the segregationists’ aims. Segregation, you see, is essential if exclusivity and excellence are to be maintained. Because, according to authoritarian ideology, if people can’t be rewarded with superior status and have to be paid, they won’t do anything for free. And that leaves people who have nothing to trade but their “good looks” up the creek. Privatization is the solution to the incompetents’ dilemma.

Eight Million Dollar Fix — Not!

They call it a “revetment.” What it is is rocks from North Georgia quarries dumped on the shore so the waves can dig the sand out from behind, underneath and in front of them to increase the rate of erosion. Just one example of what happens when spending dollars is equated with economy. Also, mistaking the intent for the act.

I will grant that these pictures were taken with an editorial intent.