Who’s opposed to the ERA?

Well, since it proposes to amend the U.S. Constitution, which is addressed to public servants, it is the public servants who will be affected who are objecting. If they have to treat every natural person with respect, there won’t be anybody to lord it over.

Legislative bodies are being asked to eviscerate themselves and their cohorts. It hardly seems fair.

Consent is the basis of the Constitution. That is incomprehensible to non-sentient individuals–i.e. the instinct-driven.

Personal Responsibility

Personal responsibility is not a positive, at least not for the person with the ability to respond, especially to manipulation, who chooses not to respond. If one is able and resistant to direction, then one is likely to be perceived as derelict. Mandated performance. How ia that not coercive? So, in short, the party of personal responsibility is not dedicated towards independence, but, quite the contrary, to people doing what they are told.
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Should the NCAA be subject to law?

As a corporation, the NCAA is a subsidiary of its authorizing state and, ipso facto, subject to legislative direction. While much interest in the creation of corporations has been driven by a desire to manipulate the behavior of natural persons indirectly, closer supervision of corporations is in order because, unlike natural persons, artificial persons are actually created to evade moral strictures and look to the law to permit less restraint and more injury to others.

The 13th.

Wholesale incarceration and involuntary labor are legal according to the 13th Amendment to the Constitution and justifies the behavior of agents of government, as do all the rest. Legal scholars would have us believe that the Constitution does not intend what it says, because for centuries it has proved convenient to discount the language and not face up to the truth. The American Dream is the realization of intent where none actually exists. Continue reading

Contest vs. Competition

How did competition, the mutual striving for a common goal, devolve into a contest or conflict between individuals? It is not a new question, but pervasive. Is it just a matter of the word “contest” being simpler? Or is it a components of the fixation on persons, rather than function for the simple reason that function is hard to see?
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