Facebook is adjusting format again

I am beginning to suspect that there will come a time in the not too distant future that I will give up on the platform. The internet was a fad which has worn out its welcome. To pay or not to pay; that is the question. If people do not pay, they do not appreciate what they are getting AND they do not feel engaged. Give and take is a binary relationship that many people cannot do without. Which may be why autistic persons are not well understood.

Disabusing the innocent

That is what is going on now. It is easy to say that Trump’s criminality is unprecedented, but for people who never considered that they could be tricked into supporting a crook, the matter is beyond traumatic. Imagine multiplying the trauma of one spouse confronting that the partner may well be planning murder and multiply that by millions. There are not enough grief counselors.

Perhaps the reason the Alex Murdaugh trial got so much attention was because he served as sort of an avatar of the banality of evil.

Today’s agenda

Ignore the harassment of Alvin Bragg. He’s one of 1400 attorneys, the public face of those who do the work.

Start reading the completed “Ship of State” from the top.