“Sticks and Stones…”

The Dude is obviously convinced that words cannot hurt him. So, he blurts out whatever pops into his head from the media scripts he has absorbed. That free speech is a trap does not occur to him any more than it occurs to people who end up in prison for stuff they did not do.

On Exemptions

Our units of currency are figments of the imagination, certificates of obligation (otherwise known as IOUs). Since the U.S.Treasury can issue these records of indebtedness in virtually infinite amounts, the object of artificial limits to their distribution is simply to exercise control where it is not warranted.
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It is possible that people who take the intent for the act simply cannot tell the difference between symbol and fact. So, the Dude simly classifies everything as “fake” to avoid confusion. I suppose, if the sense of touch is inoperative, then tangible reality is out of reach.

Why do I hate show-offs?

They are intrusive, violate my privacy. Contribute nothing of value.

So, what prompts the hunt for celebrity? I suspect it is to compensate for insecurity that is either endemic or induced. What induces insecurity? Abuse.

Why is abuse so prevalent in the U.S? Perhaps it is a remnant of slavery, an effort to salvage some moral justification for the forcible subjugation of one’s own kind.

So, the culture of obedience is the intellectual remnant of slavery?



Is there anybody in this community that is not selling something? Consumerism is a canard. How many people buy stuff just to get the peddlers off their back?

On Corporations

Well, the U.S.A. is a corporation, as is every single state and municipality. Their operations are governed by charters which spell out duties and obligations. The problem with our non-governmental corporations is that they are operating without supervision and monetary profit has become their sole objective. All moral, social, ethical standards have been discarded and so-called privatization has allowed our public servants to abandon theirs.

Money Disguises

The designation of money as the “root of all evil,” is an error likely arising from the fact that money is visible and tangible.

In fact, money serves as a disguise of reality, including the moral or ethical status of behavior. This is, I think, an unanticipated consequence, a matter of taking the symbol for the act and, in the process, losing sight of the intrinsic moral value of the subject being symbolized.

Is money a sort of white wash? I don’t think so. It simply sidelines moral considerations. Someone’s willingness to pay is a stamp of approval.