Message to Rachel Maddow

Protection is a racket. Safe and secure = locked up or tied down.
Police are inventing work for themselves to maintain the numbers that justify supervisors’ promotion and increased salaries.
The diversity in hiring mandate seems to have prompted the hiring of physically and mentally incompetent persons in need of protective equipment to compensate for a lack of practical and personal skills.
Since the LEOs are mostly in vehicles, having to patrol on foot is irksome to them. They are being physically stressed.
Finally, public protests are evidence of prior failures to respond appropriately to complaints. Police have worked for decades to render the populace compliant in order to avoid complaints.

57 Cowards

A total of 57 officers [entire] of Buffalo Emergency Respose Team has resigned. Sources say this is to show support for the other officers who are suspended without pay after shoving Martin Gugino 75 yrs old. The officers are no longer ERT, but still employed.

About the Christian Trumpists

The only saving grace is that they are all cowards. They cling to the promise of supremacy to compensate for their sense of inferiority. Who made them feel inferior? Their fathers or male leaders. Christianity is easy to pervert what with its commitment to the proposition that all men are created sinful (evil). It is this presumption of evil which justifies coercion (to coerce good behavior) and situates the believers (originalists) in opposition to the Constitution’s principle of probity.
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Too much cooking

Two batches of blueberry crumble.
Pot of chicken soup.
Quart of mandarin and curry chicken rice salad.
Eggplant fritters.
Honey garlic chicken (the parts I did not boil

So, because that was all done, I had time to delete over 31,000 comments from the blog—one hundred at a time.