Had to look up the word by which a number of the shooters are being identified. It is short for involuntary celibacy. One has to wonder which part they object to—-the celibacy or that it is involuntary.
It is suggested that these people are looking for love. One wonders if they realize that love is not something one finds. Love is a commitment, an act of will, not an emotion that arises out of the hormones. Love is something one does.

Yes, so it is.

Trump does not incite. He validates attitudes which falsely assign blame where it does not belong and lets the real perps off the hook. If our natural resources are depleted or polluted and the currency is misappropriated, that is Congress’ fault, regardless of partisan affiliation. When Trump implied that the corporations were at fault, he lied, as did Obama and Sanders before him. Now when he assigns fault to migrants because the Capitolians need corporations to support their retention in office, the fault is assigned to migrants whose access to the voting booth is minimal, unless all their relatives overcome their fears and go to the polls.

Blaming someone else is the do-nothing triangulator’s constant/conservative/self-protective mode.
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On superficial optics.

Most predatory creatures are triggered by motion. Which is why holding very still is an effective survival strategy for most prey. Humans, perhaps because they have color more useful than merely distinguishing between light and dark, hardly register motion at all. So, they do not register change. Perhaps that is why “appearances are deceiving.” Things are not the same from one second to the next, but because the change is not perceived, people conclude they have been deceived. Continue reading

Recipe for perpetual servitude

Served up in the name of greatness.

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8-16-19 SLEAT Letter

Dear Friends of SLEAT:

Dave Kyler weighs in with a timely message:

Facts are stubborn things, essential to our survival

The public must be consistently, thoroughly enlightened about dangerously mounting threats to the vital connections between environmental stability and human prospects – including public health, the economy, and food supplies.

Greenhouse gases ravage the Earth’s climate while fossil-fuels and toxic chemicals continue proliferating, as reckless US policies dismantle protections for forests, water quality, and endangered species.

Current trends and practices are a dystopic tribute to short-sighted opportunism and self-destructive negligence that brazenly defy facts and well-documented science.

What fools we mortals [can] be.

Although a well-informed public doesn’t guarantee successful political outcomes, in a genuine democracy they are impossible without it.

David Kyler, Center for a Sustainable Coast

Saint Simons Island, Georgia


As you have probably heard, an outfit named Twin Pines has applied for a permit to mine for titanium within a few miles of the Okefenokee Swamp and directly over the Floridan aquifer. While the Army Corps of Engineers had not proved much help in halting incursions into our marshes, swamps and fresh-water wetlands. Objections should be sent before September 12 to holly.a.ross@usace.army.mil with the application number (SAS-2018-00554) in the subject line. If reports from the public presentation are accurate, the proponents of the mining do not have much understanding of what lies underground.

So, I thought I’d share some examples of what Puddy Smith has extracted from the periphery of an old ditch on our property. All of those roots lay way underground beneath this majestic oak. In other words, this is the stuff that holds coastal Georgia in place. Even dead roots have their use.
While it is true that the area to be mined was burnt over a few years ago, the natural infrastructure was not affected. If mining equipment moves in, it will be.

Since people are definitely part of the environment, I should perhaps mention that the kerfuffle over sticking 24 homeless people into efficiency apartments on the corner of Norwich and First Avenue in Brunswick, because the elderly Gateway clients were being moved out, has temporarily been resolved. The Hand-in-Hand people are going to develop a business plan to serve the homeless and find a more suitable venue. Distinctive Housing Solutions has listed the property with Driggers Realty. What is commonly known as Harper’s Joy is a brick building listed on the National Register of Historic places and could easily serve as a convenient residential complex for people who can look after themselves or want to put up in a boutique hotel. If you have any suggestions, contact David Crews at Distinctive Housing Solutions (David Crews Their next board meeting will be in November.

Context for the Okefenokee kerfuffle

‘Tis a vicious circle. By denying states and communities adequate funds to pay for necessary services, Congress is forcing communities to sell off their birthright and let nature be despoiled by corporate extractors who then transfer their profits to other venues. It is a lose lose proposition and the evidence is the accumulation of money in a few coffers. The accumulation of money is not the motivation; it is the disguise and the visible result. The motivation is to acquire something for nothing (theft), the predator’s mode, surreptitiously. Money makes it possible to hide what is going on, even as it makes visible the results.

Deripaska in Kentucky

$200 million out of $1.3 billion is about 17%. So far, not a penny of the promised investment has been turned over. The project is a campaign ploy, an exercise in getting free press and a promise of employment that never materializes.
Given that McConnell is one of the leaders of Congress and Congress is in charge of the distribution of dollars, if McConnell wanted to help Kentucky, he would send the dollars directly instead of having them funneled through Wall Street and Moscow banks and “investment vehicles.” Fact is that so far not one shovel of dirt has been turned at the proposed site for the aluminum mill, which is likely to be just as polluting as a paper mill.
Why have industries not had enough dollars to clean up their operations? Because Congress has been rationing the distribution of the currency to reward those who “control” the voters (unions or corporate paymasters) who keep them in power. By officially severing the connection between currency and gold, Richard Nixon inadvertently released power lust on Capitol Hill. At first they tried to stem the flow of dollars with price controls. When that did not work, Wall Street was deployed with gigantic interest rates, but that constricted themselves. So then Congress hit on privatization whereby the currency for public works would be funneled through “private” contractors that would take a cut for themselves and keep the workforce in line.
How does that work? Come election time, the contractor (highway, military, energy, heavy industry) invites the incumbent to the factory floor to let everybody know who controls the strings on the legislative floor. They used to call it pork. They used to talk about enterprise being suckled at the public teat. But now, in the era of PC we talk about “public/private partnerships” and pretend nobody is being exploited.
Also, the party of no is expert at promoting things (laws, regulations, trade agreements, rights, investments) that ultimately go nowhere. That is because they are all for show. One of the latest scams is to artificially inflate the value of land (by proposing to mine it or build something obnoxious or tout a foreign buyer) and then get some suckers to buy them out. That worked for Florida Power with the Santa Fe swamp forty years ago.
Finally, how come Manafort’s connection to McCain’s International Republican Institute at whose Moscow office Manafort met Kilimnick has never been explored. Has the IRI taken over the subversive mission of USAID?


Being anti something is safer than being for. You may not like what you’re for, but you won’t know what you’re missing when you don’t get. See? It’s all about risk. And some people are just naturally risk-averse. Others are so dense, they act without thinking. Which is better? Acting without thinking, because somebody is sure to bail you out, if you make a mistake. So, nature favors instinctive behavior.