Thought for the day

For some reason, the reality that governmental entities are not empowered to deliver services unless they are requested/demanded. Somehow, our economic model got perverted. The private market of goods and services was described as being “driven” by demand while governmental offerings were categorized as automatic and unwanted. Why this peversion when, in fact, the market relies on constant propaganda and public services are constrained by having to be demanded? Is it simply a metter of jealousy that public entities have an automatic dedicated income stream and private enterprise is beset by uncertainty?
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Unreliable Instinct

An impossibility? If instinct is habitual, how can it be unreliable? I suppose the answer is that the prompts are unpredictable. Anyway…….

The instinct-driven seem to share a lack of some otherwise commonly held characteristics: honesty, discretion, privacy, confidence, reliability. Perhaps these are all related to cognition and their absence suggests a cognitive deficit.
i realize this is a rather materialistic suggestion, but the widespread prevalence of this bundle of disabilities suggests an organic malfunction. You know, sort of like color blindness.

93 Failed Banks in Georgia since 2001

How do we account for that? How do we account for Five Star Credit Union lending almost half a million on less than an acre bought for $150,000? The likely answer in Georgia is that decisions are based on who, rather than what. Social connections are all-important.

Of Busybodies and businessmen

Business is the bailiwick of busybodies and gossips; middlemen; the commercial class. It turns out the people moving things around have been predominant all along. Importers and exporters, not inventors and producers, have directed the gears of government to advantage themselves. Businessmen, for the most part males, looking to “get a cut of the action” for themselves without contributing any real effort are the bane of the workingman’s and woman’s existence. Veblen did us an unintentional disservice when he referred to them as the “leisure class.” Leisure refers to people doing their own thing. The commercial class does nothing. They are the descendants of the highwayman of old, people who intercept people on the move and hold them hostage until they give up a share of whatever they have. Money makes it easy to comply and disguises that extortion is what is going on. FREE ENTERPRISE — the act of reaching in and taking a share without incurring a cost. Yes, that is the lazy man’s ideal. I DEAL, YOU PAY THE PRICE.