Personalization and depersonalization

While depersonalization mat be ascribed to materialism, a reductionist perception of reality, imparting personal (human) characteristics to inanimate entities, even symbols, and other species, is not just the opposite of the former. Of course, both are produced by intellect and cognition. But that is not necessarily so. Birds can tell the difference between an object and an organism with very small brains.
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Learned a new word. Well, actually, I went looking for an explanation of what strikes me as peculiar behavior.
Mechanophilia I suppose that is what American car designers were appealing to, virtually disrgarding the utilitarian and functional reequirements.

Christianity and Commerce

I used to think that Christianity had been suborned by commercial interests. Now I realize that Christianity is a vector for what is, essentially, an abstract version of predation. That is, christianity and commerce both seek to exploit their targets. Commerce does it in the name of monetary profit; christianity does it in the name of salvation.
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Ruminations prompted by a Court House proposal

Juvenile court is a problem. Juvenile court does not just deal with miscreant young people. Juvenile court deals with child abuse, neglect and incest. “To protect the victims,” the hearings are all closed to the public and all the participants (judges, clerks, social workers, defendants’ lawyers, social workers, foster care providers, and guardians ad litem for the children), are sworn to remain silent about what they know. There are no notices of public hearings published. Warrants are probably sent by mail.

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The Problem with Equality

Equality is a value-free concept. Morality or immorality of particular behaviors depends on the character of the agents. What happens when behaviors targeting some populations with injury or deprivation is prohibited, equality prompts an extension of the abuse to other or entire populations. It is sort of like a virus that spreads when targeted.
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Election Myth

What is the point of clinging to the myth that the hiring of public servants is a contest in which the contestants achieve success or failure? Is election supposed to be superior to heredity by desginating an achievement that isn’t? Truth is that an election that’s defined as a contest is a fake.

Why would one want to be the winner of a game that isn’t a game? Is there some attraction in being perverse? Anything that’s man-made is better than what’s produced by nature?

We live in a margarine world? Where the only reality is the one we make and fake?