Do and not.

I know from personal experience that a brain disfunction can manifest as a person being unable to understand the meaning of “not,” that the negative is the opposite of the positive. For example, an injunction such as “do not step off the curb in front of that car,” registers as simply “step off the curb.” The result can be disasterous.
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The economy shut down?

“The economy” is a dubious concept. If one is referring to the trade and exchange of goods and services, that has never stopped or been shut down. Only if the commercial class being prevented from taking a cut of other people’s labor is the issue, is the concern valid. Yes, a lot of non-essential frivolous enterprise has been halted for a time. Is that a bad thing? Only if you are a frivolous person.
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Chelyndra serpentina

Chelyndra serpentina is the name for the common snapping turtle. There seem to be two in our pond. It is hard to tell under water, but one in our pond looks to be about 14″ long with a 10″ tail and a head that is the size of an adult fist. The head extended to evaluate the floating fish food did look like a snake with its pointed snout. These are fesh-water creatures but sometimes visit brackish ponds so that may be how they got here. When we put out the chicken carcas, I took a chair to sit still and see if I can capture some pictures.