I am coining a new word because the recognized one, misogyny, is to difficult to explain. “Antifeminist” does not work because it refers to people who are opposed on the basis of their association with females. People who are antagonistic towards females need to be clearly identified because they certainly exist–in all ethnic groups, all genders and all ages. ‘Tis a universal disease whose etiology is not clear.
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So, the Financial Times has now discovered a codependency between poor Donald and the stock market which “widened the gap between traders and the real economy.” Recognizing that the gambling on Wall Street does nothing to help the real economy is a start. Why they ever trusted a failed casino manager is a puzzlement.
Yellen at Treasury is a good choice. Time to put finances in the hands of women. Men tend to let affiliation get in the way.


People who define themselves in terms of their associations see nothing wrong with limiting their associations to people who are like them.  It is sort of a tribal thing.  Flocks of birds of a feather are actually more diverse because they do not, in fact, associate on the basis of appearance, but rather on the basis of common interests.  So, for example, a flock of black birds will be composed of crows and crackles and cowbirds and bobolinks and red wing blackbirds, all of whom like to forage in fields full of seeds and insects. A sudden noise will trigger the startle reflex and set them off.  So, to humans they look like a flock.

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The lie is basic?

Trump did not invent the strategy of hurling words against their perceived enemies in order to inoculate themselves against having the words used against them. It is sort of like challenging the validity of Kerry’s medals to prevent GWB’s terrible military service being made an issue.
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Bill Barr in it for the money?

No, he’s an autocrat, firmly believes in the superiority of some humans and their right to rule without being answerable to anyone. No reason why the holy roman empire cannot be resurrected in the new world.  Remember the “New World Order?”  It did not mean that the world would be orderly, but that the New World would supplant Old Europe in giving the orders. Leaders in the former USSR and the USA are agreed that the European Union is not an appropriate leader.

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