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September 19, 2014

Hunting Wetlands in the Sand Hills of Georgia

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Puddy’s Water Park

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Bringing pleasure to the neighborhood photographer.
puddy's park2

Dust on the Reservation

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The Reserve is being set up across the street from the Plantation, without anyone, seemingly, being aware of the significance of the naming patterns. The spirit of “don’t fence me in” is nowhere to be found on St. Simons. Indeed, it almost seems there’s a competition to see who can erect the most innovative fence. Maybe fences are solid, compared to the ocean’s liquidity.

September 18, 2014

Small government defined.

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Qualified immunity meets qualified impunity.

Being responsive is such a bore.

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Much more exciting to plan and initiate a raid, perhaps especially of a barber shop by people who still retain a smidgeon of fear at having their hair cut. What if getting a hair cut turns them into wimps, not wolves?

Don’t mess with the dunes.

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Lisia Kowalczyk
Department of Natural Resources
One Conservation Way
Brunswick, Georgia, 31520.

Re: the petition by Elizabeth M. Allen
614 Ribault Lane
Sea Island, Ga

for permission from the Coastal Resources Division to impact the shore land and dune areas with construction, landscaping and fill activities in the process of building a new residence where an old one was demolished.


September 17, 2014

Reserve at Demere

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Problems at Reserve

September 16, 2014

If roach turds sparkled like diamonds.

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If roach turds sparkled like diamonds, would we prize them? Is that why what the Kochs leave behind is considered great? How many coal miners coughed out their lungs so some diva can deliver her seranade on the David H. Koch Theater stage?
Name droppings. Kochroaches. Vandals just wanting to be noticed. “See, ma? No hands.” “See, pa? No guilt.” Wonder if vandalism is nothing more than an over-reaction to being ignored.

September 15, 2014

Wetlands -> Sediment Basin -> Lake

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It’s a neat cycle. The only problem is that the wetlands are lost and so is their filtering and nurturing function. But, filling a wetland with water is certainly a novel innovation. Now, if new or man-made water bodies were also required to have a 25′ natural undisturbed vegetative buffer, we’d actually come out ahead. We’d have more fresh water retained on land and percolating back into our aquifers.

September 14, 2014

Arachnid with Golden Eyes

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7407---9-13-14  Hannah's Spider
Including the legs, this green spider is about an inch in size. It’s been using this same tattered web for weeks. I think it’s catching no-see-ems.

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