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July 20, 2014

Couldn’t Say It Better

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Than this.

July 19, 2014

Hanging the wood duck box

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Baby Painted Turtle

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New Hole in Yamal

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“Soaking” the citizenry

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That’s one interpretation of the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services’ version of the Environmental Protection Agency initiative to mitigate the spread of pollutants via storm water, stick it to the homeowners:

Just Part of a Long Line

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In response to reports that Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Texas is going after the license to practice of doctors whose care of their patients represents a drain on insurance company profits, I responded on Dailykos:

July 18, 2014


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Underdeveloped countries are setting up a new investment bank to counter the insufficiencies of the World Bank and the IMF. One rationale is that China is sitting on three trillion dollars in reserves which could be used to greater advantage than trading them in for Treasury bonds. What they’re not addressing is that this new endeavor maintains the myth that U.S. Dollars have value — more value than, for example, Arabic as compared to Cyrillic script. Certainly, the notational system is important and valuable to the extent that it is widely understood and accepted. But that’s all.
The BRICS Bank dealing in dollars makes it vulnerable to being boycotted or undermined by the issuer of that particular currency. What they don’t seem to have understood is that the quantity of dollars is not determinative when it comes to investment. Third world nations are being shunned because they have become resistant to exploitation.
At what point is China going to realize that the widespread pollution resulting from its industrialization was/is not a happenstance?

Beauteous July from JHP

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I particularly like this sequence from James Holland’s Blog
East Beach

July 17, 2014

Well, that seems to have worked

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Hannah Blog has got no more comments since the template was removed. I’m not sure why that wasn’t recommended in any of the forums that have been discussing the problem of spammers hijacking comments for over eight years.
Removing the “comments off” line from the index page would make it neater, but not having the function is more important than getting rid of the symbol.

July 16, 2014

Comment function has been removed — I think

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After spam showing up as quick as I could send it to the trash and delete it, I’ve removed the comment template. That still leaves the comment indicator on the index page for a particular post, but it looks like comments aren’t accepted. Since they weren’t showing up without being approved, there’s some question about why one would bother to remove them. I’d say because I don’t like the distraction of having their number registered in the menu and I don’t like having to waste time on removal.
If there’s no other significant effect from the comment template being removed, I might be bold enough to edit the index page.

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