A Pattern?

Is this a recognizable business pattern?

1) Acquire well-established “household” enterprises, whose investments have lagged to satisfy investor’s expectations, on the cheap.

2) Capitalize the enterprise with new loans predicated on capital improvements and the value of the “brand.”

3) Use those new funds to finance the “nut” on prior loans.
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What are natural rights?

Behaviors that are consistent with an organism’s structures and functions are that organism’s right behaviors. That’s a broad definition which applies to all organic — i.e. changing — existence. The inorganic has no rights. That said, if man’s natural rights are to be enumerated, we’d have to start with the bodily functions and expressions and auto mobility would surely be near the top of the list, even if it takes a while for mobility from place to place, instead of just in space, to develop because the requisite organs are slow to mature. In any event, auto mobility is the prime function with which slavery interferes.
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For the Record.

A few days ago, I finally talked to Buck Bennett in the Coastal Resources Division of the Georgia DNR in an effort to find out if the Brunswick Cellulose docks in the Turtle River have a water bottom lease that could be rescinded and/or some other mechanism exists for getting these derelict structures removed. Mr. Bennett was rather defensive in asserting that because the pilings are fixed, no lease is required — the leases are just for floating docks. Also, he claimed that Brunswick Cellulose is using the dock and had made some structural improvements to them. (I am waiting to see if they got a building permit from Glynn County because I already know the DNR people are not equipped to assess structural integrity).

While I was getting nowhere with Mr. Bennett, I did make reference to the falling-down dock at Blythe Island which, Mr. Ours, the County Administrator, tells me the County is waiting on EDP or DNR to do something about. At that point Mr. Bennett asked if I was putting in a GORA request and I said, “yes, if that’s what it takes.”

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So Many Bright Shiny Objects!

Frank Luntz is among them.

In an interview with POLITICO, Luntz said Trump — and Democratic presidential insurgent Bernie Sanders — are “delivering a big ‘f—- you’ to the elites in America.
“And that resonates on both sides,” Luntz said. “But ‘f—- you’ doesn’t solve anything. ‘F—- you’ doesn’t make life any better. ‘F—- you’ makes you feel good, but it doesn’t get you where you need to go. ‘F—- you’ doesn’t make America strong. ‘F—- you’ doesn’t solve anything.”
Trump responded by accusing Luntz of harboring a long-held vendetta because Trump refused to do business with Luntz’s polling firm.

What’s interesting is that their assessments of each other seem to be right on the mark. Where they do wrong is in mis-understanding themselves. Still think the “clown car” is the wrong vehicle. Merry-go-round is more like it.

Return to Kosovo

From time to time, I check out the benighted land where the U.S. plopped down Camp Bondsteel, which was to be the prototype for the 14 permanent bases planned for Iraq. Camp Bondsteel is still active in the Kosovo region, but is now under the jurisdiction of NATO. The bases scheme for Iraq was abandoned when President Obama opted to honor the agreement George W. Bush entered into, pledging the withdrawal of all U.S. forces.
This documentary of “The War for Kosovo” was filmed by a journalist, Miroslav Lazanski.

Monday Morning Musing

An ache in one’s leg makes it hard to think. Wonder why that is. And yet, it is said that Karl Marx was plagued by constant intestinal upset.  So was Nietzsche. Is indigestion conducive to negative thinking. And is that better than not thinking?