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November 23, 2014

“Reserve at Demere,” redux

James Holland went along on an official inspection with the County Engineer. Not surprisingly, he had some concerns and put them in writing.

As an aside, some people seem impressed with the historical significance of their names. So, a Joshua might want to assault some walls and a Paul might be susceptible to visions on the road. The County Engineer is, apparently, not one of those.

November 22, 2014

St. Simons Incorporation Introduction

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November 21, 2014

Why is segregation attractive?

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Because homogeneous groups are easier to manage. That’s one of the rationales for the formation of new cities in Georgia. Laziness, it seems, accounts for much injustice. Perhaps people spouting off about how hard they work are a clue. I think I’ve got some telling quotes on the video from the St. Simons Island incorporation meeting.
There are three justifications for setting up a city:
More money
Less work
Easy manipulation

Are power and potency elder issues?
It’s going to take an hour to download the video from the camera.


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Organisms move around. They migrate. It’s in their nature. Trying to make them stay in one place is unnatural — a losing proposition. President Obama means well. I’m not sure he understands that national boundaries are just segregated neighborhoods on a larger scale.
Meaning Well
Obama’s critics have a point. He’s not American as Americans have evolved — exclusive. The Exclusive American has replaced the Ugly American. President Barack Obama is neither.

Visiting the Firemen

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Los Alamos, New MexicoAt the fire station 4

November 20, 2014

Glynn County Priorities

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Correction: my prediction/conclusion that my latest missive to our paper of record would be ignored was wrong. The letter was published in full on November 21, 2014.

Another letter to the editor that ended up in the circular file. However, the Brunswick News did see fit to mention both the County’s penury as regards the Coast Guard Station and beach access and the proposed profligacy on behalf of commercial enterprise that’s designed to siphon off dollars and send them overseas.

Court Watching in Missouri

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Now here’s a person after my own heart. I suppose holding court in a ranch house is a step up from doing it in the saloon. I would just add that the reverberations of Congress rationing the dollars are multitudinous beyond counting.

Consumers, USers and abusers.

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I’ve never been satisfied with the term “consumer” as opposed to “producers” because of its destructive connotation and, of course, the connection to “consumption” as a chronic, debilitating disease with which obstreperous individuals were often immobilized in historical fiction. Consumption was such a convenient way to dispose of inconvenient people, often women.


November 19, 2014

Coates on Cosby

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Ta-Nehisi Coats regrets not following up rumors about Bill Cosby’s attacks on women back when he wrote and then had published a lengthy profile in 2008. This was already long after the behavior Bill Cosby was perhaps trying to deflect with his morality crusade had occurred. Would it have made a difference if Coates had “investigated” and published a story that, even now, many people don’t want to read. Probably, to his career.

Failing by design and enjoying it.

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It’s been clear for some time that failure by design has moved from the manufacturing sector, where it started out as the more sophisticated-sounding “planned obsolescence,” has moved into the social realm. Planning to fail comes with a higher degree of certainty. So, it appeals to the Cons. They call it “creative destruction,” holding out the promise that there is some prospect of success or improvement, but, in fact, the destruction comes first and the creative impulse evaporates. For an example, we need merely remember that the cradle of civilization has recently been bombed to smithereens, ostensibly to promote democracy.

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