NOAA Images of Matthew

It’s not likely that those five rectangular objects were left in the river by the storm.



Nor is that row of what appear to be hassocks filled with sand a present from Matthew. Somebody’s been “placing” stuff in the river and on the shore.

74 Years an Evacuee

The first time I was evacuated was in early 1942, at the age of nine months. The allies bombing the German City of Aachen every night had become too traumatic, so my mother took her babe and fled to the Austrian Alps.

So, I spent the next three years in this rustic farm building: two rooms and a veranda and outhouse on the second floor; wood storage, bake oven and chicken coop on the first; no electricity; no running water.


Last night I slept in a metal storage shed because the house we are rehabbing on the mainland had just been sprayed with foam insulation and wasn’t fit to stay in. Well, that’s not the entire reason. Had I been willing to show my identification papers to the authorities, I could have returned with my spouse to Saint Simons Island when it “re-opened.” But, that’s not something I can do.
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Flooding in Glynn County

If one takes the Brunswick-Altamaha Canal into account, then Brunswick is also an island, the Queen of the Golden Isles. When the Canal was dug, the area to the west was identified as the Great Swamp. A century of ditching and draining to promote the growing of pines has not changed the basic characteristics of the soils, which have a corrosive effect on concrete and steel. That is, they are not suitable for much building. Moreover, the mixture of clay and sand leads to alternate cracking and swelling, as we can see on our roads and paved parking lots.

Necessary relocation


The normal high for this time of year is eighty two, but this morning it is in the fifties. We did not bring any jackets or even long-sleeved shirts with us. So, I am hiding out in the metal shed under an old quilt while the house is being filled with blue foam.


We returned from supper to find the house all lit up. Didn’t take them long to reattach the lines the tree took out. Instead of spraying the underbrush, the power company could have trimmed the trees.

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