We Are Georgia: The Coast

This is one of ten videos produced to promote economic development and tourism in the State of Georgia. From the images you’d never guess that 19% of our people exist below the poverty line. No wonder Georgia is the #1 state for business. Forced labor and the exploitation of our natural resources is attractive to the middlemen.

Island Planning Commission–November 17

Jenny Humphries reports:


We have been encouraging islanders to participate more fully in the Islands Planning Commission meetings. I think this will be of interest to our friends who do not subscribe to The Brunswick News.

Attached is the excellent story by Larry Hobbs in The Brunswick News plus my own update below, about sidelights not reported.
BN Article 11-18-15
Chairman Kirkendall called up Tabby Place Phase II, a 49-lot subdivision development by Vassa Cate on North Harrington Road. Upon questioning by the Commissioners, Cate asserted that he would establish a landscaped fence around the property, but would not provide the buffer for a feeder street as required by the ordinances. In public comment, Jane Fraser contended that the plats had been improperly filed. She cited documents that lacked proper signatures an/or official stamps. Then more Islanders joined in spirited opposition.

The matter was called to a vote. Commissioner Humphries angrily asserted that the whole procedure was a travesty. Humphries said he was told approval had been arranged in a private meeting with several commissioners. Humphries called it “collusion among a few Commissioners.” Chairman Kirkendall fired back that “it was not a collusion among the Commissioners but collusion among the attorneys.” Commissioner Ward asked, “What meeting was this? Was it a secret meeting? Why was I not included? I would like to have known of this.”

Tabby Phase II was approved in a 3-4 vote, in spite of having no sewer hookup and not being in compliance with the County ordinances.

Up next Glynn Oaks Subdivision also provoked public discussion. David Allison, a nearby resident, stated he had recently suffered through a massive raw sewage blow out into his yard and trees, caused by the overstressed system. He invited the Commissioners to come see for themselves in a walk through on his property. He specifically identified exactly what they would be walking through. No takers. Commissioner Watson made the motion to deny approval based on public heath and safety issues. Told by the Chairman that was not a reason to deny she persisted. Glynn Oaks was denied in a 4-3 vote.

To sum up: the islanders did as they have been asked. They made their voices heard!

Jenny Humphries

Eternal Vigilance

Eternal vigilance is a prerequisite to democracy because the lust for power is almost impossible for petty potentates to resist. Potentates need to be restrained. The predators lurk not outside the gates, but within the breasts of public servants who prefer not to serve.

Another LTE not likely to be published

Property Rights not God-given

Property rights, the right to own something other than oneself, are not God-given, as are our personal properties, such as speech, mobility, manipulation, recreation and reproduction. The right to own something other than oneself, including land, water and air, rests on a societal agreement to respect a person’s exclusive use of a portion of those natural resources. Moreover, history and the law tell us that this exclusive use is not without conditions. The society, which gives the rights, retains the ability to rescind that grant for cause and/or for compensation. That is, if the resources are not used appropriately and cause or threaten injury to another, use can be rescinded and/or terminated entirely. Also, it is to prevent such injury that we have land use, zoning and subdivision regulations and rules.
It is not unfortunate that some of Glynn County’s public officials–elected, appointed and/or professional– do not understand that. It is a scandal.
What’s the remedy?
The reason we hire public officials is so they can be replaced.

P.S. Why is it we keep forgetting that Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden because they violated the condition placed on their tenancy?

Tending Mother Nature

Tending mother nature is a constant requirement, if the predatory species are to be kept in check and prevented from eating themselves out of house and home. It’s my considered opinion that most of the extinctions, of which there is much evidence, have been the result of just that — predators not having the good sense to stop killing until the resources that sustain them are all gone.

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Energiya Solar Farm in Glynn County

The principal can’t explain apparent environmental insults because the project isn’t yet finished?
TU-solar story_0001

Well, at least it’s nice to know the Brunswick/Glynn Economic Development Authority is just leasing the land and will, presumably, be collecting rents. So, now the only question is what payments in lieu of taxes are going to be forwarded to the County and the School Board. Granted, five permanent employees aren’t going to put a lot of children in the schools. On the other hand, if there are only five employees, the County is going to have to provide a lot of security services for such a large area.

Contrary to John Scott’s claim, they have cut the trees and filled the swamp along the road and the 200′ naturally vegetated buffer promised for the wetlands is nowhere in sight, which calls into question the credibility of all other commitments.

That the rates customers will have to pay for electricity won’t increase as a result of this project is sort of irrelevant, considering solar power is supposed to be cheaper and friendly to the environment. On the other hand, this irrelevancy might well be considered another form of deception. Fact is we’ve had forty years of economic development in Glynn County and still 19% of our population’s income is below the poverty line. Them’s the facts.

But, Mr. Herskovits is “not at liberty.” Does that mean the cat’s got his tongue?

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