Republican reliance on relationships.

The Republican party is now mostly home to people who set great store by relationships, the outcome of which, perhaps inevitably, is the perception of people as naturally arranged in strata or distinct groups. It probably was always the case. After all, “res public” refers to the things with which the public is concerned and “things” encompasses a much wider universe/environment than the relatives to which an individual relates. There the whole inanimate world, for example, which humans (the tool users) have manipulated rather expertly for a very long time. Manipulating their own kind would seem to be rather dull, by comparison. And yet, that’s what our Republican friends seem to thrive on.
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“Say it isn’t so!”

1404---1-21-15 Glynn County destroying marsh buffers again
James Holland writes:

Glynn County public works is at it again. I thought my eyes were lying to me when I observed the images in my photos. Tide coming in and you can see how high it is and it is still coming. Glynn County simply has to be the most unscrupulous county in the entire state. Why is it that they continue to do this when all the science is out there about what buffers do to protect our marshes and waters?

1442---1-21-15 Denuded area on incoming tide

If anyone knows the name of the single individual that gave the order to do this would you please enlighten me so I will know who is the dumbest person in this county.

1465---1-21-15 Denuded area on incoming tide

We really have the EPD Director (Judson Turner) to thank for unleashing this evil on our marshes and tide waters.

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LCP White-Wash

It has been known for several decades that various industrial enterprises on the coast of Georgia had left a residue of contaminated soils and wetlands. But, that the residues continue to be absorbed by the human population, as well, is not readily apparent because some people just get overlooked.
The income stream from remediation gets more attention because that keeps a small army of “experts” in a job. At present, their focus is on extracting some more dollars from the Honeywell corporation, whose executives made an unfortunate decision to acquire some waste lands on the cheap. A pro-forma public hearing to review the most recent “plans” left all the attendees largely unsatisfied.
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On Cowboys and Cowards

Not having grown up American, I find that I am often ignorant of American culture. On the other hand, when it is pointed out to me, I see it as an outsider and, I sometimes think, more clearly. That was the case with the car culture “discovered” by my spouse in the American cinema. We agreed that the ancillary side-effects of Americans’ love affair with their cars–urban sprawl, social disruption, environmental degradation, individual isolation–are all deplorable. But, it was only recently that it hit me that the promotion of the private automotive capsule and the destruction of cohesive communities was all intentional. Though the evidence of commercial interest was always rather obvious.
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