Public Servants Downgrading Public Service

It’s been fairly obvious over the last four decades that “public” has been turned into a dirty word in some circles. Everything public, from assets to utilities, has fallen into disrepute. All across our nation, the public has been felled by privatization, as often as not cheered on by our erstwhile public servants. Why? Because, for the most part, service is not what office holders were about, especially not once the public got informed. Officials turned “public” into a dysphemism and now “service” is following suit.
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Evidence of Abuse to be Released by Department of Defense


I’m not sure how Word Press is going to handle the inclusion of a pdf file. Readers of Hannah Blog may need to click on the link to open them up with their own document reader.
Anyway, Judge Hellerstein has issued a final order telling the Department of Defense to release the images of abuse collected in Iraqi interrogation centers about which prisoners reported that all their humiliations had been photographed.

As long as there were significant numbers of U.S. troops in country, the Department of Defense argument that innocent troops were in danger if the images of deprevation prompted Iraqis to take revenge had some merit and the Obama Administration reiterated that argument in 2009. Once all the troops were removed, that argument became moot.

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Settlement or Extortion?

The reports of a settlement on Sea Island, Georgia, are disturbing on many counts, not the least of which is that the Sea Island Company no longer exists. Not only have many of the assets of the bankrupt, family-owned firm been acquired by an artificial body that called itself “Sea Island Acquisitions,” as if acquisition were an honorable enterprise, but that Limited Liability (little responsibility) Corporation has now morphed into an alphabet string that’s not even a pronounceable acronym, SIA PROPCO II, LLC. So, it’s no wonder references default to the historical moniker, which may well be the intent. Then too, the community has an historical investment in an enterprise, whose shame they’d just as soon forget. Bankruptcy may be SOP on Wall Street, but it’s not welcome on Main Street. So, Sea Island Company survives in local discourse.
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To serve, preserve and conserve.

To serve, preserve and conserve. Those are the tasks we assign to the people we select, elect, hire and employ as public office holders. Actions are required, not optional, for the simple reason that not only are office holders paid, but they take an oath to perform as the various Constitutions of the union and the states prescribe. Which is why these documents or instruments of organization are to be protected.
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