We have now reached the point where the only response to the Party of No is “No!”

Charles Blow at the New York Times has thrown down the gauntlet.
Yes, when authority stands silent in the face of abuse, it becomes complicit. So, since the Dude from New York is a serial abuser, much speech is going to be required. And some restraints.

Bird on a Glass

The glass on which James’ bird has been printed arrived today. We had to meet the truck because the driver was afraid to enter the neighborhood. Now, the create is in the trunk of our car, waiting to be transported to the road house where we have all the tools to actually open the crate.
Preliminary glimpses of the image look good.
img_0940 img_0942 img_0941

img_0943 img_0944

This is where the picture window is slated to be installed.

Donna’s Show

application Donna Born Drake was invited to exhibit her paintings in a retrospective exhibition at the Baron Gallery of the Oberlin College Art Department in Oberlin, Ohio.
Guest artists included her granddaughter Jennifer Schafer, a photographer, and her grandson Henry Zhang, an elementary student exhibiting his drawings.
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SLEAT report

Dear Friends of SLEAT:

Lest you think I’ve been silent for over three weeks because of some great distressing event, let me assure you it was just a matter of spilling a little beer on my lap top with the SLEAT addresses that sent the machine back to the Apple shop. Hurricane Matthew had put the local techs temporarily out of commission.

In the mean time, we’ve had a tremendous turnout for the election in Glynn County (76.9%) by our registered voters and I am pleased to report the Puddy was not employed. So, now we can continue to dog the Glynn County Commission unfettered. Upcoming issues are the giving away of three acres of high land along the Altamaha Canal to expand an intrusive dead storage facility and surface mining in the old Altama Plantation tract (ZM 3370) to be heard by the Mainland Planning Commission on Dec.6th.

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources has announced an intent to revise storm water management regulations for industrial installations.
It would be good if more frequent testing of the effluent for water quality were initiated. Also good would be a reconsideration of protecting only receiving waters that are already “impaired.” Imagine if industrial sites were part of the general clean-up process!

As you may have heard, development in Glynn County is being slowed by the failure to replace departed staff in a timely manner. But, even closer attention will be required, since over-worked people are more likely to make mistakes.
Oddly enough, a plea from Wild Cumberland ( answers a question about what happened to the Glynn County Head of Planning and Zoning. Eric Landon seems to have moved on to Camden County and is now overseeing a residential subdivision on Cumberland Island. Seems like the last wild places on the Georgia Coast are attracting trophy hunters as if they were lions or rhinos.

Meanwhile, Hurricane Matthew and subsequent king tides have taken a bite out of the Sea Island Spit. The old borrow pit now has a sand beach.

Perhaps under new ownership the Sea Island Resort will do better with maintenance and repairs. Dumping concrete rubble doesn’t cut it.


Dumping on Sea Island

For some reason, the Sea Island resort has a waste disposal problem. The ocean front is not the only place they are dumping concrete rubble, but it may be the most intentional.
Glynn County gives tacit approval by arguing that code enforcement does not apply to private property. Which accounts for the dump in the marsh the Inn at Sea Island has now fenced off.img_0453-04-01597-inn-at-sea-island-parking-lot-7

The Dude is a Nutcase

The Dude is a nutcase for whom his family have been running interference for decades. If the United States were a kingdom, it would not matter much if the throne were occupied by a child in whose name the ministers actually managed the affairs of state. But, that’s not what the U. S. Constitution contemplates. The Constitution counts on the nation having a chief executive to see that public policy is carried out by the agents of government. The Dude from New York, who can’t even comb his own hair, is not fit to execute anything or anyone.
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Today’s LTE

“Control” is a euphemism. As the pest control people know, what it refers to is extermination, eradication, killing. That’s why many people are upset by the official promotion of population control and birth control. While they may be OK with the state executing crooks, calling it “capital punishment” makes it sound not so bad.
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The lust for dominion over their fellow man seems to be greater than the lust for sex. Somehow, as a female who has had to deal with unwanted and unfriendly attention and insults and minor assaults, I don’t have a lot sympathy for males whining about being interfered with. In all cases, it is looking to the victim for an explanation/justification of domineering behavior which gives the perps a free pass. If man is created to be free, then efforts to dominate are wrong. By the way, dominion has the same root as domestic. Domesticated creatures are kept in a house, or domus. They are supposed to like it because the house keeps them safe. The question what outside the house makes them unsafe is not asked. In my lifetime women were told that if they didn’t want to get raped, they should stay home. The reality, of course, is that most women get killed in so-called “domestic” situations. There is an irony in a dominionists getting himself into a situation where he is going to be housebound and under surveillance 24 hours a day. Presumably it is preferable to winning the lottery in Shirley Jackson’s short story by that name.