H1160003In anticipation of a Joe Biden candidacy, I’ve set up a Facebook account for Sidney Lanier, in addition to the Google Plus group for the Sidney Lanier Environmental Advocacy Team (SLEAT). Since the latter, albeit a not for profit corporation registered in Georgia, is not and has not applied for a tax exemption, we are free to be politically active and I certainly intend to be. Sidney Lanier has a slew of friends in New Hampshire, most of whom seem to be Bernie Sanders supporters at present.
Look for the rose.

Food Waste

If people are hungry, it’s because other people are convinced that hunger makes human compliant and that satisfies their power lust. Currently, global food production is sufficient to provide adequate nutrition to NINE BILLION people. But, instead of feeding people, in the U.S. of A. alone, we discard fully 40% of all that’s produced. And that’s before individuals decide they don’t like the taste. Here, as elsewhere, aggregation and accumulation are fundamental to the problem. John Oliver says it better.

The Shame of Ms. Susan Shipman

Apparently, Ms. Susan Shipman, the former Director of the Coastal Resources Division of the Georgia DNR (stands for “do not respect/rescue/respond”–take your pick), has no shame. Why else would she request and accept a stream/marsh buffer variance from her former colleagues and then go over their heads to argue that the conditions under which the variance was granted should be ignored because they are impractical?

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GEPD files

Going through Georgia EPD files provided in response to a GORA request, one gets the impression that the bureaucracy prefers to interpret “public records” as communications various departments have received from the public — not the records they generate in pursuit of their supposed service to the public. In part, that’s because record keeping is apparently not a Georgia government strong point. As a result, for example, we have the head of the water protection branch sending out monthly listings of variances they’ve granted to public and private entities, rather than any inspection reports that might validate or invalidate the issuance of the variance or permit in the first place.

However, I will admit that I’ve been shown and given an opportunity to go through five or six folders of files for one of our local polluters and expect to gorge on those tomorrow.