Sea Island: Is conspicuous evasion characteristic of our elites?

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I have long disagreed with Thorstein Veblen’s castigation of what he called “conspicuous consumption” by the “leisure class” (people who do no work to earn a living and, instead, put much energy into amusing themselves and giving orders), because it seemed to me that showing off their “treasure” to the public, which could consume them without lessening the value of those assets, was/is not necessarily a social negative. After all, we have the historic example of the Mad King Ludwig’s castles in Germany, which still bring delight to foreign tourists and keep the local artisans’ skills employed in their upkeep.

The same would/could be true of the “Cottages” on Sea Island, IF the whole place hadn’t been put under lock and key (gated) in the last few years. Now that the streets and lanes have all been privatized, the tour buses are precluded from even passing by. Never mind letting their passengers explore their shores of the Atlantic Ocean in the relatively sheltered Bight of Georgia.
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Inferiority Complex

Now there’s a phrase that’s almost disappeared from popular discourse. I wonder why. Surely, the self-esteem agenda has not succeeded in erradicating it entirely. Perhaps a simple substitution served to negate an inconvenient truth — i.e. that inferiority is imposed or coerced.
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12 Star Ranch Redux

Like a bad penny, it’s back. Previously, I was able to report a confrontation. Eventually, the rezoning application was withdrawn and Glynn County approved a preliminary plat for a 26 lot subdivision and even granted a waiver for the use of On Site Disposal Systems (OSDS) of a novel engineering design. Now the applicants want the waiver for 33% more lots and I’m going to again object, as my letter to Commissioner Boland explains.
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Former Islands Commissioner Virginia Gunn Weighs In

In a speech to the Glynn County Commission, Former Islands Commissioner Virginia Gunn shares her perspective on St.Simons Island and Glynn County problems in the five minutes allotted to no more than three citizens at any one meeting. That the public be seen and not heard is still the preferred mode in Georgia. CVB Promo
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Sending out a press release announcing the presentation of the petition to the Glynn County Georgia Commission did not generate more than a mere mention of the organizers’ appearance a general summary of the meeting in the local paper. Both the press and public officials tend to agree that people petitioning their representatives is not a welcome endeavor, even though it is one of the obligations of citizenship:

serving on juries
holding office
petitioning for laws
providing material support
enforcing the laws
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