Sandra Bland was taken into custody because she knew her rights.

The essay on Dailykos misses the point. Sandra Bland insisted on enumerating her rights to the Texas patrol officer, thereby intimidating the fellow and making it necessary for him to show her who’s boss. Besides, the cops are all being taught, and some on the SCOTUS agree, that a person’s rights only come into play AFTER an arrest. So, if Sandra Bland wanted her rights respected, she had to be formally arrested first. The officer’s conversation over the radio with his supervisor makes it clear that he was careful not to inform her of her arrest until she was in handcuffs and in his vehicle.

Why the law enforcement community refuses to understand that any stop or interference with a person’s transit is an arrest, I don’t know. Somehow, the requirement that individuals be “read their rights” after an arrest has morphed into meaning that a person isn’t arrested until read his rights. Strange.

The right to perambulate is, after all, the signal guarantor of liberty.


Why do self-centered, myopic, instinct-driven people accuse others of behaviors they committed themselves? In retrospect, it always looks self-defeating — as if they are intent on outing themselves. But, I don’t think that’s the case, because I don’t think they even know themselves. Indeed, although they may have a memory of an event, it is possible that they do not remember themselves being involved in it. Perhaps, for some people, their lives are just a series of “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing!” which they recollect as spectators, not participants. Conscious, but not aware. Sort of like sleep walkers, but with memory.
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The ‘it’ man.

When the novice U.S. Senator Barack Obama was first testing the waters of New Hampshire for a potential presidential campaign, I challenged his reliance on the first person in his speech to New Hampshiremen celebrating the firing of a Republican incumbent and the election of a Democratic woman to Congress. I did that not because we had all been taught (by the nuns) to be modest and avoid being show-offs, but because I wanted to emphasize then, as I still do now, that elections are a voter action and “I, Obama” was not going to go very far. And, as we are all aware, the first person singular was mostly replaced in his speeches by the plural. Not to mention that “Yes, we can,” became a most potent chant.
Perhaps a reminder is in order:
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“Under Water,” on the Spit

After the crash of 2008 it was pretty well understood that “under water” referred to the situation in which households find themselves when they owe more dollars to the financiers than the house and lot on which it sits are worth. “Figurative language,” that’s what it is–a picture to make it easier to visualize where most people do not want to be. I supposed, in a sense, it’s a euphemism. “Drowning in debt” would be accurate and much more scary. Not to mention that it puts debt, the financiers’ steadfast friend, in a bad light. How can financiers get rich doing nothing, if there’s no debt?
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Lust for Liberty

The mistake of the ‘sixties and early ‘seventies was in thinking that with the passage of civil rights legislation, the Freedom of Information Act, the end of the military draft (except for involuntary registration), the uncoupling of the currency from gold, and the enfranchisement of all adults, democracy’s problems had been solved and we could all go about our private business.
The mistake was in thinking democracy runs on automatic. It doesn’t. Self-government depends on constant involvement.
The mistake was in thinking those who had been stripped of power and influence would not retaliate.
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Jules et Jim went flying

Here’s what they saw. The LOGISTEC warehouses’ contents are going to have to be removed because, if they don’t dry out, the watered-down wood pellets are going to keep combusting. There’s a reason Pinova stores its wood chips in the open air.
8593---7-16-15 Burned Warehouses

8603---7-16-15 Burned Warehouses

8606---7-16-15 Burned Warehouses

8630---7-16-15 Ship churns up mud in Brunswick's East River

8637---7-16-15 Ship churns up mud in Brunswick's East River
Looks like the contamination is moving up-river with the tide. Perhaps that’s why the East River keeps silting up.
86267-16-15 Ship churns up mud in Brunswick's East River