The Preconceived Pres

The word “prejudice” has been turned into a dysphemism. Instead of just referring to information prior to its being evaluated (judged) for accuracy or worth, “prejudice” has acquired an antagonistic stance that is often followed by segregating or exclusionary behavior. Which is why, for an idea whose value or meaning hasn’t been fully determined, I tend to prefer “preconceived notion.”

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Reconsidering pairs.

About twenty five years ago, when I started writing about cost/benefit, the analysis of which was a favorite in the late eighties to promote enterprise that turned out not too well, there was little awareness that the problem with this pairing was that it involved a sort of non-sequitur. That is, the supposed relationship between cost and benefit is not valid because the costs are borne and the benefits flow to different entities. Since then, “socializing the cost” and “privatizing the benefits” has come to be a standard explanation for why many well-intentioned proposals have not, in fact, increased the well being of the people supposedly being served. Rather, it has resulted in a society where a few are extraordinarily wealthy and the vast majority are increasingly deprived of even the necessities of life. Having a good explanation obviously doesn’t correct a problem.
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Photo-shop the President

That’s my suggestion. Just issue a daily image of the dude photo-shopped into stock-footage of presidential endeavors and be done with it. That would be cheaper, much less disruptive and allow more time for TV and tweeting. Instead of photo ops, let’s let photo-shop do its magic!

Self-centered trumps self interest

It occurred to me some time ago that the self-centered person tends to be lacking in self-interest. Maybe it is a matter of lacking an objective perspective, of being able to regard oneself as distinct from one’s environment. That is, the self-centered person lacks a sense of self, perhaps because sensations are based on comparisons.

Anyway, if a person has no self-interest then s/he can’t have a conflict of interest. Right? If there is nothing there, there is nothing to conflict. That might explain the Republican failure to recognize that public servants are not supposed to serve special interests, including themselves.

Exclusive exclusion

When did “exclusive” become a synonym for special, high quality or high class? Was it when segregation was identified as socially unacceptable behavior? Was it to disguise that the characteristic function of segregation was always exclusion — shutting people off from normal social intercourse for no reason that had anything to do with their actual behavior? Are we supposed to conclude that “exclusive communities,” also known as gated communities are somehow better because the residents voluntarily lock themselves in, rather than shutting people out?
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DIY Urban Renewal

Have to pre-date this post because I ran out of time yesterday.
We’ve got a new project in the Brunswick Villa neighborhood in Glynn County.
Southeast corner Front door West face Through a screen

Northern addition Garage w. Cedar Garage Side porch

Step with care!
Sinking floor Kitchen Hallway Bathroom

The neighborhood.

Across the street South side of Cate Down the street

The house as it appears on the tax card, which has obviously not been updated in some time:
2091 Cate
The land to the west of Lot 10 in block A is identified on the 1943 blueprint as a recreation center and is now home to the Boys and Girls Club.

The neighbors on the other side are Santos Valdez and Jose Hernandez. The children we’ve met are Justin Hernandez (almost six) and Enrique Valdez (2 months)

Kerfuffle Administration

I’ve long said that Barack Obama liked him a kerfuffle. The Reverend Wright and even the birth certificate kerfuffles kept the press entertained while he went about administering. Clinton, of course, invited a kerfuffle over his sexual proclivities and, while we were entertained or disgusted by bimbo eruptions, cut the reins by which the world of finance had been controlled and sold the real economy down the river.

Now the kerfuffle has pretty much replaced administration entirely. The Dude in the White House knows nothing about managing anything, but he’s really good at stirring up trouble. A full-time kerfuffler is what he is. What makes it a kerfuffle, instead of a national disaster is that today’s orders are tomorrow’s rescinds. The Dude, apparently, just likes signing his name. I’m waiting for the day they stick a letter of resignation into the pile and he rescinds the electors’ mistake.