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April 11, 2014

Insurance is a racket.

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If our public agencies are working well, then insurance is superfluous since a one-off event can’t be prevented anyway and monetary compensation is initiated by the Teasury in any event. That, after all, is where all dollars come from.
However, if insurance companies serve as an adjunct bureaucracy to keep records and validate expenditures, then for all practical purposes they’ve just been contracted with to help deliver a public benefit.
It’s not a matter of fighting insurance companies; it’s a matter of bringing them under control. That’s what the ACA has accomplished and the public officials who engineered that are to be commended, as this Alaska ad for Begich does.

The audio amplifies the message nicely by featuring a native speaker.

April 10, 2014

Talk about “difficult circumstances”

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What a name! Daylin Leach!

Throwing in the Towel

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It’s probably not a good idea to generalize from one or two events, but my gut reaction to a couple of emails yesterday and today is that U.S. enterprise, having held out as long as they could to extend the economic slump until all the spirit had been wrung out of the working class, is throwing in the towel. Of course, that presumes the crash and subsequent slowdown was intentional. That would require one heck of a conspiracy, or it could just be the result of a wide-spread consensus. If now wasn’t the time to finish off labor and make them appreciate just being employed, then when?

April 9, 2014

News from Arkansas

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Maybe I should copy this to Senator Boozman with the subject line “mission fails.” Otherwise he might not read it.


America’s Got Coverage

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Joke of the morning.

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What’s the difference between babies and dollars?

Open wide!

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Best Med by Barry Blitt

April 8, 2014

Rumsfeld speaks to Errol Morris

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Brief excerpts. The documentary is now in theaters and can be purchased or rented from Amazon.


Currency: to compensate or coerce

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“Currency” is a funny word for money though, when you come to think of it, entirely appropriate. It refers to motion which, like the current of a stream, is essential. A stagnant backwater is unhealthy, at least for humans, and, similarly, trade and exchange that’s not energized into mobility via money risks falling into waste. Money or currency serves to energize the economy, make it more vibrant and efficient, even though, contrary to what some economists seem to believe, money is not the initiative or initiator of trade and exchange. Otherwise, the household, which typically doesn’t use it to mediate familial transactions, couldn’t be considered the prototype or basic unit of economic behavior.

April 7, 2014

Rumsfeld utters platitudes

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I have excerpted some snippets of Rumsfeld’s commentary, mainly about the war in Iraq. Things happen and time will tell……
Rumsfeld is wrong in that George W. Bush put nothing in place. Congress demanded and paid and Congress continues to demand and pay for secrecy, spying, detention and the expulsion of innocents. If anything is validated, it’s that the executive executes what the people’s representatives order up.

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