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January 15, 2013

Sixty-seven fraudsters in the House.

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These are the men and women who took a job to look after the common welfare and, instead, have determined to ration the currency to demonstrate how powerful they are. If they were in the military, they’d be charged with insubordination and hauled into court. Here it’s the court of public opinion we’ll have to count on.

Some of these are new hires. Who’s to know ahead of time the lust for power lurks in their hearts? The electorate is not at fault that members of Congress intend to perpetrate fraud. Some of the critters are really good liars. And some of them are dumber than a rock.

amash.house.gov MI

barr.house.gov KY

benishek.house.gov MI

bentivolio.house.gov MI

blackburn.house.gov TN

bridenstine.house.gov OK

brooks.house.gov AL

broun.house.gov GA

chabot.house.gov OH

dougcollins.house.gov GA


conaway.house.gov TX

cotton.house.gov AR

daines.house.gov MT

desantis.house.gov FL

desjarlais.house.gov TN

duffy.house.gov WI

jeffduncan.house.gov SC

duncan.house.gov TN

fincher.house.gov TN

fleming.house.gov LA


flores.house.gov TX

foxx.house.gov NC

franks.house.gov AZ

gohmert.house.gov TX

goodlatte.house.gov VA

gosar.house.gov AZ

gowdy.house.gov SC

tomgraves.house.gov GA

graves.house.gov MO

harris.house.gov MD


holding.house.gov NC

hudson.house.gov NC

huelskamp.house.gov KS

hultgren.house.gov IL

lynnjenkins.house.gov KS

jordan.house.gov OH

lamborn.house.gov CO

marchant.house.gov TX

massie.house.gov KY

mcclintock.house.gov CA


meadows.house.gov NC

mullin.house.gov OK

mulvaney.house.gov SC

randy.house.gov TX

palazzo.house.gov MS

pearce.house.gov NM

perry.house.gov PA

petri.house.gov WI

pompeo.house.gov KS

tomprice.house.gov GA


roe.house.gov TN

rokita.house.gov IN

rothfus.house.gov PA

royce.house.gov CA

paulryan.house.gov WI

salmon.house.gov AZ

schweikert.house.gov AZ

sensenbrenner.house.gov WI

stutzman.house.gov IN

thornberry.house.gov TX


weber.house.gov TX

wenstrup.house.gov OH

williams.house.gov TX

joewilson.house.gov SC

woodall.house.gov GA

yoder.house.gov KS

yoho.house.gov FL

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