Glossolalia at the B of A?

Well, not exactly. But the news that Bank of America is dumping $75 trillion worth of derivatives suggests that perhaps a comparison to glossolalia is in order. Since money is a figment of the imagination and has no intrinsic value, generating derivatives and then passing them off as something meaningful, is not very different from believing that the gibberish sounds produced by persons in a trance make sense. That some people believe it doesn’t make it so.

Can the Federal Reserve be persuaded? Do they have a choice? Meaningless is meaningless and worthless is worthless–unless someone gives it credit. If people in the market continue to accept dollars in exchange for their goods and services, does it matter? After all, the syllables brought forth as glossolalia have no effect on the languages we understand. What would have an effect is if we stopped using them to communicate. Which is actually what some people are urging us to do with currency. Shun the dollar because the banksters have tarnished it.

Might as well argue we should give up intercourse because some people masturbate.