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Fueled by Resentment

Lots of people are fueled by resentment. I suspect it’s the natural response to having been abused. People are resentful and, because they can’t take revenge without further injuring themselves, they take it out on someone else. So, they voted for Obama and then they voted for the dude from New Jersey.


The Republican party has attracted a membership made up mainly of outlaws. Whether the myth of the American West being settled as the result of a contest between outlaws and Indians has influenced our perceptions, I don’t know. What is fairly certain is that the outlaws have slipped into governmental positions and their only saving grace is that they are incompetent. Incompetent outlaws are definitely preferable to competent ones. Fortunately, the competent ones are unlikely to volunteer as agents of government. So, while a four-time bankrupt in the White House is distressing, having him there may well be the next best thing to sending him to the “big house.”

An “award-winning” LTE

To the editor:

Over the last few years that I’ve been a faithful subscriber to and reader of the former Brunswick News, I have seen some really strange or misleading headlines.

One on your front page this morning, December 27th, is worthy of a special prize for outrageous blather: “Negotiating nature/Development and fragile ecosystems learn to coexist”.

While developers may learn something, “development” is an abstraction incapable of learning anything. And although “fragile ecosystems” may eventually evolve to recover from damage caused by developers or “development”, those ecosystems are incapable of “learning”.

In any case, the entire article by Wes Wolfe amounts to nothing more than a “get out of jail free card” for incompetent regulators, greedy developers, and selfish property owners who hide wrongs behind spurious claims of “rights”.

Keep up the good work and best regards for the dead week between the parturition and circumcision the One in Whose name the Glynn County Commission and its two Planning Commissions pray before they prey.

Julian Smith

An unpresident

That was to be expected from the party of no. No need for a drowning when there’s government and no tub. Just lots of room for predators to roam.

The Age of Discovery

Andy Borowitz asks: “What would happen if you took people who had no idea what they were doing and gave them the most important jobs in the world? We’re about to find out.”

What I’m betting we’re going to find out is that the importance of the jobs was grossly exaggerated. I’m reminded of the Toyota jingle which the children amended slightly. “You asked for it; you got it. Toilet odor.”6563816244sq160