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What failure and lying have in common.

Certainty. It’s their common advantage.

Unlike the truth, a lie can be proved. So, it’s certain.

Ditto for failure. Failure can be guaranteed. For example, the pratfall. Success, on the other hand, is doubtful. And terminal. Success is followed by the question, “what now?”

If you want a sure thing, plan to lose.

German Ambivalence

Blaming Paul Krugman for doing something he hasn’t done! Handelsblatt refers to trade or dealing. Wirtschaft is an interesting word because, while the original Greek for economy means household management, the “Wirt” is more a host of an establishment along the road–i.e. the management has already moved out of the house.

Remember “Wirtschaftswunder”? Talk about self-congratulatory enterprise. Germans are very proud of their enterprise, even as they go off on vacation for a month. But, in a sense, they’re right because when they vacation they rely on being hosted and expect to pay.

A Funny Conversation

Yesterday, at the physical therapy facility, I had a funny/telling conversation.

Picture a heavy-set elderly man eating settled on an exercise bike with movable handle bars so all extremities get warmed up. The attendant wonders how he got in wearing that bright yellow LSU shirt in Bulldog country. The fellow responded: “I snuck in by climbing through the bathroom window” a clear signal he likes to chat.

So, as we were both peddling, I observed that “Malaysia had recently banned the color yellow.”

Not sure he got the first word because, after a few beats, he responded with “they’re banning entirely too many things recently.” And then, after a few more beats, he added, “did you hear that Barack Obama has changed the name of Mt. McKinley?” I said, “yes, back to what it used to be. Heritage and all that.”

And he said, “Denali.”

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