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Imitating Granny

This is an experiment to see how Facebook connects to the rest of the internet.

Handsome has been watching granny do her workout. Too cute! Katherine Holland Dubose and James Dubose

Posted by JoeandLisa Howard on Monday, April 20, 2015

Tax Evasion by the Cons

The Cons seem to be evaders by nature. Maybe that’s simply a consequence of not being able to connect the dots. That is, maybe they can’t get from point A to point B directly because they can’t think or go straight. Random behavior is essentially evasive. In the case of evading taxes, there’s a dual incentive. Taxes are assigned tasks or obligations which random creatures can’t carry out. So, evading taxes may not be a matter of intent, but of destiny. If one can’t follow orders, then one doesn’t want to take them, or even hear them.
How do politicians then do what they are told? They don’t do; they repeat what they are told — sort of like a parrot. Parrot people are popular politicians until we realize they can’t deliver.

Not Rocket Science

Storm water contamination is not rocket science. However, the contaminants do attach themselves to particles of soil, as if they were riding piggy back on a rocket through space.


Our Articulate Commissioner

Perhaps he was not keen to receive this missive:

Dear Commissioners:

Your not having an “appetite” for amending and changing ordinances to account for changing conditions is like a milkmaid having no appetite for milking the cow.

It seems that, no matter how many duties and obligations are assigned to other bodies (airport authority, development authority, water and sewer commission, library board, planning commissions), the Glynn County Commission opts for doing even less. At what point is it impossible not to conclude the problem is sheer laziness?

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When Iran agrees to participate in a Middle East Nuclear Weapons Free Zone, what will Israel do? How will the “leaders” intimidate both Israelis and Palestinians, if there is no nuclear Iran to fear? If the populace is no longer afraid, won’t they throw Netanyahoo out on his ear?


The Deterioration of a Brand

Cloister Cross Walk COMBO(2)

What happened is that the beach has shrunk and the Cloister staff has been reduced, so there’s nobody to bring in the toys at night. On board ship, the stewards would see to that.

Stewardship. That’s what’s missing. It’s what was missing at the DNR Board meeting yesterday, as well. Our stewards have become predators.

Reminds me of the help in Chile. Abused servants turn to pilfering. It is well known that the normal response to rationing is hoarding. I’m not sure pilfering has been identified as a companion. We do know that U.S. retail is beset by inventory shrinkage as a result of employee thieving. But they blame the customers. Bad businessmen. Continue reading