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The lust for dominion over their fellow man seems to be greater than the lust for sex. Somehow, as a female who has had to deal with unwanted and unfriendly attention and insults and minor assaults, I don’t have a lot sympathy for males whining about being interfered with. In all cases, it is looking to the victim for an explanation/justification of domineering behavior which gives the perps a free pass. If man is created to be free, then efforts to dominate are wrong. By the way, dominion has the same root as domestic. Domesticated creatures are kept in a house, or domus. They are supposed to like it because the house keeps them safe. The question what outside the house makes them unsafe is not asked. In my lifetime women were told that if they didn’t want to get raped, they should stay home. The reality, of course, is that most women get killed in so-called “domestic” situations. There is an irony in a dominionists getting himself into a situation where he is going to be housebound and under surveillance 24 hours a day. Presumably it is preferable to winning the lottery in Shirley Jackson’s short story by that name.

Puddy’s Closing Ad

Draft of ad to appear in Brunswick News on election day:

In the last few days of my campaign for an at-large seat on the Glynn County Commission, I’ve met many folks who say they voted for me but still had questions. Here are some of their questions and my answers:
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A bit of self-indulgence

So, there is a story about Jon Stewart, the comedian, being singled out by the rude dude in Tweets, which are public communications designed to get attention. Stewart, who eventually responded with a suggestion that the dude should have a name change to more accurately reflect his demeanor, claimed not to know what had prompted the gratuitous denigration in the first place.
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Republicans are a nasty party. They set the dude up to watch him crash. Gives a whole new meaning to Schadenfreude. The ultimate example of planned destruction? It is, after all, the Conservative M O. Planned destruction is so much better than the random kind because, being planned, it is more certain of success. Planning someone else’s failure is a bit dicier.

For some reason I am reminded of the 80’s Toyota commercial ( slightly amended)

“ You asked for it; you got it! Toilet odor.”

Donny Trumpty

Donny Trumpty wanted a wall.
Donny Trumpty had a great call.
But all of his women and all of his men
Could not, in the end, make him coherent.