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Copper Pig

We’re going to the Copper Pig for lunch.

Puddy had green fried tomato and alligator tail. Not sure what I ate.

Con Irony

Well, ok, so the Cons don’t get irony. It’s still ironic that our status-conscious Cons don’t know their place in the social hierarchy. How else do we end up with public servants trying to order their employers around? And endorsing their cohorts and superiors. Chamber maids promoting the housekeeper.

Preference for Personalities, Prognostication and Prejudice

Competitions for public office seem to bring out a preference for personalities, prognostication and prejudice. Presumably, those proclivities are always present and the competition just brings them to the fore. Maybe that’s true of close observers of any competition. If one is interested in the outcome of a competition/contest/conflict, then those responses are a given. For the disinterested observer, they’re not.

Interest is a funny word. Haven’t thought about it much.

Is that what competitions are for, to generate interest?