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Christie in Wolfeboro, NH

Christie_Encounters_Michael_BloomerRed is not a good color for Chris Christie. It does not make him look like Little Red Ridinghood in Wolfeboro. Blue signs don’t make him more appealing to Democrats either. And his pole holders, apparently hired, look tired. At least he didn’t hire pole dancers.

The Lawn Guy

There is something pathetic about the lawyer for the storied Sea Island Company worrying whether regulations aiming to promote marsh buffers and prevent chemical contamination are going to interfere with homeowners feeding their lawns with herbicides, pesticides and whatever they use to fertilize. It’s almost as if fertilizing the lawn were some sort of primitive ritual, a periodic application of poisons–to do what?
Funny that. Order up an ‘n’ and the law guy turns into a lawn guy. Who knew the law and the lawn were so closely related?

Puddy responds:

Of course they are related. Those fertilizers and other chemicals force the lawn to grow where grass has no place. It’s lawn forcement.