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Silly Rabbit, one of the regular front-page contributors to Dailykos, does Sunday Talk for which she constructs humorous paragraphs with a multitude of links to other publications. This one deserves to stand alone as a snap-shot of what went down in the USofA for the week of Thanksgiving 2014.

Monday night, in a televised press conference, #Ferguson “Prosecutor” Bob McCulloch announced that his grand jury had (literally) investigated the hell out of Michael Brown—and, to the surprise of no Juan, they’d decided not to indict Darren Wilson for killing him.

Apparently, after examining all of the physical evidence and eyewitness testimony, and having been apprised of the relevant statutes, the grand jury concluded that the 24-hour news cycle and social media were to blame.

Or something… it was kinda hard to follow everything—with all of that tear gas, smoke, and pepper spray in the background.

Whatever the case may be, shortly after McCulloch’s press conference ended, President Obama went on TV and tried to restore order—but not even his black magic was powerful enough to quell the hungry masses; it was clear to most that justice wasn’t being served.

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Step Quickly

When Ron told me that his 14 year old son had got a little motorcycle stuck in the marsh, I might have remembered that in German there’s the word “marsch” which sounds just the same and what it means is “step quickly” — an entirely appropriate instruction when walking on a marsh. Because, if one stops moving, one is likely to sink in. Then I might have reminded Ron that the reason the Spanish were stopped in Georgia was because their horses sank into the flatland, where they thought they could walk.
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Georgia is a Socialist State

This is not a new perception on my part, nor is it necessarily negative or even hypocritical. The socialism the ruling conservatives object to, after all, is sort of a euphemism. What they actually object to is national socialism, being directed by the central government in Washington, but “national socialism,” recently abbreviated as Nazi, is unspeakable. Besides, appealing to nationalism and patriotism comes in handy for people who want to disclaim self-interest. “The nation needs you” sounds so much better than “because I said so.” Then too, it’s not unusual for people to object to what they actually want.
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Morning Musings


There’s a kerfuffle down in Florida. Crist wants a fan when he’s under the glare of TV lights. Scott wanted to ban fans from his political debates. Since Crist is a former Republican and surely knows that the base is made up of fans, insisting on a fan at the podium may well have a double purpose, a subtle reminder of a basic distinction.
“I want all the fans I can get; Scott wants to ban fans.”
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