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Republicans are a nasty party. They set the dude up to watch him crash. Gives a whole new meaning to Schadenfreude. The ultimate example of planned destruction? It is, after all, the Conservative M O. Planned destruction is so much better than the random kind because, being planned, it is more certain of success. Planning someone else’s failure is a bit dicier.

For some reason I am reminded of the 80’s Toyota commercial ( slightly amended)

“ You asked for it; you got it! Toilet odor.”

Donny Trumpty

Donny Trumpty wanted a wall.
Donny Trumpty had a great call.
But all of his women and all of his men
Could not, in the end, make him coherent.

Addicted America

No, I’m not referring to the consumption of mind-altering chemicals. Addicted America is that portion of the continents, the land of the free, that’s addicted to segregating populations, whether it be on reservations, educational campuses, prisons, detention centers or suburbs. Roaming on the range is no longer allowed.
Well, that’s not entirely correct. Chickens and cows are increasingly being given free range, while the people are caged or containerized.