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Glynn County Commission meeting

I have been thinking that I need to write something about the survival of car culture in this backward neck of the woods. It surprised me to be hearing from the Georgia Department of Transportation bragging that truckers think the state has the finest roads. Truckers zipping through doesn’t
do the residents much good.

Though island residents occasionally complain of heavy traffic, the abundance of car lots seems not to get much notice.
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What’s the Matter with Georgia?

What’s the matter with Georgia? Well, for one, the “protectors” of our coast, the ocean’s shore and our marshes, are on a “mission” to promote economic development.

Mission Statement: It is the mission of the Georgia Coastal Management Program to balance economic development in Georgia’s coastal zone with preservation of natural, environmental, historic, archaeological, and recreational resources for the benefit of Georgia’s present and future generations.

In other words, the object of preservation is to insure there’s some nature to destroy later. It’s a homocentric vision.

For another, our “protectors” seem to have no sense of time. We are now in the year 2016. So, what does a recent report cover?

Click to view the recent report: Accomplishments of the Georgia Coastal Management Program (2008-2011)

Will they ever catch up? Given that management is the objective, one suspects not. Management is obviously a synonym for control and, as we know from “pest control,” the goal is neither prevention nor elimination, as evidenced by this statement.

The Coastal Nonpoint Source Program is housed at CRD’s sister agency, the Environmental Protection Division. This program is a requirement of states participating in coastal management programs. Georgia’s program focuses on the development and promotion of sustainable growth tools in order to enhance state and local efforts to manage land-use activities that degrade coastal waters and coastal habitats.

At least they’re honest. Their goal is to “enhance …efforts …that degrade…”

If you think that’s not what they meant, then explain how it happens that’s what we’ve got — continued degradation of the Georgia Coast.

Delay, deceive and deprive

Those are the essentials of democraft, the manipulation of people for power. Not incidental. To delay, deceive and deprive is essential, albeit largely immaterial. Which is also important because the immaterial leaves no evidence of the attack and the injurious behavior that results. Power, of course, has to hurt to be felt. The powerless do not inflict hurt.

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What does P & M Cedar Products want? –part II

The short answer is that they want to legalize and have the local government approve their precarious ownership status. Because, while a few of the 12 parcels P & M has acquired since 2002 have bona fide titles, there’s a big chunk of marsh and a boat landing that rests on heirs’ affidavits and quit claims from squatters. So, in typical conservative fashion, they’ve ascribed their own weakness to the Glynn County Commission in order to trick our gullible local officials into accepting something the people of Glynn County already own, a road, and, in the process, get them to sanction development and improvements already completed without proper zoning and permits having been applied for and secured.
I’m reminded of a burglar arriving in the morning to sell back to the pawn shop what he stole during the night. His bill of sale provides proof of ownership of what he stole.
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