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The Reformation comes to Wall Street?

Remember when Catholicism was the province of people who at least could read Latin? It was an exclusive religion. Well, the financial community’s reliance on the dollar is similarly exclusive. That is, controlling access to the dollar lets the fraternity decide who gets in and who gets banished to purgatory or hell. When the Catholic Church gave up Latin, all of a sudden all its sins came pouring out. If we deprive Wall Street of their exclusive access to dollars, there goes their power and their glory. Banksters will be reduced to clerks. Of course, Sanders hasn’t talked about that, except peripherally in the context of letting the P.O. play bank, but he and the banksters know what’s in store.

A New Legal Standard?

Many people are distressed that the financiers on Wall Street, who “lost” other people’s money with which they had been entrusted for safe keeping and to “grow,” haven’t been punished for theft and sent to prison. People don’t understand that our criminal law rests on the “taking” of something to which a person is not entitled AND the intent to deprive. Crime has to involve positive acts and, implicitly, the ability to understand past, present and future time. People who exist in an unending present can dream or imagine, but they can’t formulate a plan to commit a crime.
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Ok, so the only line I want to call attention to is the last one. Hillary Clinton’s assets are reported to be about $21 million. Given that she’s also reported and admitted to having collected $125 million over a number of years, this raises the question “where did the hundred million go?” Looks like really poor money management.

The Truth About Flint

If Congress hadn’t been rationing the dollars for the last three decades in their effort to “control” the economy, states and local communities would not have been “strapped” for cash with which to fund capital improvements and repairs. In the 1980s, Congress routinely made dollars available for water and sewer systems for “growing” communities in the “sunshine states” while the heartland and the upper mid-West were allowed to languish, losing both population and transportation facilities and letting the infra-structure deteriorate.

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Chutzpah on Sea Island, Georgia?

#4-8333---12-4-13 The Spit Pre Construction
Is it chutzpah or wishful thinking for the CEO of Sea Island Acquisition, LLC to brag to the press that the corporation could have built a hundred condos on those eroding ocean front acres–7 acres whose segmentation into 8 house lots is now being contested by environmental groups and neighbors? Or maybe the acquisitors are regretting that they didn’t move quicker to take advantage of Glynn County’s poor planning back in 2004 when it was still honoring earlier decisions to allow 30 beds to the acre on land zoned for resorts. And that without even requiring that proper utilities be in place!
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Stepping Away

Because it was so upsetting, it took me a whole day to go through the 62 page document with which the Brunswick and Glynn County Development Authority abrogated its responsibilities to the public in favor of Solar Glynn, LLC. For some reason, I respond really badly to evidence that other people are being abused.
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