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Bad Neighbor

Selfish, self-centered people make lots of demands. Generous people are often inclined to let them have their way. We assume that the self-centered will be satisfied. But that’s wrong. Some people are obviously of the “give them a little finger, they’ll take the whole hand” variety. So, eventually, the only sane response is “enough is enough.” That’s been the sense all over the country lately and the Georgia coast is no exception. But, our new editor of the Brunswick News is still in the generous mode that’s prompted the following editorial:
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Is that the Cons’ problem? Is a constant state of constipation what accounts for their persistent irritability and gloomy demeanor? Is that what the kerfuffles over gender-designated public toilets is supposed to distract us from? Is there a fear that if not-males see males having a hard time shitting, their sense of superiority will somehow be diminished? Are the kerfuffles over toilets supposed to wean us from bathroom humor? ‘Cause, it’s not funny, you know???!!!
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About that coal ash coming to Wayne County

A month ago we bought some grape vines in Jesup, Georgia. We saw the signs about the coal ash controversy. The history narrated in this essay by Janisse Ray is not peculiar. It’s characteristic of the Georgia coast. Lots of people just no paying attention. But, whom shall we ultimately blame that it’s all about money? The guys up on Capitol Hill who are making it scarce to keep themselves in power.
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Dollar Supremacy

This is what ten dollars looked like in 1881

This is what ten dollars looked like in 1881
There’s a post on Dailykos which has led me to conclude:

It’s not “control of the global financial system” that’s the problem, it’s control of the globe BY the financial system. Since the financial system is based on myth, we are effectively being controlled by a secular myth. Instead of a deity or a state being supreme, we’ve got the dollar. And the dollar is controlled by guess who? The U.S. Congress, which is where the core of our corruption lies.

Now the Washington Post has come to the realization that when we give money to poor people, their children are no longer poor. I could be snarky, but will satisfy myself with the observation that perhaps we are slowly getting a new perspective on money and making it less of a mystery.

The Reformation comes to Wall Street?

Remember when Catholicism was the province of people who at least could read Latin? It was an exclusive religion. Well, the financial community’s reliance on the dollar is similarly exclusive. That is, controlling access to the dollar lets the fraternity decide who gets in and who gets banished to purgatory or hell. When the Catholic Church gave up Latin, all of a sudden all its sins came pouring out. If we deprive Wall Street of their exclusive access to dollars, there goes their power and their glory. Banksters will be reduced to clerks. Of course, Sanders hasn’t talked about that, except peripherally in the context of letting the P.O. play bank, but he and the banksters know what’s in store.