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The Onassis Syndrome

It is possible that I am introducing a new phrase here and perhaps even calling attention to an apparent business strategy that is often ignored. I call it the Onassis Syndrome because it was the Aristotle Onassis proposal to build the largest oil refinery at the time (1974) on the rocky coast of New Hampshire, relying on super tankers to bring oil from the Middle East just before the oil embargo caused havoc in the industry (from which it has never really recovered), which first suggested the notion that sometimes enterprise is not only poorly thought out, but simply arrives on the scene too late. In the end, it was lucky for Aristotle Onassis that the citizens of the New Hampshire seacoast rejected his scheme, saving him and them a lot of heartache.
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A puzzlement.

Conservative propaganda is premised on the notion that humans act in response to verbal directions from leaders and other important persons. Indeed, that’s why they keep reciting the same injunctions over and over and harping on the need to inspire, incentivize and emulate. And yet, when a person, such as the Charleston killer or any one of the killer cops, actually carries out the instructions, influence is denied. Why is that? Is it because these people exist in a state of denial and nothing is what it seems to be?

“Nothing is” — i.e. there is no reality. Nihilism = idealism.

Queen’s Crown is a Disgrace

(Ed. note: The letter was published by the Brunswick News on 6/19/15)

To the editor of the Brunswick News

Mayor Harvey’s nattering about Brunswick being dropped as an add-on in various promotional efforts is ill-advised. The city is, if anything, the Queen of the Golden Isles. True, she may be a bit dowdy, perhaps even frumpy, but that can be remedied with a top to bottom make-over. It may be long over-due, but there’s no reason it can’t be started and pronto. After all, her harbor facilities are largely owned by the Georgia Ports Authority, a quasi public agency, whose income stream is more than enough to pay back the subsidies we’ve been providing.
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This post was written in response to the news that the Dominican Republic is proposing to expel people without proper documentation to validate their right to remain in country–mostly because their ancestors wandered in on their own.
I suppose keeping people confined in a nation or state is perceived as an adequate compromise to keeping them confined in a city, gated enclave or domicile.
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Deprivation = Starvation?

Ok, so deprivation hasn’t caught on as the primary mode of the Cons. And “deprivator” gets even less traction. Maybe starvation will resonate better. After all, starvation is one kind of deprivation and not something that most people do to themselves. Starvation implies a perpetrator.

But, if that’s to be the metaphor, can it be expanded to include the malnutrition that leaves people fat even as they are starving. How shall we categorize people who are stuffed as if they were being force-fed like geese for fois gras? Instead of obesity, let’s point the finger at mal-nutrition.

Tedious TPP

I really don’t want to consider the Trans Pacific Partnership. All it is is an effort to sell U.S. hegemony in the Eastern hemisphere under another name. The dominionists’ ambitions are never going to be satisfied, even if the Middle East were stabilized and Africa were fully colonized. That’s because dominion is an obsession and obsessives, whether individually or in groups, are never satisfied. Obsessions is why bad pennies keep turning up.

So now Barack Obama is spurring the TPP obsession. Let’s hope that like the Rev. Wright kerfuffle, it will morph into something else. I suppose TPP is a good place holder until the 2016 campaigns get into full swing.

TPP is about a boring as TPing someone’s yard. Never could understand the point of that.

Crime (against women?)

Crime has increasingly become defined as an insult to the state.

Thus, for example, murder is a most serious crime because it challenges the state’s right to determine who lives and who dies. Efforts to control reproduction are also consistent with that perspective; as is the definition of suicide as a crime.
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