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Godmother Clinton vs. Grandfather Sanders

Godmothers are chosen to inculcate religious principle, just in case the parents should falter in that task. It’s an onerous assignment. Which is probably why godmothers come bearing gifts that disguise their mission. Grandfathers, on the other hand, are expected to spoil the kids, going them what they want, rather than what they are supposed to need.
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The Reformation comes to Wall Street?

Remember when Catholicism was the province of people who at least could read Latin? It was an exclusive religion. Well, the financial community’s reliance on the dollar is similarly exclusive. That is, controlling access to the dollar lets the fraternity decide who gets in and who gets banished to purgatory or hell. When the Catholic Church gave up Latin, all of a sudden all its sins came pouring out. If we deprive Wall Street of their exclusive access to dollars, there goes their power and their glory. Banksters will be reduced to clerks. Of course, Sanders hasn’t talked about that, except peripherally in the context of letting the P.O. play bank, but he and the banksters know what’s in store.

If it’s not one thing, it’s another.

Yesterday I had occasion to send another missive to the Friends of Sidney Lanier Environmental Advocacy Team. Today I just posted this image on Facebook and the Google+ Group page.
Airport ad Behind the times much? A Security Advisory from 1972!
Dear Friends of SLEAT:

To start with something cheerful, let me recommend this video from last Saturday’s voter registration drive at Mary Ross Park on the Brunswick waterfront. As you probably know, Monday was the last day to register for the March Presidential primary. However, you can register anytime and be sure to vote in November.
As you probably heard, a bill in the Georgia legislature to give St. Simons Island residents an opportunity to vote on incorporation is crawling along. The incorporators urge communications to the local legislative delegation:
While you’re at it, you might call our legislators’ attention to the bogus Conservation Easement with which Sea Island Acquisition LLC is attempting to evade compliance with local regulations and laws as they apply to the South End of Sea Island. While I have converted the whole 24 page Deed to the St. Simons Land Trust into a pdf file, in the interest of saving time and space, I’m attaching images of just six (annotated) pages. Who knew that a slew of obligations could be called a “gift” and referred to as “benefits”? The “permitted exceptions” on Exhibit “C” would seem to give a whole new meaning to American Exceptionalism. Finally, the omission of Glynn County zoning and land use regulation is, of course, consistent with the SIA LLC, a mail-order company registered in Delaware, claiming to be acting “in lieu of local government.”
True, Glynn County has been lax in exercising its authority and enforcing regulations and delegating others to appointed authorities, which are unresponsive to citizen concerns. Case in point would seem to be Glynn County Airport Commission, which is currently proposing to clear-cut a hundred acres of County-owned forest, located between the airport and the acreage recently cleared for a solar farm. For some reason, the County’s Tree Board, instead of being presented with a tree survey and a logging plan for the clear cutting of pine and hardwoods, is being cut out of the loop.
There will be a public hearing on a proposed amendment to the Canal Crossing Planned Development ordinance this evening at 6:00PM, in front of the Mainland Planning Commission at the Old Court House. Anyone concerned with this 40+ acre project on Canal Road should attend. The request is to reduce the number of parking spaces required for retail establishments. It is unclear whether the “saved” space will go into larger buildings or green space to replace all the canopy that was cleared.
The Glynn Environmental Coalition will hold its first Friday luncheon meeting at IHop this coming Friday at 11:00AM. Clay Davis, a “green” builder will speak.



Ok, so the only line I want to call attention to is the last one. Hillary Clinton’s assets are reported to be about $21 million. Given that she’s also reported and admitted to having collected $125 million over a number of years, this raises the question “where did the hundred million go?” Looks like really poor money management.

It’s not the buying, it’s the lying we should be objecting to.

My daddy done tol’ me a long time ago that, when it comes to the relations between a man and a woman, “sleeping together is not the problem; it’s the lying awake.” For some reason I was reminded of that observation by the recent kerfuffle over Hillary Clinton’s taking money from Wall Street speculators for telling them what they should think.

“What they were interested in were my views on what was going on in the world. And whether you’re in health care, or you sell automobiles, or you’re in banking — there’s a lot of interest in getting advice and views about what you think is happening in the world.”

“Anybody who thinks they can buy me doesn’t know me,” she said in an interview with the Des Moines Register.
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The Truth About Flint

If Congress hadn’t been rationing the dollars for the last three decades in their effort to “control” the economy, states and local communities would not have been “strapped” for cash with which to fund capital improvements and repairs. In the 1980s, Congress routinely made dollars available for water and sewer systems for “growing” communities in the “sunshine states” while the heartland and the upper mid-West were allowed to languish, losing both population and transportation facilities and letting the infra-structure deteriorate.

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Harris Neck has a History

I’ve been to the Harris Neck Wildlife refuge. There’s no reason why people can’t live there in harmony with nature. I would note that the reason for the military “abandoning” the airfield because of the “soils” is not entirely without merit. Georgia’s coastal soils, having been built up over a long time out of vegetative matter, sand and silt, is corrosive to steel and concrete, as builders of roads and shopping centers and modern residences are discovering. A century of draining the land to promote the growth of pine trees, instead of the native bamboo and other grasses, has not changed the character of the soils. As the water table rises, they go right back to corroding as they did before. And no, the engineers probably didn’t know any better sixty years ago than they do now.
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