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“Killing Beavers is not Management”

That was the subject line of one of my missives in response to the Glynn County Director of Public Works entering into a contract with a trapper to deal with beavers that might presume to clog his culverts with sticks and debris. I was wrong. “Management,” it turns out is the catch-all bureaucrats’ euphemism for destroying and disposing of whatever inconvenience might impede their enterprise. “Waste management” wasn’t just an effort to enhance the social status of garbage men. It had functional relevance because where the latter was originally engaged in a recycling enterprise based on feeding garbage to hogs, waste management focused on incineration and/or burying stuff underground like some dead body.
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“Say it isn’t so!”

1404---1-21-15 Glynn County destroying marsh buffers again
James Holland writes:

Glynn County public works is at it again. I thought my eyes were lying to me when I observed the images in my photos. Tide coming in and you can see how high it is and it is still coming. Glynn County simply has to be the most unscrupulous county in the entire state. Why is it that they continue to do this when all the science is out there about what buffers do to protect our marshes and waters?

1442---1-21-15 Denuded area on incoming tide

If anyone knows the name of the single individual that gave the order to do this would you please enlighten me so I will know who is the dumbest person in this county.

1465---1-21-15 Denuded area on incoming tide

We really have the EPD Director (Judson Turner) to thank for unleashing this evil on our marshes and tide waters.

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LCP White-Wash

It has been known for several decades that various industrial enterprises on the coast of Georgia had left a residue of contaminated soils and wetlands. But, that the residues continue to be absorbed by the human population, as well, is not readily apparent because some people just get overlooked.
The income stream from remediation gets more attention because that keeps a small army of “experts” in a job. At present, their focus is on extracting some more dollars from the Honeywell corporation, whose executives made an unfortunate decision to acquire some waste lands on the cheap. A pro-forma public hearing to review the most recent “plans” left all the attendees largely unsatisfied.
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Out of Order

Our local agents of government in Glynn County, Georgia, apparently don’t know what regular order means. If they did, they wouldn’t countenance a developer installing water, sewage and drainage lines, as well as an asphalt roadway, before the subdivision is even approved.
0621---1-1-15 The Reserve at Demere (Phase 3)(2)
“Construction” includes earth disturbance, but County staff don’t seem to understand that, either.
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The Senseless Saga of Don Siegelman

The saga of Don Siegelman, the former popular democratic Governor of Alabama, who was convicted and imprisoned on largely trumped up bribery charges and whose prosecution has been, so far unsuccessfully, appealed continues to befuddle his supporters. That’s because, I would argue, Siegelman having supporters, who believe in his innocence, does not carry the weight with the judicial system they might think. Rather, it’s because he has supporters, who are likely to be impressed and depressed by the effort to break him and grind him down, that his persecution seems worth while. It’s not senseless at all.
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Ga DNR Chutzpah

7843----9-27-14 Water craft in beach club dunesIn response to a query about what had been done about commercial enterprise in the sand dunes, this was the bureaucratic response:

Surely you remember that staff has responded to your previous emails regarding these issues but you may not be aware of current efforts that staff have undertaken by working with Sea Island, as we would with any responsible person/landowner, to rectify violations of laws that fall within the purview of this program.

Though I am not providing details to you, and I am sure that you would like more, suffice it to say for me that there is work in progress that is being undertaken to resolve matters there consistent with law.

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