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Krugman opines why the Dude whines.

The economic guru has concluded the Dude in the White House is mentally ill. I think he’s got that, like his economics, wrong. It’s a matter of time. Illness is generally temporary and subject to being, if not totally cured, ameliorated over time. What the Dude is exhibiting is a life-long cognitive disability that his inherited wealth and family support have masked. None of them are prepared to manage an organization that has to be functioning 24/7 every day of the year.
Medication won’t help and, if they try it, he’ll either crash or turn into a zombie.

Revenge Vote

“Revenge is a dish best served cold.” It seems that many a vote for the New York/New Jersey dude was an act of revenge — as if people said to themselves, “let’s give him what he asked for and see how he likes it.”
It’s deplorable, but the voters who pulled the lever or checked the box for Trump were not in a pleasant mood.
Talk about leaving someone twisting in the wind.


Dear Friends of SLEAT:

When we drove by the Canal Crossing commercial site yesterday afternoon, I could not believe my eyes. A structure on the southeast corner of the development right next to the historic Brunswick/Altamaha Canal, where I had presumed the JWSC located their sewer lift station, according to the site plans, suddenly sprouted signs identifying it as a Sams Club facility and sporting numerous gasoline pumps.
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Why Politicians Pray.

Political prayers are a multi-purpose exercise. The spouse like to say politicians pray before they prey to excuse their subsequent behavior. However, at the recent swearing in of our new Glynn County Commission, the prelate they recruited for the occasion made what, to me, was a novel claim by thanking God for giving the Commission “authority” over us.
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Gilt by Association

It wavers berween antagonism and adulation. In both instances, individuals define themselves by their relationship to someone else — a relationship which may be entirely imaginary. Which means the reality is likely to be totally unexpected.
How will the Dude cope? It is entirely possible that he won’t even notice. He’s so used to living in a gilded cage.