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I never paid much attention to the gambling casino enterprises other than that what seemed successful in Atlantic City for a while managed to fail and left a mess behind. And I suppose today’s Donald Trump wants us to forget his string of failures there.

But, what’s instructive about Trump’s testimony before a Congressional committee in 1993 isn’t just that he threw out his seven page prepared speech (because he can’t read?) but what he said instead, as reported by the bloke who assembled the material for this blog.
” Look, he said, “nobody likes Indians as much as Donald Trump,” but Indian casinos are being infiltrated by gangsters. “There is no way Indians are going to protect themselves from the mob,” he warned. “This is gonna blow.” Yes, he had more to say. “It will be the biggest scandal ever,” Trump went on, “the biggest since Al Capone…An Indian chief is going to tell Joey Killer to please get off his reservation? It’s unbelievable to me.” Finally: “Connecticut is a total disaster over Indian gaming.” His main issue was the massive Foxwoods casino in Connecticut, owned by the Mashantucket Pequots. “They don’t look like Indians to me,” said Trump, of the Pequots. “They don’t look like Indians to Indians.” What, someone asked, do Indians look like? “You know,” he said. “You know.” His appearance was well-received. “In my 19 years here, I don’t know that I’ve heard more irresponsible testimony,” said George Miller, head of the committee conducting the hearing. “Free speech reigns,” Neil Abercrombie, Democratic congressman of Hawaii, would sigh. “no matter how idiotic.” The Pequots were represented by lobby shop Patton Boggs & Blow. Trump had, of course, BMS&K, with the S very visible in the room107.”
Trump’s a “sight and sound” guy, directed by superficialities then and now. Twenty years later, there is no change. Elizabeth Warren can’t be an indian ’cause she doesn’t look like an indian. “Irresponsible” is a good word. Unresponsive to reality. That’s Trump and that’s also Clinton. The “road to hell is paved with good intentions” because incompetence prevents the good from being done.

Banksters vs. Tricky Dicksters

That’s what the 2016 Presidential election will come down to, if the Democrats don’t change course, or horse in mid-stream. Regardless of what Her Royal Clinton pronounced about Wall Street, the selection of Kaine sends a signal that her henchmen will retain influence under her reign. None of that letting the United State Postal Service distribute dollars into the economy for her.
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GPA Fourth Berth Application

The Georgia Ports Authority has proposed to construct a fourth berth on the shores of the Brunswick River in Glynn County to accommodate RoRo (roll on-roll off) at the port. Regardless of the merits of the project, the application and the review process are flawed and the DNR contribution virtually worthless. The DNR has called for comments here and the relevant documents can be found at

My rather lengthy response is appended GPA berth letter

False Assumptions

So, the social sciences, which include economics, sociology, politics and psychology, are replete with assumptions that have been proved false. We know that about economics, mainly because its predictions are never born out, and we know it about psychology because brain scans and other recordings demonstrate that the brain/psyche do not function as was thought.
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What does P & M Cedar Products want? –part II

The short answer is that they want to legalize and have the local government approve their precarious ownership status. Because, while a few of the 12 parcels P & M has acquired since 2002 have bona fide titles, there’s a big chunk of marsh and a boat landing that rests on heirs’ affidavits and quit claims from squatters. So, in typical conservative fashion, they’ve ascribed their own weakness to the Glynn County Commission in order to trick our gullible local officials into accepting something the people of Glynn County already own, a road, and, in the process, get them to sanction development and improvements already completed without proper zoning and permits having been applied for and secured.
I’m reminded of a burglar arriving in the morning to sell back to the pawn shop what he stole during the night. His bill of sale provides proof of ownership of what he stole.
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Careless Clinton

The Pentagon is always planning ahead. So, it is logical that the invasion of Iraq was prepared under the supervision of Clinton/Gore for the eventuality that the no-fly zone didn’t work to bring Saddam Hussein to the point where he’d welcome permanent bases into his land. What has irked Republicans is that this history has not been admitted and GWB has been blamed for a flawed policy he didn’t even invent, and which HRC (her royal Clinton) supported and has now refuted as a “mistake.” There’s “incompetent” and there’s “careless,” but there’s also the person who could not care less what happens to other people, because she is simply totally insensitive to them.