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October 30, 2014

Another LTE destined for the circular file.

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To the Brunswick News:

The residents of Glynn County ought to be ashamed. I know I am. Instead of investing in and capitalizing on the assets of the City of Brunswick at its heart, our developers and financial speculators have been targeting our marshes and rural areas because, apparently, the profit margins are greater or defaulting on bank loans has proved a painless way to get rich.


October 28, 2014


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US exceptionalism is evidenced by the fact that exceptions are everywhere to be found. Take for example, Water Quality Standards adopted by the state of Georgia:


October 26, 2014

First Principles

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The major problem confronting the citizens of the USA is that a significant portion of the body politic do not agree with the basic principles according to which the country is organized. The framers of the Constitution, which spells out this structure, proceeded from two assumptions which are still in dispute. The first is that the common man and his common sense rule and that the natural person is good. The second is that the artificial bodies or corporations we set up to carry out certain specified functions are made up of many members and are ipso facto mandated (they shall) to carry those functions out. Or, to put it in other terms, the people are sovereign and the agents of government are the public’s servants. It is this second principle which does not sit well with our designated agents and their supporters, in large part because they are convinced that the common man is bad and government has been instituted to make him behave.

October 25, 2014

The Ethical Man Lusts in His Heart.

The ethical man keeps his hands to himself and does not destroy what he admires and loves. The ethical man does not subscribe to the excuse that “you always hurt the one you love.” The ethical man hurts no-one at all.

Most of the electorate is probably too young to remember the perverse responses Jimmy Carter’s admission of having lusted in his heart occasioned among Republicans. In retrospect, it seems rather obvious that people, who live and die by the euphemism, were ready to believe that Carter had uttered a prevarication, as they, surely would have done themselves. Moreover, because it came out of the mouth of a Democrat, it had to be amplified and speculated about until ridicule drowned out common sense. I, and perhaps others, still resent that.


October 24, 2014

Do Republicans Even Know What Conflict of Interest Means?

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These are the seventeen white men and two white women serving as the Board of Directors for the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. Presumably, they are exemplars of what it means to “run government like a business” — i.e. to generate profits for the principals by exploiting our natural resources without, one hopes, destroying them entirely.


October 23, 2014

Andrews Island Discharge

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Doesn’t look like there’s much treatment going on, but that was almost two years ago.

No question it was in violation of the Water Quality Control Act. To wit:

Note the use of the word “shall” in the legislation. In legal speak, that means the public entities tasked with protecting our waters have no option. And, of course, the reason the law can make such demands is because public officials are hired to follow orders and are liable to being dismissed, if they fail. For some reason, that getting paid restricts their autonomy and limits their options doesn’t register with some public servants. They call it using their discretion to do nothing.

October 22, 2014

“The Road to ****is Paved with Good Intentions”

My friend Lee Leslie over at “Like the Dew” is an editorial genius. His graphics always improve what I send in by a hundred percent. You don’t even have to read the story to get the message. Of course, I won’t mind if you do.


Ignore the DSCC, and the DCCC too.

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If you feel even a tiny twinge of guilt for ignoring the pleadings of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee let me relieve you of it. For, while electing Democrats to do our bidding in Washington is obviously desirable, politicians ought not to be involved in the selection of their colleagues.They can argue that they need the votes, but history has provided no evidence that lock-step voting is beneficial. Well, except for the careers of politicians whose longevity in office is crucial because they don’t know what else to do with themselves.

October 21, 2014

What’s Good About Conservation Easements?

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Conservation easements require on-going stewardship by entities such as Land Trusts — i.e.they provide a constant stream of revenue and income for a cadre of middlemen (accountants, lawyers, surveyors, appraisers). The Saint Simons Land Trust, for example, pays out $200,000 annually for five conservation easements. On the other hand, the development value of land, established by appraisers (also middlemen) rather than actual sales, can be donated and claimed as a charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes. That’s a benefit derived at someone else’s expense. A free good, so to speak. And a two-fee. Exemption from local taxes makes it a triple treat.

October 20, 2014

Wherefore the fearful USA?

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An admission. When I use the letters USA to refer to that part of the North American continent that is not Canada and definitely distinct from Central and South, it is in recognition of my sense of not being a part and, to be honest, glad of it. Who would want to be a part of the fearful glop much of the melting pot has become?
But, to answer a question on Kos about how it happened, read on.

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