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Rewarding Poor Planning

It’s hard to get timely, accurate information. In the early years of the 21st Century, some group was tracking the transfer of dollars from the federal Treasury to the states, which generally showed that the majority was in the form of various kinds of insurance subsidies: mortgage insurance, housing insurance, health insurance, flood insurance, crop insurance and higher education loans. I’m not sure if that covers the water-front, but the data collection stopped, perhaps in response to objections from the insurance industries at having their transfer function exposed.
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The way we were.

Glynn County Community Development assures me that the elevations produced with the LIDAR system (based on laser measurements) are much more accurate than what Google maps displays. Perhaps. The elevation contours may be more precise, but the images aren’t up to date. Indeed, as best I can tell from the Google history, the images date from 2011. In other words, they’re four years old and even then the lower third of the Spit had already washed away.
Spit contours

I’m going to use this as a benchmark image, based on the removal of the old coast guard dock, before the Yacht Club development was platted.
LIDAR bench2011
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The Fiefdom of Glynn

It used to be ruled by the lords of Sea Island. Their corporate henchmen, by name of Hercules, Atlantic Richfield and Georgia Pacific, sent out odiferous emissions and poisoned the fish, so employment in the mills was the only option. Then the whole enterprise began to decline and the lords drifted off to other climes. The locals were left to find new treasure in the Golden Isles and refill the county coffers by auctioning off the pieces. Thus a new creature, the St. Simons Land Trust was born.
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Half-truth Guinta

The world now recognizes him as a liar, but it’s just possible that the reason he was able to persist with his falsehood for five years was because his parents belongings ($355,000) were as good as his, if they would just hurry up and die. There’s many a child thinks like that. And then there’s the personality that says “what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine, as well.” If they can see it, they claim it. If someone objects, they were just borrowing it.
Anyway, in-Frank Guinta is about to get his comeuppance.
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An Environmental Assessment for Storm Water Management


The Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in cooperation with Glynn County, Georgia, proposes to relieve flooding in some residential neighborhoods. It’s a project that’s been in the works since 2001. Can we say “antiquated?” There was a finding of No Significant Impact. Not surprising, since the most polluted run-off will still go directly to the marsh. Why? Because the whole environmental protection agenda is man-centered. The environment is only considered in terms of whether is serves immediate human interests and needs.
That the Brunswick Golf Course is unwilling to co-operate should be noted, but it may be too late. We are at the request for engineer services proposal stage.
EA – Final – Glynn County Flood Control


2200---4-23-14 Tip of the spitWhy is it that mendacity is so hard to deal with? Is it because the transformation of the euphemism into malicious intent seems hardly noticed?

In the event, I’m not sure mid-island subdivisions referring to themselves as “coves” or “landings” really qualifies as mendacity, as the spouse suggests. I think we’ve got a much better example in a communication from the St. Simons Land Trust, an outfit that I would trust no further than I could throw it.
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“The way we were” a dozen years ago.

A considerable number of the seeds of our current confusion in Glynn County were sown in preparation for the “honor” of hosting the G-8 summit, which the press was persuaded to pretend was being held in the vicinity of Savannah. Covering up destruction and mayhem was par for the course in a community where golf is a major avocation. Martin McCormick, whose re-appointment as Tax Assessor was a feature of the following Glynn County Commission meeting minutes, is reported to be aiming for the Georgia Tax Commissioner position.
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