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November 24, 2014


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Teacherken, a longtime contributor to Dailykos, is once more impressed with a column by Charles Blow in today’s New York Times, in which Blow links the current kerfuffle over pedestrian migrants from the southern Americas to the larger perennial issue of who’s got the power and who’s in charge. I haven’t read the column, with which I am sure I’ll agree, because what caught my attention was the question mark after the word with which Teacherken typically ends his screeds. He wishes his readers peace, but should he?
To which I would answer, “well, wishing is one thing, imposing is another.”

November 23, 2014

“Reserve at Demere,” redux

James Holland went along on an official inspection with the County Engineer. Not surprisingly, he had some concerns and put them in writing.

As an aside, some people seem impressed with the historical significance of their names. So, a Joshua might want to assault some walls and a Paul might be susceptible to visions on the road. The County Engineer is, apparently, not one of those.

November 18, 2014


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I’ve never gotten along real well with environmentalists. I think it’s because many of them are just out for an excuse to be antagonists. Being against someone or something satisfies some itch, or perhaps even some long-standing grudge. While what catches my attention is people making messes, being destructive for no reason, and, very often, just failing to clean up after themselves. People who are into personalities get irked when one calls attention to their actions. Maybe it’s just another one of those being vs. doing distinctions.

November 16, 2014

Fake IDs and Straw Buyers

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It has to be true that what we don’t do, we don’t know. At any rate, having never had reason to have, much less use, a fake ID (I’ve only ever been stopped and asked for my driver’s license once in my 58 years of driving and then it was a bogus stop by a cop, who thought out-of-state plates = drug dealer), the whole birth certificate and voter ID kerfuffle has been a puzzlement. But now, having tried to run down the ownership of real estate in Georgia, it’s occurred to me that the people, who relied on fake IDs in high school to buy liquor and cigarettes, now use that same strategy to conduct mostly sham business enterprises. For Georgians, Florida seems a favorite place to get chartered. Indeed, there are services on the internet that will file all the paper-work for a fee. Guess that’s how Limited Liability Companies resident in P.O. Boxes qualify as owners of property.

November 13, 2014

Bags of Oyster Shells do not make a “living shore” on Little St. Simons

Might as well fill a mesh bag with crushed limerock. The problem is that neither is heavy enough to be held in place by gravity and there are no roots to provide anchors. So, the oyster shell bank is eroding.

November 10, 2014

Another futile LTE?

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It is very difficult for the citizens of Glynn County to carry out their civic duties:
to vote
to serve on juries
to hold office
to petition for laws
to provide material support
to enforce the laws

Mother Nature

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Mother Nature is not well served if man’s stewardship (jurisdiction) ends when her lands have been de-watered and de-flowered.

Some cultures stone maidens who have been raped. In the U.S. we reward those who rape the land. I suppose that’s one of the characteristics that makes U.S. materialistic. Natural persons are no longer legally bought and sold, but the natural resources they need to survive are.

Any way you look at it, Mother Nature does not rank.

November 8, 2014

Follow-up to G DOT concept plans for SR 99.

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A previous installment can be found here. Subsequent to my review of the available documentation, I sent a list of questions, which were then answered by a person in the legal department, a Ms. Brenda Purvis. The SPUR project manager, Michael Carmichael had represented her as a very friendly and helpful person. And so Ms. Purvis was, on the phone. Her written responses to questions I had addressed to Mr. Erick Fry, the identified chief consultant engineer, were on the minimalist side as you’ll see.

November 7, 2014

Killing the Golden Goose: G DOT in the Golden Isles

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November 3, 2014

Government by Developer–Vested Interests

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In Glynn County, I recently discovered, the county planning staff has been passing off amendments to the master plan, drawn up by developers, as their own. At least, we still have an elected County Commission involved. In East Texas, it turns out, developers set up new taxing districts that then sell bonds to finance their projects by holding elections in which a single vote is cast by someone who’s been moved onto the land just to satisfy a legal requirement. The Dallas Morning News has been covering the scam. No wonder voting has become a big issue in Texas.

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