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Protecting the Marshlands

Protecting the marshlands, not as a viewshed, but for their function as the nursery of the organisms that populate our lakes, rivers and oceans, should be a top priority. The State of Georgia, which now has a third of the coastal marshland remaining on the eastern seaboard, because much has been lost to development in other states, has tried to protect the marshes via legislative acts since the 1970s. Still acreage continues to be lost. Why? Because good intentions have to be followed up by action on the local level where the mechanisms that regulate development are, like the gates on a storm sewer culvert, operational or not.

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EPA: Dog and Pony Show

This past week, the Environmental Protection Agency, brought its dog and pony show concerning the LPC Chemical (now Honeywell) superfund site in Brunswick, Georgia back to town. A high school science fair would have been more informative.

Citizen comments were invited by a hand-out which read in an adendum:
Note: In order to permit the community ample time to review and comment on this Proposed Plan, a 30 day extension to the initial 30 day comment period has been allowed for, concluding the comment period on February 2, 2015. (Note the use of the words “permit” and “allow.” Not to mention February 26th was the date of the event.)
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An LTE that’s not for publication

This was written in anticipation of more stories about St. Simons Island by people who are geographically confused.

To the editor — not for publication
Your critique of JWSC would be significantly enhanced, if you at least got the location of basin 2030 on St. Simons Island right. The area of interest is NOT on the northwest side of the island, regardless of how often you and your reporters repeat that. The area of concern is the SOUTHWEST sector, which is being in-filled, as the county’s master plan actually anticipated.

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