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About the Gopher Tortoise

When James Holland discovered that some gopher burrows had been vandalized in a Wildlife Management Area, he called on our agents of government to take some corrective action. That the gopher tortoise is not listed as endangered by the federal government had escaped his notice, probably for the simple reason that in a rational world, they would be. But, Georgia is a peculiar state.
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Conspicuous Misperception on the Georgia Coast?

The Democratic ballot for the upcoming primary elections on May 24 has the following question, on which the voters are invited to vote yes or no:

Should private property on rivers and streams be protected by natural vegetative buffers to ensure that Georgia’s waters are swimmable, drinkable and fishable?

Apparently, somebody in Georgia knows what buffers of grasses, shrubs and trees are for, while coastal entities such as the Jekyll Island Authority and Sea Island Acquisition obviously don’t. Perhaps it’s a vision or vista thing. Perhaps some people are so impressed by what they can see, or don’t want to see, that they confuse buffers with shades or blinds that hide.

Certainly, that seems to be the case when the Jekyll Island Authority justifies razing the vegetation along the causeway so raccoons preying on turtles can’t hide, overlooking the fact that it’s hawks, not raccoons that rely on sight to hunt.
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SeashoreI’ve been perusing a 160 page Golden Nature Guide to Seashores, published in 1955 and what it tells me is that we’ve got a long tradition of homocentric attitudes to change if our impact on the world around us is to be reversed. For example, on pages 62 and 63, the short dissertation on starfish concludes with the gratuitous information that “Starfish destroy millions of dollars’ worth of shellfish yearly.”
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Fighting Male Insecurities

At the Clinton Foundation in Arkansas, eight male executives get paid a lot more than their three female counterparts. There’s a 38% wage gap, even though Hillary Clinton “feels” it shouldn’t exist. Her feelings are telling. People who “feel” tend not to think and they certainly don’t actually do anything. It may be because their feelings reside in the gut and their fingers and toes, with which most humans keep in touch with the earth, are numb.

About that coal ash coming to Wayne County

A month ago we bought some grape vines in Jesup, Georgia. We saw the signs about the coal ash controversy. The history narrated in this essay by Janisse Ray is not peculiar. It’s characteristic of the Georgia coast. Lots of people just no paying attention. But, whom shall we ultimately blame that it’s all about money? The guys up on Capitol Hill who are making it scarce to keep themselves in power.
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Hillary and Kissinger sitting at tea

That has to be one of the most disturbing reports ever. Learning about the unsavory relationships of people after they are dead is bad enough. Kissinger cavorting with the Clintons is downright disgusting.

The “white guy for the whites” is the Swiftboat of 2016

I don’t twitter, mainly ’cause I don’t use the phone, if I can help it. However, it’s impossible to ignore that lots of people love communicating in spurts and being part of a wave. That the major media’s redefinition of Hawaii and Alaska as “white” states, in consequence of Bernie Sanders getting the majority of votes from caucus goers, has set off a twitter storm is impossible to miss. The handle #berniemademewhite is ubiquitous. The Clinton operatives, who apparently originated the story line that Sanders is “the white guy for whites,” are being looked at askance.
I don’t happen to find it unusual. Surely, the Clintons are aware that their identification with minority populations was an invention, with a large dollop of wishful thinking. So, lest their status-seeking elitism become an issue, they and their operatives tried to preempt it by calling Sanders’ associations into question. In other words, they attacked his strengths. And now that’s backfired.

P.S. I call it “swift boat” instead of using it as a verb because I think the tactic will prove a swift boat out of the current for the Clintons. There’s a lot of resentment remaining among people who feel abused by the Clintons. Strategic votes in open primaries in the southern states should not be read as support.