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Airport Fences don’t make good neighbors.

Even though the Brunswick Golden Isles Airport is owned and operated by Glynn County, Georgia, the web address identifies it as a commercial enterprise ( and that’s only the first sign that priorities are not where we might like. The home page goes on to announce:

Your vacation starts at our beautiful terminal – more like a Mediterranean resort than a regional airport. Rent a car right on site from Avis, Budget or Hertz, and take a short drive to the Golden Isles – St. Simons Island, Sea Island, Jekyll Island, and Little St. Simons Island.

It’s as if the City of Brunswick didn’t even exist. Never mind that Little St. Simons Island is an exclusive resort, hosting 30 people at a time, that can only be reached by boat.
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True News from the DNC

It used to be that it took years or even decades for the truth to get out. Now, individual electronic media have made it possible to reduce that to a few days.
Party operatives have always prided themselves on orchestrating the show that is the political convention. Well, perhaps not always. Perhaps manipulating the audience was introduced with the advent of live TV productions. In any event, even at the state level, audience participation and reactions are routinely subject to direction. I might add that all the credentialing and inspecting is for show, not security; to manipulate, not protect.

Trump the Sociopath

So, Trump’s not a psychopath ’cause he’s not smart enough, has no sense of time and is functionally illiterate. And we wonder how come there are so many criminals who don’t get stopped. The answer is they’re hard to identify unless caught in the act. That’s because on a day to day basis, sociopaths mimic their interlocutors. When they’re in the company of smart and reasonable people, they act smart and reasonable. Indeed, if they go off the rails, it’s because they get frustrated and fall apart when left to their own devices.

Perhaps not having a sense of time is a boon to society in the long run, because they have no follow through. They don’t do all the things they say. It takes a society to support a sociopath.

Will Trump have to have an obvious collapse before he’s disqualified for the office he seeks? Unfortunately, calling him a threat to national security is ineffective because the concept is meaningless.

Evading the people ruling.

Democracy in the United States remains largely as aspiration, despite the claim in the Constitution, because a host of petty potentates and grand poobahs, endeavor to evade the restraints we put in place. The evasive strategies are multiple. One of the apparent favorites in the state of Georgia is the establishment of various authorities whose members are either appointed by elected officials or members with unexpired terms. The ostensible rationale is to recruit people with special expertise into public service. The real purpose seems to be to manage the public purse without having to account very publicly.
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I’ve been reading more in

I never paid much attention to the gambling casino enterprises other than that what seemed successful in Atlantic City for a while managed to fail and left a mess behind. And I suppose today’s Donald Trump wants us to forget his string of failures there.
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Banksters vs. Tricky Dicksters

That’s what the 2016 Presidential election will come down to, if the Democrats don’t change course, or horse in mid-stream. Regardless of what Her Royal Clinton pronounced about Wall Street, the selection of Kaine sends a signal that her henchmen will retain influence under her reign. None of that letting the United State Postal Service distribute dollars into the economy for her.
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GPA Fourth Berth Application

The Georgia Ports Authority has proposed to construct a fourth berth on the shores of the Brunswick River in Glynn County to accommodate RoRo (roll on-roll off) at the port. Regardless of the merits of the project, the application and the review process are flawed and the DNR contribution virtually worthless. The DNR has called for comments here and the relevant documents can be found at

My rather lengthy response is appended GPA berth letter

False Assumptions

So, the social sciences, which include economics, sociology, politics and psychology, are replete with assumptions that have been proved false. We know that about economics, mainly because its predictions are never born out, and we know it about psychology because brain scans and other recordings demonstrate that the brain/psyche do not function as was thought.
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