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We Are Georgia: The Coast

This is one of ten videos produced to promote economic development and tourism in the State of Georgia. From the images you’d never guess that 19% of our people exist below the poverty line. No wonder Georgia is the #1 state for business. Forced labor and the exploitation of our natural resources is attractive to the middlemen.

A Koch Public Relations Effort

No doubt, the principals at Mother Nature Network are sincere and well-intentioned. Perhaps it’s being sponsored by corporations that makes the enterprise tawdry from the get-go.
mother nature net sponsors

Though in this case, the promotion of “One Hundred Miles” by Georgia Pacific, a Koch Industries subsidiary whose acquisition by the infamous brothers tends not to be identified, has prompted the network staff to disassociate themselves.
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On Church and State

Generally, it is assumed that the object of the separation of church and state (religious and secular authority) is to protect religion from being interfered with by the coercive powers of the state. In fact, if one observes the current relationship between religion and state agencies, especially in the South, religion is not only pervasive, but serves as an excuse for our agents of government not being accountable for how they do or don’t carry out their obligations.
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