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St Simons Land Trust: “in loco parentis,” paternalistic, or just plain loco?

Once upon a time, not so long ago, before our emancipation at age eighteen was certified by the right to vote, all sorts of adult groups presumed themselves entitled to issue orders and make demands as if they were the parents of all juveniles. That is, they claimed to be acting “in loco parentis,” in place of parents, whose intentions were presumably good and the same. It was not, as I recall, widely questioned that parents are well-intentioned. Perhaps because, in the grand scheme of things, paternalistic adults were actually an improvement over the real thing.
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On the Brunswick, Georgia Waterfront with the incredible brothers Koch

About a quarter century ago, when Hercules Specialty Resins was still spewing its sulfurous emissions across the marshes of Glynn to be dissipated by mingling with the off-shore breezes, local wags dubbed the odiferous environment “the smell of money.” They may have been more right than they thought. For, within a decade, all profits had apparently gone up the chimney, even as every rain storm deposited more toxins to poison the marsh. That profitable enterprise depends to a large extent on avoiding waste is a lesson the new owners of Pinova seem to appreciate. On the other side of town, the tradition of spewing tons of sulphur up the chimney continues.

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A Pattern?

Is this a recognizable business pattern?

1) Acquire well-established “household” enterprises, whose investments have lagged to satisfy investor’s expectations, on the cheap.

2) Capitalize the enterprise with new loans predicated on capital improvements and the value of the “brand.”

3) Use those new funds to finance the “nut” on prior loans.
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Overnight musings

Actually, it was just one thought — the right to free speech can only be guaranteed by making sure that each and every dollar is returned to sender. This thought comes in response to the realization that tax-exemption for individuals and organizations is conditioned on being banned from political participation. It’s sort of like Essau selling his birthright for a bowl of porridge. Tax exemption is a snare.
Return to Sender” = “Give unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s

Pervasive Patterns of Deception

How else to explain that the successors to the Sea Island Company, whose bankruptcy left many an independent contractor and innumerable employees in the lurch while the principals retired to enjoy what they had secreted ahead of time, are following a similar deceptive path, proposing to strip and sell off the island’s tip before it vanishes in the waves? Deception. Is it catching? James Holland reports there’s a road to nowhere abuilding.
7635---7-1-15 New Bridge

Combo 8-19-14 & 8-10-15 The Spit


Brunswick Cellulose permit to pollute up for renewal

A Review
the Brunswick Cellulose, LLC Permit to Pollute the air

Monica Smith
August 8, 2015

The draft of the permit for Brunswick Cellulose, LLC to pollute the air, which the Air Protection Branch of the Stationary Source Permitting Program of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources is proposing to renew in 2015 is a compendium of questionable and inaccurate information and significant omissions. What much of it boils down to is that it is not timely. For example, processes and facilities that were supposedly installed or removed in 2006 are dealt with as if current. Some facilities and equipment (stacker, reclaimer, four digesters, washing and screening system, lime kiln, slacker) have been permitted, but not installed. Since technological innovation is rather rapid, a decade of inaction is likely to be very significant. The “use it or lose it” principle ought to apply.
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Marsh Devastation Redux

The City of Brunswick in Glynn County, Georgia, rather than admit it is wrong to butcher the vegetation along the side of the road, has doubled down. “See, it wasn’t wrong. And to prove it, we’re going to do it again. Besides, the Coastal Resources Division of the Department of Natural Resources has given us permission.”

So, predictably, our environmental advocate, James R. Holland, takes pictures, spreads the evidence around and registers complaints with the Mayor and the DNR:
8851---8-2-15 Marsh buffer destroyed and marsh not properly delineated
8864---8-2-15 Marsh buffer destroyed and marsh not properly delineated IMG_8853 IMG_8856

IMG_8859 IMG_8871 IMG_8899 8864---8-2-15 Marsh buffer destroyed and marsh not properly delineated
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