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Agreed — “Corruption is Legal in America”

The description of the symptoms of the problem is accurate in the video being distributed by Represent.Us, as is the prescription to “follow the money.” Where it goes wrong is in identifying the direction of the monetary flow. And, for that matter, they’re also mistaken about the essence of the corruption. Many, if not most, of our representatives in Congress are corrupt. But, the corruption does not consist of them serving outside special interests, instead of the general public they were hired to serve. Rather, it consists of them serving themselves, enhancing their own powers (and material wealth), instead of serving some or all of the public they were hired to serve.
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Half-truth Guinta

The world now recognizes him as a liar, but it’s just possible that the reason he was able to persist with his falsehood for five years was because his parents belongings ($355,000) were as good as his, if they would just hurry up and die. There’s many a child thinks like that. And then there’s the personality that says “what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine, as well.” If they can see it, they claim it. If someone objects, they were just borrowing it.
Anyway, in-Frank Guinta is about to get his comeuppance.
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Ignore the DSCC, and the DCCC too.

If you feel even a tiny twinge of guilt for ignoring the pleadings of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee let me relieve you of it. For, while electing Democrats to do our bidding in Washington is obviously desirable, politicians ought not to be involved in the selection of their colleagues.They can argue that they need the votes, but history has provided no evidence that lock-step voting is beneficial. Well, except for the careers of politicians whose longevity in office is crucial because they don’t know what else to do with themselves.
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