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For the Record.

A few days ago, I finally talked to Buck Bennett in the Coastal Resources Division of the Georgia DNR in an effort to find out if the Brunswick Cellulose docks in the Turtle River have a water bottom lease that could be rescinded and/or some other mechanism exists for getting these derelict structures removed. Mr. Bennett was rather defensive in asserting that because the pilings are fixed, no lease is required — the leases are just for floating docks. Also, he claimed that Brunswick Cellulose is using the dock and had made some structural improvements to them. (I am waiting to see if they got a building permit from Glynn County because I already know the DNR people are not equipped to assess structural integrity).

While I was getting nowhere with Mr. Bennett, I did make reference to the falling-down dock at Blythe Island which, Mr. Ours, the County Administrator, tells me the County is waiting on EDP or DNR to do something about. At that point Mr. Bennett asked if I was putting in a GORA request and I said, “yes, if that’s what it takes.”

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This post was written in response to the news that the Dominican Republic is proposing to expel people without proper documentation to validate their right to remain in country–mostly because their ancestors wandered in on their own.
I suppose keeping people confined in a nation or state is perceived as an adequate compromise to keeping them confined in a city, gated enclave or domicile.
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The ACA as an instrument of economic revival

Charles Gaba, who’s made a career for himself tracking the American Care Act (ACA) through its implementation in the several states, has generated a graph to demonstrate the relationship of the ACA to the resuscitation of the American Economy.
Well, Gaba doesn’t go that far in his analysis. I do and the explanation follows.
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A letter to our friendly Chief Appraiser

7552---9-16-14 The ReserveDear Mr. Glisson:

The Palmetto Building Group’s project, known as Demere Reserve, which has recently been in the news because of zoning and permitting concerns, seems to be running on incomplete information. Perhaps Community Development is not keeping up with building permits and occupancy certificates. Here are some figures for some properties identified by distinct parcel numbers in your assessment data base:
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