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EL SPLOSTO — the Glynn County construction engineer and landscraper subsidy

As I look over the $36 million Glynn County subsidy proposal (SPLOST) to keep our engineering and landscraping communities employed, I’m reminded of Interstate 81, the scenic road along the Appalachian spine in eastern Pennsylvania. A history of the project, published under the auspices of the Pennsylvania Department of Highways, tells us that this section of the Eisenhower Interstate Highway System was completed in 1976, in time for the bicentennial of the nation’s birth.
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Abandonment Denied

Yes, the Glynn County Commission denied a property owner’s request to “abandon” a portion of a platted street (Ocean) on Saint Simons Island, so his several incursions (by the house and a wooden deck) into the public right of way would be legitimized, giving him title to about 5000 square feet of high land for free. The County Commission did not, however, take the next step of instructing county staff to enforce our codes and protect public property rights by ordering the obstruction on that and adjoining properties to be removed.
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“Puddy” Wins the Primary

That’s a technically correct headline, but it leaves out that, since there was no other Democratic candidate, his “win” was by default. Many Republican candidates in Glynn County, Geeorgia had the same experience. Michael Browning, the County Commissioner, and almost all of the Republican judges. Of the Democratic candidates on the primary ballots, “Puddy” got the second highest number of votes. Only the Democratic candidate for coroner got more.
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