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EPA: Dog and Pony Show

This past week, the Environmental Protection Agency, brought its dog and pony show concerning the LPC Chemical (now Honeywell) superfund site in Brunswick, Georgia back to town. A high school science fair would have been more informative.

Citizen comments were invited by a hand-out which read in an adendum:
Note: In order to permit the community ample time to review and comment on this Proposed Plan, a 30 day extension to the initial 30 day comment period has been allowed for, concluding the comment period on February 2, 2015. (Note the use of the words “permit” and “allow.” Not to mention February 26th was the date of the event.)
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The Mission for March is the Marsh

M4MOur Georgia Legislature is piddling with a piece of legislation (SB 101) they’re promoting as an effort to protect the coastal marshes from pollution and predatory humans. But, what this passel of pee words means to suggest is “Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining.”

Oh, one could be charitable and accept the promoters just don’t know what the word “buffer” means. Why else would they announce up front their purpose “to provide for a buffer against coastal marshlands in which certain land-disturbing activities are prohibited”? It makes sense, if it’s just another example of man ranting against the rising tides marching across the marshes to take a bite out of his lands.

That the low and high marshes provide shelter from buffeting winds and wave action has not registered, obvious as it may seem. Perhaps, that the marshes nurture the nascent creatures of the seas — creatures man has, from the beginning, liked to eat — simply doesn’t register either, because they are just too small to be seen.
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Announcing the Birth of S.L.E.A.T.

The Sidney Lanier Environmental Action Team is live on the internet. Mail can be sent via
Just drop the last period before the @

S.L.E.A.T. is pronounced like sleet, but could also be short for “So, Let’s Eat” consistent with our objective of making the environment good for all earth’s creatures to eat.

I’m thinking of adding another category of pages to the blog to catalogue SLEAT matters, but that should probably involve dropping one of the others.

Cavalry Rides to the Rescue

Islanders speak out to stop the transformation of St. Simons Island into a highway interchange. Since the interstate highway exits have not proved a commercial success, somebody seems to have got the bright idea to relocate the facilities to the center of the islands and the center of town. Perhaps that’s supposed to be the successor to the mallification of the U.S. If people won’t use the highways (the drop in gas prices and highway fatalities both suggest that’s the case), then bringing the highways to the citizens might work. That’s a notion all of Glynn County needs to reject. Car culture was always an artifice waiting for free spirits to reject.
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