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Done shingling

New Watershed

Did some grass cutting today and transferred a water lily from the old pond. The first batch of toad poles came out of the pond and took off across the lawn today. Didn’t waste any time.

Arguing over taxes

So, Brunswick, Georgia and Glynn County commissioners met to argue over a special sales tax levy that is being proposed for voter approval. At one point they almost came to blows. But, that sort of cleared the air and then everyone settled down to being more agreeable.

I do want to note that the presence of members of the public, even though they are not invited to voice their opinions, has a salutary effect. Like hall monitors, they tend to promote better behavior just by being there.

The cat at the pond.

imageThis cat is feeling proud of himself. In making his circuit of the neighborhood, he surprised a dinner plate sized turtle and chased him back into the water before I could get a picture. I’d been wondering what was happening to our water lilies. The turtle in the pond explains their shrinkage. Since the turtles only eat the leaves and stems, the root stock will soon replenish itself. Turtles show up every spring. They don’t stay around.
He’s back