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Garden Report

When it’s not raining raindrops, it’s raining oak leaves. The live oaks aren’t really evergreens in that they drop their leaves (yellow and brown) just as new growth comes out. Of course, that’s also true of the pines. Their needles drop to the ground and are collected as pine straw and sold for mulch.
The azaleas are really late this year, while the camellias are still trudging along. Three water lilies have opened on the pond and more buds are popping up. The plants have relocated themselves from the north to the southeast where they will soon discover there’s not enough sun. Somethings been taking big chunks out of the lily pads before they even open up. Maybe there’s a turtle lurking that I haven’t seen.
I don’t know what I’m going to do with all the red cedar seedlings growing along the water course. The limerocks seem to be an ideal growing medium, but there’s not enough room for them to get big. Guess I’ll try to transplant some into pots and then plant them somewhere else.
The wild cherry and the wild olive have flowered nicely. Ditto for the tea olive, which is very slow growing. The loquat, on the other hand, is getting gigantic under the oak canopy. Perhaps reaching for light makes it grow taller. That seems to be the case with the cedar. The volunteer loquat next to the cypress in the marsh looks really healthy, but is not nearly old enough to bear fruit.

EPA: Dog and Pony Show

This past week, the Environmental Protection Agency, brought its dog and pony show concerning the LPC Chemical (now Honeywell) superfund site in Brunswick, Georgia back to town. A high school science fair would have been more informative.

Citizen comments were invited by a hand-out which read in an adendum:
Note: In order to permit the community ample time to review and comment on this Proposed Plan, a 30 day extension to the initial 30 day comment period has been allowed for, concluding the comment period on February 2, 2015. (Note the use of the words “permit” and “allow.” Not to mention February 26th was the date of the event.)
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