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A superficial and biased summary of the Glynn County Tree Advisory Board Meeting 01-26-15

The meeting of the Glynn County Tree Advisory Board was held, as announced on the County calendar on the morning of the meeting date, in the Ballard Community Center at 3:00 PM on January 26th. Present were several board members who did not identify themselves, a new recording secretary, who was not formally introduced, and two members of the Engineering Department under whose purview trees seem to fall. Mr. Greg Woods seems to be the regular designated staff liaison, while Mr. David Deloach, the engineering supervisor, was present to announce the inclusion of certain projects in the upcoming budget.
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Rain, rain, go away.

Georgians are getting testy.  It’s like an Ithaca November–grey and drizzly. The right wales can’t be counted ’cause they can’t schedule flights. Puddy was lucky to go up while he was here.