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S3090008 If this is a green heron, we’ve had two batches. There were four chicks in the first. Only two in the latest. One flew off after a parent two days ago, but yesterday they were back in the hedge, waiting to be fed. I’m waiting for the dead bamboo to break under their increasing weight. Talk about a motley crew.



Bug Report

S2370003 - Version 2
Are fruit flies bugs? My compost bowl is a prodigious breeder. Even when I scrub and air dry the bowl and lid after emptying it into the compost bin (making sure not to lift the lid before taking the bowl outside), within a couple of days, I’ve got another crop. I’m thinking the eggs arrive on the grape stems. Which suggests those haven’t been thoroughly doused with pesticides. And that’s a good thing.
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Socialistic Georgia has a DNR

Our socialistic Georgia has a DNR (Department of Natural Resources) and that DNR has a WRD (Wildlife Resources Division) and that WRD wants to justify collecting more money to pay for what it does by raising license fees. So, they’re running their proposals past the citizenry, who are, after all, the owners of all those public resources in our socialistic state.
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