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Caroline’s Hat

Someone should write a children’s book about Caroline’s hats. Caroline French introduced Howard Dean to New Hampshire back in 2003. Then she promoted his candidacy with hats she embroidered herself. Now, they’ve become works of art. But, the object is still the same — to promote democracy in the land.
cf berniehat
I’m posting this in honor of having made a monetary commitment to the Democratic Socialist’s endeavors. I might mention that my maternal grandfather was a Social Democrat and postal worker in the 1930s, who got transferred into the Alpine hinterlands because he refused to join the National Socialists.

Exhibits in a Tax Scam

Scamming has become so entrenched in corporate America that every new enterprise gets infected. The solar energy generation industry is no exception. But, that’s a revelation I wasn’t looking for initially. It was only after a series of non-answers and evasions that I asked the following questions and a lawyer finally replied:
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