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This week in SLEAT

While some of you surely heard that the administrative judge upheld the CRD’s cavalier approval of another groin to disrupt the ocean currents off Sea Island’s shore, that the judge bought the argument that property owners have a right to exploit natural resources as best they can is not that much of a surprise. After all, the DNR mission is to conserve our resources just so there’ll be something left to consume later on. Besides, when the issue was heard, the judge heard nothing to refute that earlier permits had been complied with. Now we know different from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ summary of the issues.
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It Could be Worse

Upgrading the software for the laptop has resulted in hours of work to reconfigure it to work as I like. But, at least, it didn’t require a complete re-install. Every time there is an improvement, more stuff ends up being hidden. Today I had to search for all my old image files since they’ve replaced iPhoto with Photos. Lord only knows what happened to all the stuff in iPhoto and iMovie.
More time will tell, no doubt.


wild flowers

These have sprung up where the pine trees used to stand. Bees and butterflies love what seems to be American germander, a member of the mint family.
mystery planttiny blossom

Tried to get a picture of a busy bumble bee, but the fragile stems went up and down like a see saw. An unidentified butterfly held still, but light or shade made a big difference.
In sun in shade