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Green Herons in the Bamboo Thicket

Reference to the bamboo is important as a reminder the bamboo is native to Coastal Georgia and the cane breaks are what gave way to rice plantations and then pine, which required that the land be drained. So, if we want to be restoring wetlands, we should probably look to planting more bamboo, an annual grass not bothered by being harvested.

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Fancy Bluff Park

Fancy Bluff Park is a five acre parcel off Andy Tostenson Road, north of Highway 17 and east of I 95. Glynn County acquired the land for a park with help from the federal government and the latter has been agitating for some park-like improvements ever since. Apparently, a water tank doesn’t count, even though the tank site is well maintained by the Joint Sewer and Water Commission.

A visit today was rewarded with one ripe blackberry, a couple of butterflies, who didn’t want to be photographed, and a couple of birds. So, I made a little video to show the terrain and, one hopes, prompt some interest in cleaning the site up and helping to lay out a woodland trail for a morning jaunt. A picnic pavilion on the grassy area wouldn’t hurt either