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Not Much News

Other than adding on to yesterday’s post, I haven’t written anything much today. The movers came to take things out of storage to the Canal Road house, but that was done within an hour. Then I spent three or four hours trimming deadwood in the woods. For some reason, there are many 12′ pines about 2″ in diameter that are dead. Perhaps they wear themselves out trying to get light. There are a few very large pines whose days are numbered.
James sent a lovely photo of the relocated swimming pool.
#1-3243---11-11-15 New Swimming Pool
Why people adjacent to the ocean need to swim in pools is a puzzlement. But then, there are hardly ever any people in these pools.

Rambles with Puddy along the Altamaha Canal

Well, it’s actually the Brunswick-Altamaha Canal, that man-made body of water dug out in the 1850s by slaves to promote commerce with an inland passage from the mighty Altamaha to the protected harbor on the Turtle River. It was an economic development project that failed because the railroads supplanted the waterways for transport. Yet the Canal persists to define what is now the City of Brunswick as an island, instead of a giant hammock in the Six Mile Swamp, as the land to the West used to be called.
Rambling with Puddy, whose attraction to water bodies is legend, brings us to delightful scenes.
Altamaha Canal 1of mysterious glades and fields of golden rod flowers Field of golden rod-AltamahaBut then, just a sideways glance reveals a careless human presence in the form of mounds of mosquito breeding tires and household trash that somebody transported this far, into the wilderness, but not to the public dump. See those tires down in the middle of this bucolic scene?
Tires in golden rod
Walk on into the woodland and the predation is worse. Why call it “predation?” Because all this detritus lures in predators (mosquitoes, rats, and worse) that aren’t good for people and overwhelm the natural environment’s ability to dispose of.
Trash along the Altamaha Canal