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Sending out a press release announcing the presentation of the petition to the Glynn County Georgia Commission did not generate more than a mere mention of the organizers’ appearance a general summary of the meeting in the local paper. Both the press and public officials tend to agree that people petitioning their representatives is not a welcome endeavor, even though it is one of the obligations of citizenship:

serving on juries
holding office
petitioning for laws
providing material support
enforcing the laws
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Neighborhood Walkabout

Glynn County Public Works came and cleaned out the culvert connecting two of our tidal ponds.
S2950004 Now it looks like there’s at least an eight inch differential between high and low tide, which means the pond is getting flushed and refreshed. That’s important if the ponds and the marsh behind them are going to function as the nurseries they are meant to be and the egret continues to find lots to eat.S2950001
Even as I was taking pictures, the crew supervisor came to check the flow and retrieved one of the shovels left by the crew. (Perhaps as evidence that the clean out had been all done by hand, as it should).
Next walkabout I’ll have to remember to take a bag and collect a little mound of bottles and cans some careless carousers left on the ground.

Glynn County Citizens Voice their Opinions

Even though the staff presentations were shortened to about 20 minutes (from the original 50), I’ve mostly left them off this video in order to let the people speak without making the video too long. Even so, a number of speakers had to be truncated and some left out entirely to end up with 43 minutes of relatively novel opining. LOL

If there’s a consensus, it’s that the citizens like the process of expressing themselves and almost nobody likes the proposed plans.
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