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SPLOST or slush fund?

While it is true that none of the currently sitting Glynn County Commissioners were in office when the Special Projects Local Option Sales Tax #5 was authorized by the voters in 2005, to be collected between 2007 and 2011 (Bob Coleman came into office in 2009), prudence would argue for a detailed review to determine why the voters balked at authorizing the collection of more dollars in 2011 when a goodly portion of the $98 million collected still remained to be spent.
That five years later there are still many millions sitting in some bank is also reason for concern. But, more significant, I think is the fact that while SPLOST dollars can only be spent for projects that are identified on the ballot, the law obviously doesn’t require that the dollars be spent as specified.

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EL SPLOSTO — the Glynn County construction engineer and landscraper subsidy

As I look over the $36 million Glynn County subsidy proposal (SPLOST) to keep our engineering and landscraping communities employed, I’m reminded of Interstate 81, the scenic road along the Appalachian spine in eastern Pennsylvania. A history of the project, published under the auspices of the Pennsylvania Department of Highways, tells us that this section of the Eisenhower Interstate Highway System was completed in 1976, in time for the bicentennial of the nation’s birth.
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