Bottle feeding

I wonder if bottle feeding infants retards maturation and accounts for why so many adults are still walking around sucking on bottles, cigarettes or even their fingers. Does breast feeding teach about satisfaction and delayed gratification while bottle feeding promotes gratification on demand? How long have American infants been bottle-fed?

The joys of finding new digs

One of the effects of the pandemic seems to be seeking new habitations. While I actually started our long term (9 years) tenant to think about buying a house (not ours) before the advent of COVID-19 and she took time out to birth another son, we are now awaiting the closing of the deal and the removal of a tenant.
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Heading north

We got some reservations on the Palmetto train out of Savannah on May 16. It will be daylight through the Carolinas and Virginia. So, hope to take some video. It looks like the service is down to three days a week.

Liberty, death–or commerce?

Binaries are sometimes helpful, but not when they rule out or distract from other alternatives. Take the “liberty or death” pairing. It suggests that liberty is the constant as long as the person is not dead. Of course, at the time that phrase became popular, it certainly had no relevance for individuals taken captive or persuaded to indenture themselves. And while the latter situation was somewhat self-created, what was essentially a commercial condition was left out of discussion and consideration.
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Motorists are at a disadvantage when it comes to their civil rights because, in accepting a license to operate a motor vehicle theyhave given prior consent to be stopped/arrested by an officer of the law at any time the officer has probable cause. And “probable cause” is for the officer, who’s obviously qualified, to decide.
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