The celebration is premature.

The error persists. The celebration of Juneteenth is premature.

It’s not about race, the characteristics of the victims of subjugation/oppression; it is about the objectives of the oppressors, the desire to exercise power. What was originally unique about North American slavery was that it was legal, a socially approved and protected behavior. This offense to the moral sensibilities of humans persists in the designation of humans, who are younger than 18 years, as property.

It is this designation which provides a basis for challenging the right of a women to remove a parasite that has been implanted by someone else.

The legal subjugation of women persists and the designation of children as communal property is evidence.

Somebody’s messing with Amazon


I ordered a Zwillings kitchen knife because the handle on my old one is disintegrating. The knife was supposed to be delivered by USPS yesterday. The tracker reported the package arrived at Saint Simons early in the morning. Then it was transferred to another delivery service from USPS and was scheduled to arrive by 8:00 PM. Usually, that means Fedex has got a subcontract. There was no delivery.
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Homeless in the Americas

Homeless in the Americas
‘Tis an aspiration for millions
around the globe
who do not want to be told
what, when, where
and with whom
they may wander and roam.
People are not pigeons
to be trained.
Though, some are content
and, like turtles, inhabit
wheeled cages as shells.
Nomads. Mobiles.
Looking for stability
on the road.

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I have never felt responsible for how others behave towards me, nor for how I behave towards them. Is that because I instinctively rejected my mother’s claim that she took us to the U.S. for my benefit? Or is it because I learned early that asking for anything was an invitation to be denied?
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Today’s comment–money redux

Money is a token of value. The extent of that value depends entirely on what someone is willing to give in exchange. For example, Zimbabwe’s money turned out to be without value because nobody was willing to give anything for it. For some reason, the word “transaction” is being thrown around as if it were a dirty word. That is a puzzlement. Every exchange of a good or service for money is a transaction. But then, it seems that in some circles actions have as much credibility as facts.

Phil’s at it again

Evening star. Raw.
It was a star I saw.
A planet we used to live on.
Owl hooting “who cooks for you.”
Epigenetic triggers from an older self.
We swam free in the oceans, fell as seeds from trees.
Gut feelings telling the part of us that lived
before fire was stolen from the gods.
An apple made us think ourselves different
and deserving of estrangement.
Our heart the first, and last, to know.
Food is letter. Life better lived. Raw.
Phil Specht edit 6-13-21