Musings on “Borderline Personality Disorder”

This was written in response to a person, who’s bothered by the emotions her memory of her experiences as a teen calls forth, by abuse in the Duggar household, an apparently well-known entity that I’d never heard of before, being discussed in the media. It used to be said that “money is the last taboo,” but I think that’s wrong. Child abuse is the last taboo. After all, “spare the rod and spoil the child” is still a common wisdom, though the rod has been modified into a paddle. The “official” solution to the problem of neglected children is to remove them from their parents and give them to someone who’s paid to look after them. In Minnesota, where Michele Bachman has “fostered” some thirteen girls, the stipend is $800 a month.

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Rewarding Poor Planning

It’s hard to get timely, accurate information. In the early years of the 21st Century, some group was tracking the transfer of dollars from the federal Treasury to the states, which generally showed that the majority was in the form of various kinds of insurance subsidies: mortgage insurance, housing insurance, health insurance, flood insurance, crop insurance and higher education loans. I’m not sure if that covers the water-front, but the data collection stopped, perhaps in response to objections from the insurance industries at having their transfer function exposed.
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The way we were.

Glynn County Community Development assures me that the elevations produced with the LIDAR system (based on laser measurements) are much more accurate than what Google maps displays. Perhaps. The elevation contours may be more precise, but the images aren’t up to date. Indeed, as best I can tell from the Google history, the images date from 2011. In other words, they’re four years old and even then the lower third of the Spit had already washed away.
Spit contours

I’m going to use this as a benchmark image, based on the removal of the old coast guard dock, before the Yacht Club development was platted.
LIDAR bench2011
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The Fiefdom of Glynn

It used to be ruled by the lords of Sea Island. Their corporate henchmen, by name of Hercules, Atlantic Richfield and Georgia Pacific, sent out odiferous emissions and poisoned the fish, so employment in the mills was the only option. Then the whole enterprise began to decline and the lords drifted off to other climes. The locals were left to find new treasure in the Golden Isles and refill the county coffers by auctioning off the pieces. Thus a new creature, the St. Simons Land Trust was born.
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