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July 30, 2014

“Limited resources” enhance discretion.

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“Not enough money to do the job,” is potentially a positive from the perspective of public servants. It enhances their discretion by providing a justification for not doing the job they were hired to do. Discretion, of course, is the key to power on the part of our agents of government. Discretion allows them to escape the “musts” with which they are tasked and to substitute “mays.”
That’s the bottom line to the decision in Center for a Sustainable Coast, Inc. v. Turner and why the state’s Environmental Protection Division appealed a judge’s ruling telling it what to do. If the legislature doesn’t provide the funds to prevent environmental degradation, the degradation won’t be prevented. Therein lies the power of the purse, which the citizenry is constantly prompted to overlook by politicians focusing on how the purse gets filled.


Mr. Turtle’s Beaver Tale

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As narrated by an old curmudgeon.

July 29, 2014

Exploitation in Qatar

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What is it about exploiting one’s own kind that’s seemingly irresistable? Some sort of psychic trip?
Are the FIFA organizers just dense?

The P.O. as status symbol.

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Who knew? We’ve got some snotty residents on St. Simons Island who collect their mail at the Sea Island Post Office so they can pretend they live where they don’t. Now they’ve been discombobulated by the armed guards at the gates and collecting their mail has proved an inconvenience. Not to worry. The Sea Island Acquisitions people will just move the P. O. out of their exclusive enclave and give it a new home on St. Simons while they continue to pretend that the Sea Island Road is as exclusive as that cesspool on the dunes known as Sea Island. The patrons will even get to continue to use their special zip code so they won’t have to be identified with the hoi poloi on the main island.


Occupy Lives

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There’s to be a national gathering in California at the end of the month.

July 28, 2014

The Culture of Death

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It is predominant in the U.S. Nothing energizes and unites our people more than someone’s death. There’s an excellent example in the narrative of the response to the premature expiration of Brandi Livingston of Broadwater, Nebraska. I haven’t left a comment on the post at DailyKos because it would be rude to question whether the community for whom Mrs.Livingston labored for 26 years had cared enough to insure she had adequate health care. Dying at age fifty of cancer suggests not. But then, cancer care and treatment in the U.S. are also part of the culture of death. Human husbandry is its antecedant.
Broadwater, NE I did not know there are towns outside of Mississippi with dirt streets. Must be really dusty when the winds blow across the prairie at 3100 feet.

July 27, 2014

Democrats 2014

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Michelle Obama is effective. See if you don’t agree.

American Lady Butterfly

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2434---American Lady Butterfly As Is(CC)

July 26, 2014

Do Nothing and Not Wanting = Constancy

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Rachel Maddow provides examples from our Congress.

Another Kind of Beaver Patrol

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Town of Durham Councilor Julian Smith with Camp R.E.A.C.H youngsters at one of the many ponds he has created on his property at Packers Falls Road. Councilor Smith has created marshes, wetlands, and more than a dozen ponds, some with the help of beavers, in what was once the bottom of a meadow ditched and drained for several centuries. Courtesy Stefanie Frazee.

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