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November 26, 2014

What do racism and faith have in common?

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Both provide a handy explanation for behavior that needs to be explained away in the even that blaming the victim is rejected. Pre-conceived notions are just as good at shifting the responsibility for actions elsewhere. Anywhere, as long as the perp isn’t identified.

What’s the advantage to victims and witnesses in not knowing the agent? Well, if the agent is not known, there’s nothing to be done, is there? We can wring our hands and sympathize and get away cheap. Prosecuting Darren Wilson, for example, would have meant a lot of work. Not to mention that the whole law enforcement system would end up indicted.

Better to shout “racism” and be done with it!

November 25, 2014

Tale of two Parks

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A buck stopped here

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November 24, 2014


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Democrat and Republican aren’t just confusing because the study of Latin and Greek have fallen out of favor and so the awareness that both words refer, essentially, to the same concept — a people or population. We could insist on the importance of the individual person and fix on “populism” or “popular” as descriptive terms, but then we are still beholden to ancient European designations. Which leads to the question whether are are comparable Native American terms. And there are a few that seem particularly apt:

taino = we the good people
tejas = friendly
tonkawa = most human of people, they all stay together

The tonkawa would seem to be the socialists. Perhaps we could start up a Tonka Party.

Fifty Years of Taxation in Durham

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As published in Foster’s Daily Democrat, which is not a democratic rag.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Having owned property and paid taxes in Durham longer than any of my colleagues on the Town Council, I believe I am entitled to compare our proposed 2015 budget to the first Durham budget and tax bill I encountered.


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Teacherken, a longtime contributor to Dailykos, is once more impressed with a column by Charles Blow in today’s New York Times, in which Blow links the current kerfuffle over pedestrian migrants from the southern Americas to the larger perennial issue of who’s got the power and who’s in charge. I haven’t read the column, with which I am sure I’ll agree, because what caught my attention was the question mark after the word with which Teacherken typically ends his screeds. He wishes his readers peace, but should he?
To which I would answer, “well, wishing is one thing, imposing is another.”

November 23, 2014

“Reserve at Demere,” redux

James Holland went along on an official inspection with the County Engineer. Not surprisingly, he had some concerns and put them in writing.

As an aside, some people seem impressed with the historical significance of their names. So, a Joshua might want to assault some walls and a Paul might be susceptible to visions on the road. The County Engineer is, apparently, not one of those.

November 22, 2014

St. Simons Incorporation Introduction

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November 21, 2014

Why is segregation attractive?

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Because homogeneous groups are easier to manage. That’s one of the rationales for the formation of new cities in Georgia. Laziness, it seems, accounts for much injustice. Perhaps people spouting off about how hard they work are a clue. I think I’ve got some telling quotes on the video from the St. Simons Island incorporation meeting.
There are three justifications for setting up a city:
More money
Less work
Easy manipulation

Are power and potency elder issues?
It’s going to take an hour to download the video from the camera.


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Organisms move around. They migrate. It’s in their nature. Trying to make them stay in one place is unnatural — a losing proposition. President Obama means well. I’m not sure he understands that national boundaries are just segregated neighborhoods on a larger scale.
Meaning Well
Obama’s critics have a point. He’s not American as Americans have evolved — exclusive. The Exclusive American has replaced the Ugly American. President Barack Obama is neither.

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