Marsh Devastation Redux

The City of Brunswick in Glynn County, Georgia, rather than admit it is wrong to butcher the vegetation along the side of the road, has doubled down. “See, it wasn’t wrong. And to prove it, we’re going to do it again. Besides, the Coastal Resources Division of the Department of Natural Resources has given us permission.”

So, predictably, our environmental advocate, James R. Holland, takes pictures, spreads the evidence around and registers complaints with the Mayor and the DNR:
8851---8-2-15 Marsh buffer destroyed and marsh not properly delineated
8864---8-2-15 Marsh buffer destroyed and marsh not properly delineated IMG_8853 IMG_8856

IMG_8859 IMG_8871 IMG_8899 8864---8-2-15 Marsh buffer destroyed and marsh not properly delineated
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Preconceived Notions

I generally prefer the phrase “preconceived notions” to “prejudice” because it doesn’t have the burden of negative connotations or even antagonism. But, the two might actually be quite different. Notions may well arise from the mid brain where the emotions and habits are lodged, while judgement, early or late, is located in the frontal lobes — i.e. the cognitive brain, which evaluates, compares and classifies information.
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Well, that was interesting…….

I don’t usually check the bonafides of commenters on Dailykos because I don’t think WHO writes something should affect the merits of WHAT was writ. But, yesterday, in response to a rather off-the-cuff comment about the attitudes of political professionals towards the grass roots, at least three individuals, claiming to be “professionals” rousted themselves to object — at some length. But, while I was inclined to credit their perspective and perhaps even give it another airing, I did a quick check and discovered that these individuals, who were commenting on a Congresswoman from New Hampshire and Russ Feingold in Wisconsin, are nobodies from California, Missouri and, maybe, Minnesota. WTF?
Does an occasional comment on Dailykos now fill some slot on a resume for wanna-be “professional” campaign workers? As a courtesy, I try to acknowledge comments — not too difficult, since responses to me are usually few. My only problem is that 48 people approved of the disdainful attitude expressed towards the “grass roots” and, by extension, the voters.
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Island Briefs

These tidbits from the morning paper perfectly capture the ethos of the islands.

A man was arrested for breaking into a bar in the 1800 block of Norwich Street and a liquor store on U.S. 17 in the same night. Police caught the burglary suspect after he tripped a security alarm at the liquor store and noticed that he was also the person caught on video breaking into the bar earlier that night.


A man was shot in the hand while fending off an armed robber who approached him as he walked on O Street. The robbers gun went off and struck the victims hand when the victim reached for the weapon. The robber then ran off.

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Updating the “stalking horse.”

It is hard to believe that a dozen years have passed since we had a really interesting presidential election. 2008, in retrospect, was a picnic in the sense that a passel of Democrats brought good ideas to the table and now, eight years later, we can claim they’ve mostly been implemented. Republicans, on the other hand, managed, most likely because of ill-timing, to mess everything up. That is, because the timing of their “October surprise,” the financial crash was off, or because Barack Obama jumped into the kerfuffle with both feet, what was supposed to be a threat effectively dispatched by John McCain, had to be converted into an on-going crisis to discredit the Democrat in the White House. After all, Congress had voted out all kinds of legislation with the expectation that it was all going to be repealed. A veto in the White House had not entered into their calculations.
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Morning News from Cyprespond

I trimmed the grasses in the side/front yard and across the road, to discourage parking in the high marsh weeds (morning glories, black eyed Susans, silverling, and something that looks like purple goldenrod). People around here seem to like to park their vehicles where the grass has been mowed. Noticed that at Epworth last evening. Walking from the asphalt parking areas was too far for many people. Being a pedestrian has, apparently, become a strange experience.
Why are men everywhere in chains? Because walking around unattached is scary.

“Ridin’ with Biden”

The people recruiting Joe Biden for President in 2016 have a slogan. “Ridin’ with Biden.” They’ve also got a promotional video and got themselves a slot on the UP show on Sunday. Meanwhile, the spokesman for the RNC is carping about the Vice President taking official trips to the Western states. If there’s one thing Republicans are good at, it’s sniffing out the opposition. They can read the signs of ambition. That Obama in Africa is making jokes about a third term is not going to set their minds at ease. But, some work not yet finished is a good theme for a Biden election.