Delay, deceive and deprive

Those are the essentials of democraft, the manipulation of people for power. Not incidental. To delay, deceive and deprive is essential, albeit largely immaterial. Which is also important because the immaterial leaves no evidence of the attack and the injurious behavior that results. Power, of course, has to hurt to be felt. The powerless do not inflict hurt.

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Deception or Corruption

Which is worse? I’ve decided on deception. A corrupt person essentially reneges on a commitment to serve one master and not himself. But, what’s usually involved is some task to be accomplished or some thing to be managed. Deception, on the other hand, is an attack on a person. The lie grows out of disrespect. It is insulting. So, the difference between thievery and assault.


Dave Kulju’s recollection is not perfect truth, but it contains no falsehood. Sad to say, Dave is evidence of the old saying that “only the good die young.” He is missed but the effort of which he was a part continues. Carol Shea-Porter is still our NH-1 candidate for Congress. Because of tainted money, she’s been trading places with a Republican know-nothing.
There is just one little mistake. The meeting where Dave and Carol met had no connection to the DNC. It was held at my house under the auspices of Democracy for America whose founder, Howard Dean, had moved on to the Democratic National Committee, as a result of our first successful upset of the status quo, and left the grass roots to his brother.
Perhaps Dave’s hopeful attitude was due to the after-glow. My own state of mind on election day was less positive.
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SLEAT Report

Dear Friends of SLEAT:

The CMPA/SPA hearing on August 19 was a disappointment since the Georgia Ports Authority had requested their application be withdrawn pending further consideration by the federal agencies. The three projects considered on St. Simons were largely uncontroversial, though the committee did refuse permission to locate astroturf in a jurisdictional area atop the revetment at the south end of the island.

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