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April 20, 2014

Talking about wealth.

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Not really an edifying topic for Easter Sunday, but what the heck!

April 19, 2014

Rachel on Space

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Click more to see the video of Rachel’s explanation for why a Russian tugboatish trawler is sitting off the Florida coast.

Money, another obscurant

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The money is not wealth. It is worth nothing. It is a mere figment of the imagination, a tangible symbol. However, money makes it possible to transfer wealth by stealth. That is, behind the shield of money we have legal thievery, which could not be accomplished out in the open.

April 18, 2014

Vagabond Koi

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We had a little rain.

Added some snapshots to the Autobiography

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Calling Jon Stewart

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The competition in Latta, South Carolina is strong.

A novel charitable enterprise.

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Instead of giving someone a subscription to a magazine or a ten day cruise to get away from their cares, you can pay for their enrollment in an ACA qualified health insurance plan. Third party payments are allowed.
So, if people fall through the cracks because they aren’t poor enough to be on regular medicare and the state where they happen to live (24 of them) has refused the dollars to expand Medicaid to include the working poor, friends and relations can help with the equivalent of the CARE packages they sent to the old country after World War II. (more…)

April 17, 2014


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Well, capitalism is, first of all, an intellectual or cognitive invention, a figment of the imagination, the thinking brain. And, as such, it is very much connected to the perception of and sense of time. The thinking brain looks ahead and anticipates what will happen next. It looks at resources and assets and imagines what will become of whatever can’t be immediately consumed. And then it asks what are the alternatives to letting the forces of nature transform those assets and resources into useless stuff, from a human perspective. And the alternatives, obviously are to either share what is essentially a surplus on the spot, or transport it somewhere else to preserve for use at a later time. Time is of the essence; the basis for trade and exchange. People with no sense of time do not engage in trade and exchange. They may leave something behind for others to find, but they don’t plan for that to happen (think people who throw aluminum cans out of car windows that other people come along to collect and recycle for a bit of cash).

April 16, 2014

Two principles.

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They are intertwined, as is most everything in life, not opposite as the binary mind imagines.
First, agency is central. Acts are carried out by agents, who are responsible for their actions, regardless of whether they are aware. So, a worn-out tree limb falls because the pull of gravity is too strong. Still the tree’s limb fell. It wasn’t an act of God.

April 15, 2014

Beware of human intelligence.

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Word to the bears.

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