Outrage or Action

At first glance, it probably doesn’t seem like outrage and action are alternatives. More likely, we expect one to lead to the other. Fact is, it often doesn’t. For lots of people, just feeling outraged is enough. Maybe it’s like scratching an itch, instead of putting salve on it.

Outrage feeds on and is sustained by failure. Maybe that’s why both major political parties now rely on it to keep their members in train and sending donations. Action, on the other hand, anticipates either success or failure and, of the two, success is the more problematic for the simple reason that it’s terminal. What do you do after the battle has been won? What’s next? Success is deflating.

So, we have failure by design. Wonder if that’s a uniquely American invention. Of course, as legend would have it, the crucifixion and resurrection didn’t just happen. They were planned.

The Mission for March is the Marsh

M4MOur Georgia Legislature is piddling with a piece of legislation (SB 101) they’re promoting as an effort to protect the coastal marshes from pollution and predatory humans. But, what this passel of pee words means to suggest is “Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining.”

Oh, one could be charitable and accept the promoters just don’t know what the word “buffer” means. Why else would they announce up front their purpose “to provide for a buffer against coastal marshlands in which certain land-disturbing activities are prohibited”? It makes sense, if it’s just another example of man ranting against the rising tides marching across the marshes to take a bite out of his lands.

That the low and high marshes provide shelter from buffeting winds and wave action has not registered, obvious as it may seem. Perhaps, that the marshes nurture the nascent creatures of the seas — creatures man has, from the beginning, liked to eat — simply doesn’t register either, because they are just too small to be seen.
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“Money is Nothing”

“You are nothing. You will be nothing. And you will have nothing, if you run after money.” That’s what I was shouting in the dream from which I awoke. It was about a stolid workman, who’d come to the door of a rich man to collect what he was owed. So, the rich man wrote a check and then threw it so the wind blew it away over the roof. The workman turned and left, so the rich man threw money he had in his hand after him — money I collected and, calling on John to stop and wait, handed to him. I suppose the dream grew out of James saying he had to pay his bills and the disdain with which some of our electeds treat the citizenry. They don’t want the money; they just want to deny others their due.
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Energiya USA

Why we had to learn about this company’s project via the Career Academy spokesperson at the Brunswick Glynn Economic Development Authority I don’t know. Neither do I know why the person introduced the topic by stating that, since there had been a press release, it’s no secret. The press release follows:
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