Out to dinner

James’ birthday dinner was delayed by the kerfuffle over the County land swap.
We are making up for it tonight.
The cover of James’ calendar for this year.


What is it about fighting that people can’t give it up. I’m supposed to fight for health care, for equality, for clean water and, now, for the birds. I do not want to fight or support a fighter. It was a stupid role for HRC to push. It didn’t get her any achievements before and won’t now.

On the other hand, I don’t know which is worse, the call to fight or the fixation by Democrats on Republicans. Of course, the political parties are superfluous and feeling desperate. How can we counter the plague of middlemen?

The Dude on Windmills

Talking to the New York Times.

TRUMP: Oh, I see. I might have brought it up. But not having to do with me, just I mean, the wind is a very deceiving thing. First of all, we don’t make the windmills in the United States. They’re made in Germany and Japan. They’re made out of massive amounts of steel, which goes into the atmosphere, whether it’s in our country or not, it goes into the atmosphere. The windmills kill birds and the windmills need massive subsidies. In other words, we’re subsidizing wind mills all over this country. I mean, for the most part they don’t work. I don’t think they work at all without subsidy, and that bothers me, and they kill all the birds. You go to a windmill, you know in California they have the, what is it? The golden eagle? And they’re like, if you shoot a golden eagle, they go to jail for five years and yet they kill them by, they actually have to get permits that they’re only allowed to kill 30 or something in one year. The windmills are devastating to the bird population, O.K. With that being said, there’s a place for them. But they do need subsidy. So, if I talk negatively. I’ve been saying the same thing for years about you know, the wind industry. I wouldn’t want to subsidize it. Some environmentalists agree with me very much because of all of the things I just said, including the birds, and some don’t. But it’s hard to explain. I don’t care about anything having to do with anything having to do with anything other than the country.