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Other than adding on to yesterday’s post, I haven’t written anything much today. The movers came to take things out of storage to the Canal Road house, but that was done within an hour. Then I spent three or four hours trimming deadwood in the woods. For some reason, there are many 12′ pines about 2″ in diameter that are dead. Perhaps they wear themselves out trying to get light. There are a few very large pines whose days are numbered.
James sent a lovely photo of the relocated swimming pool.
#1-3243---11-11-15 New Swimming Pool
Why people adjacent to the ocean need to swim in pools is a puzzlement. But then, there are hardly ever any people in these pools.

Sea Island Acquisitions, LLC enters consent order with GADNR

veg planSIA Consent Order Executed with Exhibit A (1)

Pdf files are designed to be hard to copy so they aren’t easy to edit or otherwise tamper with. So, the link above leads to what the Georgia Department of Natural Resources produced in response to an open records request. As usual, the information provided is not complete. So, I have posed the following questions to the person in charge of responding to GORA requests:

1. How can I get a copy of the Notice of Violation that was issued to Sea Island Acquisitions, LLC ?

2. Have the goals set in the the June 10, 2015 order to be accomplished within 15 and 30 days been accomplished? Is there documentation to that effect?

3. Has the revegetation of the dune commenced?

4. Has the civil penalty been paid?

5. Why is it that two months later, Sea Island Acquisitions, LLC had not yet presented an acceptable plan for the revegetation? Now that it is almost December, has the planting been completed?

6. While it is laudable that “Respondent shall inform all employees, agents, contractors and subcontractors involved in activities within the Subject Property as to Respondent’s obligations and duties with respect to the jurisdictional area of the Act, as set forth in the Act, the rules and regulations of the Department, and the terms and conditions of this Consent Order,” might we not be more certain of compliance, if the larger community were informed as to what is going on?

7. Is there a different numbering system for notices of violation? Is that why Mr. Holland was not given a copy of the notice when he asked for the Sea Island Acquisitions, LLC files?

Getting a copy of the notice of violation is important, if only to determine how long this process, which seems still not to have resulted in compliance, took. Time is of the essence to demonstrate good faith.


It seems significant that Sea Island Acquisitions, LLC is not registered as a corporation in the State of Georgia. Therefore, the commitments entered into with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Coastal Resources Division by an entity using that name are probably invalid. Which is probably just as well, since the rationale or premise for permitting Sea Island Acquisitions, LLC to disrupt the environment — i.e. that they are acting “in lieu of a local government” — is also invalid. At no time were the owners of land on Sea Island designated as a governing body or even as “island manager” as is claimed and apparently agreed to by the DNR in the Consent Order:

WHEREAS, Respondent manages the beach at Sea Island in the role of, and in lieu of, a local government, and performs the functions of security, law enforcement, beach cleanup, animal control, resource management and beach maintenance activities, as well as other functions performed by governmental entities on some other barrier islands; and

WHEREAS, Respondent contends that use of the motorized vehicle ocean access point originating at the Harrington Tract and proceeding northward through the sand dune area to terminate seaward of the New Beach Club is essential for the performance of Respondent’s island manager functions at Sea Island, including but not limited to security and emergency services;
See images of the Consent Order as annotated by me on the next page. Clicking on the thumbnail will enlarge the image:

For the Record:

A brief review of the conditional approval of PP2713 by the Islands Planning Commission of Glynn County.
In full awareness of the fact that water and sewer utilities and an access road were not in place or available at the time of the vote, the IPC, according to their minutes approved the following motion at their meeting on January 21, 2014 :

to approve application PP2713, Cloister Residences East, subject to meeting all requirements during the development process.
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