Is that the Cons’ problem? Is a constant state of constipation what accounts for their persistent irritability and gloomy demeanor? Is that what the kerfuffles over gender-designated public toilets is supposed to distract us from? Is there a fear that if not-males see males having a hard time shitting, their sense of superiority will somehow be diminished? Are the kerfuffles over toilets supposed to wean us from bathroom humor? ‘Cause, it’s not funny, you know???!!!
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Same old, same old

In 1945, my mother evacuated Austria with a similar load of baggage. Somehow, the clueless get a pass. Perhaps it’s the relief people feel when they’re finally shut of them.
To travel in style

What if the pay-offs from Wall Street were just intended to make Hillary go away?

Conspicuous Misperception on the Georgia Coast?

The Democratic ballot for the upcoming primary elections on May 24 has the following question, on which the voters are invited to vote yes or no:

Should private property on rivers and streams be protected by natural vegetative buffers to ensure that Georgia’s waters are swimmable, drinkable and fishable?

Apparently, somebody in Georgia knows what buffers of grasses, shrubs and trees are for, while coastal entities such as the Jekyll Island Authority and Sea Island Acquisition obviously don’t. Perhaps it’s a vision or vista thing. Perhaps some people are so impressed by what they can see, or don’t want to see, that they confuse buffers with shades or blinds that hide.

Certainly, that seems to be the case when the Jekyll Island Authority justifies razing the vegetation along the causeway so raccoons preying on turtles can’t hide, overlooking the fact that it’s hawks, not raccoons that rely on sight to hunt.
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Glynn County, Georgia elections


It’s hard for Georgia citizens to get good information. While a registered voter can go to My Voter Page and access sample ballots for the next election (in this case, the primary on May 24th), the Secretary of State doesn’t list all open positions. Which is why, although the U.S. Senate election is most interesting, I’m going to start with the Brunswick and Glynn Joint Water & Sewer Commission, where two positions are to be filled.ballot2
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Social Media Kerfuffle

Is bad press better than no press? That’s a question that comes to mind in response to the information that Clinton supporters on the internet have been trying to subvert Sanders supporters by getting their chat sites removed. Dailykos has just rescinded its “moderating” program because swarms of commenters were making baseless attacks. “social media” is just another euphemism for low-grade gossip. Perhaps all the “chatter” compensates for the fact that in real life, especially in the work place, people are forced to shut up, sit down and mind their manners. Far from being free, speech is under constant restriction.

The Disappearing Spit

Combo Tip of the spit over time (11-29-13 & 4-21-16)

The sea is on a military maneuver, assaulting the right and left flank of the land. The currents around Gould’s Inlet have always been very strange, bringing up treasures from the ocean floor and driving detritus way into the land.

On Liberty

“Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Taken together these words describe the essence of liberty — i.e. human mobility, the ability to transit the earth on our own two feet. The problem is that liberty conflicts with the desire to exercise control over our own kind. If people can just wander off, they can’t be made to work and obey. Therein lies a basic conflict.
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SeashoreI’ve been perusing a 160 page Golden Nature Guide to Seashores, published in 1955 and what it tells me is that we’ve got a long tradition of homocentric attitudes to change if our impact on the world around us is to be reversed. For example, on pages 62 and 63, the short dissertation on starfish concludes with the gratuitous information that “Starfish destroy millions of dollars’ worth of shellfish yearly.”
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