Baccharis halimifolia

Also known as Groundsel bush. I do not know why I cannot remember that name. Anyway, one giant got removed from the yard as unisightly. I am not sure it nurtured many insects or birds.

Commerce is King

If commerce is king and supported by law, is rule by the Almighty Dollar corrupt? The hegemony of commerce is by design. Commerce is predation, the exploitation of a prey, called cannibalism when the victim is of one’s own kind. Is its abstracted version any different? The victim is not actually deadened and consumed, as ritualized in the Catholic mass. Ritual obviating killing. Less than lethal behavior. Thou shalt not kill, but exploitation is OK?
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Save, salvage, indoctrinate

Those three, and there are probably more, all perceive human beings as disposable entities; not, necessarily, to be gotten rid of, but to be dealt with as an object of no intrinsic worth. Perhaps “empty vessel” was an appropriate earlier metaphor. “Tabula rasa” also caters to the notion that humans exist to be molded; as if their perfection were not pre-programmed.
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Dangerous electorate

The Founders warned against factions, probably because they were expected to waste energy in disputation, rather than getting the people’s business done. As it happened, partisans conspired to ignore the interests of the people entirely to promote their own hegemony. The parties, being extra-legal entities that have wrangled a position of importance for themselves without benefit for the polis are now fixated on perpetuating themselves. What is not enough discussed is that the percentage of unaffiliated voters is larger than of either Democrats or Republicans. From the perspective of party operatives, the electorate is the enemy. What was significant about the Georgia special Senate election was that therewere 21 candidates in the first round. Manipulation occurs at the candidate selection level.

Merchantile ethos

For some reason, merchants have a low opinion of their customers. Cheating gives them a thrill, even when it is not obvious. Why? “Buy low; sell high” Is there a basic inequity that corrodes the soul? And then the customer gets blamed for being deceived? Isn’t that what happened with Eve?

Shrewd Perdue

David A. Perdue, the banksters’ US Senator in Georgia, was a shrewd investor. Having bought a lot from the Sea Island Company in 2007 for about $2.8 million, he had a house built in 2010 (14 rooms and 5.5 baths) and after adding some amenities in 2011 the market value, on which taxes are assessed, was just $3.3 million by 2021. Then, in August of 2021, he found a buyer, who handed over a cool $11 million. Does it matter that the property was listed in the name of his wife? Probably not. Continue reading