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October 2, 2014

Out of Arkansas

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Leslie in Arkansas

Cannon’s Point–Not just exclusive, but exempt

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I don’t have time to go into this at length today, but it seems pretty clear that what’s at issue with the Cannon’s Point Preserve on St. Simons Island, is a desire to maintain an exclusive, gated-community environment for the heirs of the Sea Island Company, even as the Nature Conservancy was persuaded to fork over millions for 600+ acres of no-longer prime real estate to compensate the heirs for some disasterous financial decisions by Bill Jones the Third. Now the Saint Simons Land Trust is tasked with making a show of benefiting the public in order to be exempted from the property taxes that come with having made a $23 million purchase.

October 1, 2014

Missouri Ironweed (Vernonia missurica)

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Wikipedia says browsers are put off by its sharp taste. More likely, the strong odor is enough to warn them off and that’s probably what attracts the pollinators, as well.
It’s blooming in September in the sand hills of McIntosh County, playing host to the migrating butterflies.

Public v. Private

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A corporation is, by definition, a public body since it is created by public law. So, “private corporation” is an oxymoron and/or an example of wishful thinking. But some of our stellar citizens are bound and determined to enjoy the power that comes with representing the public even as they retain the autonomy and immunity that comes with being a private person, and make much of being a “private corporation” that excludes the public, except by special invitation. A good example is featured in our local paper, The Brunswick News, today. The Saint Simons Land Trust is offering an evening of popcorn and a movie to which the general public is invited, in large part to validate their claim that they’re a charitable enterprise, focused on public service, and should, therefore, be exempt from paying taxes. Which, of course, means that the rest of the taxpayers in the community pay more. Maybe just a little, but definitely more. Because, popcorn and a movie can’t deliver asphalt to pot holes and water to fire plugs.

Of course, the whole story isn’t laid out in this public relations effort. Neither is the issue of who decides what’s a public benefit. In paternalistic Georgia, our secular and religious corporations are pretty much agreed that the public needs to be told what to do, preferably by self-selected authorities. Moreover, those authorities deserve to be recognized by not being taxed. Tax evasion isn’t about the dollars; it’s about power.

September 30, 2014

Jimmy Carter is touting his grandson, Jason, for Governor of Georgia

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Well, it would be a disasterous situation, if he didn’t. Besides, this is the year of family values for Georgia voters. So, we’ve got Sam Nunn touting daughter, Michelle, and Jimmy Carter stumping for Jason. I think his missive deserves repetition, so click on “more”

Our Vanishing Wildlife

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Rubbish dumped on the tundra, Greenland
The Guardian reports:

NOAA Innovations

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September 29, 2014

LTE re: Cannon’s Point

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The St. Simons Land Trust, having set up Cannon’s Point LLC as a sort of front to shield the members from being personally liable for any missteps, are applying to the Environmental Protection Division of the Department of Natural Resources for permission to disrupt/destroy some marsh to save it from being eroded by a little no-name creek. And, while they’re at it, they want to build a dock and boat launch, supposedly for kayaks. I say “supposedly,” because kayaks and canoes are easier to launch from a ramp, like we have on South Harrington, or the shore everyone accesses from the East Beach Causeway.

What’s most annoying about today’s barons?

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I’d have to say it’s their perverse penchant for persistent prevarication. It’s not self-defensive, that lying. No, they do it on purpose. Their lives are a sham and they experience no shame. Like their thievery, the lying has no objective but to be offensive. It’s less risky and more long-lasting than inflicting death. Sort of like pulling the wings off flies.

September 28, 2014

On Privacy

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It is being reported that the Director of the FBI has expressed the opinion that people claiming a right to privacy and freedom from governmental intrusion are motivated by an interest in hiding their crimes. Well, actually, what James Comey said was that he objects to companies that “market something expressly to allow people to place themselves beyond the law.” Apparently, Comey does not understand that the people are the law and that individual behavior is presumed good until proven bad — that law enforcers don’t get involved in people’s lives until AFTER the commission of a crime and that speaking and looking and thinking (plotting) are not crimes, regardless of the law-makers’ perverse propensity to define our most characteristic behaviors (eating, drinking, inhaling, excreting, perambulating) as such.

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