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December 20, 2014

Another LTE, for the record

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To the editor of the Brunswick News:

The United States Army Corps of Engineers did not “make” Georgia’s coastal plain a wetland, as some of our politicos seem to think. Just as surely as He made little green apples, God made the wetlands. And then he made Adam out of the mud. Why the same folk, who credit the Creator with whatever they like, blame someone else for what they don’t is a puzzlement.

In any case, the problem with the coastal wetlands, which are not obliterated by being drained, isn’t so much that they are wet, but that the composition of the soils is such that they corrode concrete and steel and never hold still. It’s not just the dynamic dunes that are characterized by shifting sands.

That said, the Corps’ emphasis on navigation is perhaps misplaced, as is the region’s fascination with transportation. If we want visitors to tarry and refresh themselves, it’s counter-productive to construct more speedways through the marshes and woodlands of Chatham, Liberty, Bryan, Camden, McIntosh and Glynn.


December 19, 2014

Is “finance” a euphemism for scam and slight of hand?

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So, we’re all learning to be leery of Wall Street where the banksters and speculators hang out. But, is that peculiar or is the world of finance, like a cesspool, the natural habitat for parasites and predatory organics?

December 18, 2014

The Vanishing Spit

9971---12-04-14 Sea Island Spit, Future Cedar Island, Virginia

The perspective is deceptive, but there’s no question the Spit’s “upland” used to be accessible by waders crossing the knee-high waters of Gould’s Inlet at low tide. Now the “upland” only exists in the imagination of County planners looking at maps.

December 17, 2014

James Holland on Storm Water Management

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The Glynn County, Georgia special called meeting was well attended by the media. However, the Commission quibbling over whether or not a County-owned historic building should be maintained at the citizens’ expense took it’s toll. By the time their attention turned to storm water management during and after soil disturbance, interest perceptibly flagged. Also, the County Engineer may not be accustomed to public speaking. Mr. Holland cannot only speak to the point, he can write.

What Kind of Idiots?

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What kind of idiots shell out, or commit themselves to borrow, two hundred thousand dollars for a row house and then sign on to a “warranty” that warrants nothing other than their responsibilities as buyers and owners?

December 16, 2014

Republicans and Democrats

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The difference between Republicans and Democrats is that where the former are predators in disguise, the latter are leper lickers. If there are no lepers, the lickers have nothing to feel virtuous about.

Our Confused Public Servants

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Glynn County Commissioner Mike Browning opines:

“Citizens hear so much stuff from non-experts and grab on to the last thing they hear. We, as commissioners, need to know the ordinances and rules and regulations so that we can relay proper information to our constituents and know when to act if something does in fact need to be done. We cannot effectively deal with issues and concerns if we are not educated on our county regulations.”

Well, he’s not going to be able to deal with anything until he realizes that his job is to formulate rules and regulations.


December 15, 2014

Reports of the Demise of Occupy were Premature

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“Third time’s the charm”

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It’s an old saying that’s mostly interpreted to mean that failing twice leads to success on the trice. More likely, from where I sit, it calls attention to the fact that it takes three exposures to new information for the normal brain to even register it. Never mind dissect and analyze its import. It is this default towards ignoring new information which accounts for the absolute need for repetition.

It actually makes sense that casual contact should be ignored. Since we have at least five major sensory receptors, if every input had to be processed, we’d soon have sensory overload. So, there has to be a filter and one-off events, which can’t be addressed after the fact, get ignored.


December 14, 2014

Into the woods with James

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Mississippi Tupelo Gum & GPS Coordinates Combo
A birthday trip.


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