Just as the Supreme Being is man’s excuse for being punitive, leaders are man’s excuse for being destructive.

Take that one step further and you arrive at “creative destruction,” which enables man to emulate the creator and be destructive at the same time.

Man destroys, which is easy, in order to create, which is hard.

Surrogacy is a wonderful strategy.

Salt Marsh v. Fresh Water Wetlands

#12-8854 Gopher Tortoise with grass in his mouth James Holland tells the story of the DNR bureaucrat promising his “stakeholders” in the agriculture and forest products industries that he was doing everything he could to keep the gopher tortoise “off the federal endangered species list,” not because the tortoise isn’t in danger from habitat destruction, but because federal protection actually inhibits commercial exploitation of designated terrain.
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Disconnected Cons

Question: It seems fairly clear that Cons don’t get connections. This seems to account for their resistance, among other things, to math and the comprehension of consequences. Is this intentional or evidence of a cognitive disability? If the latter, should it be accommodated or disregarded?