S3090008 If this is a green heron, we’ve had two batches. There were four chicks in the first. Only two in the latest. One flew off after a parent two days ago, but yesterday they were back in the hedge, waiting to be fed. I’m waiting for the dead bamboo to break under their increasing weight. Talk about a motley crew.



The Capitol Hill Capos

It’s not just Republicans that have turned Capitol Hill into an enclave of extortion and domestic terrorism. Bernie Sanders is going around the country telling the electorate that they need to turn the Congress inside out, but, at least as far as I can tell, he’s not been explicit so far in refuting the widely accepted notion that Congress has been hijacked by the private sector. Sanders lays blame on big banks and commercial corporations without acknowledging that it’s actually Congress that’s effectively got the corporate sector by the balls.
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The Spontaneous Emotion

Are all emotions spontaneous, only available to being turned off or allowed, by habit, to become permanent? Do some humans become addicted to love or fear or hate simply because they lack the mechanisms that let those who aren’t prone to addiction turn unproductive or destructive emotions off? Are the habit-prone liable to becoming addicts and is it the prospect of self-destruction that makes them fearful? If people become addicted to fear as they do to drugs, how can they turn that off?
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