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October 31, 2014

Georgia is a Socialist State

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This is not a new perception on my part, nor is it necessarily negative or even hypocritical. The socialism the ruling conservatives object to, after all, is sort of a euphemism. What they actually object to is national socialism, being directed by the central government in Washington, but “national socialism,” recently abbreviated as Nazi, is unspeakable. Besides, appealing to nationalism and patriotism comes in handy for people who want to disclaim self-interest. “The nation needs you” sounds so much better than “because I said so.” Then too, it’s not unusual for people to object to what they actually want.

October 30, 2014

Who’s Gonna Stand Up

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Neil Young

Another LTE destined for the circular file.

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To the Brunswick News:

The residents of Glynn County ought to be ashamed. I know I am. Instead of investing in and capitalizing on the assets of the City of Brunswick at its heart, our developers and financial speculators have been targeting our marshes and rural areas because, apparently, the profit margins are greater or defaulting on bank loans has proved a painless way to get rich.


Nations Rising

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In South Dakota and across the land.


October 29, 2014

Iceland News

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Ethical recreation

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“Take nothing but pictures; leave nothing but footprints” needs to be matched with “take nothing but pictures; leave nothing but waves” for man’s casual relationship to our watery world. The formal classification of water bodies according to use/abuse is another example of hubris in the extreme.
Illogical thinking is a clue. Some of these things are not like the others:

Water Use Classifications. Water use classifications for which the criteria of this Paragraph are applicable are as follows:

Drinking Water Supplies


Fishing, Propagation of Fish, Shellfish, Game and Other Aquatic Life

Wild River

Scenic River

Coastal Fishing

Use is not really the issue. Exploitation is. To use is to leave an item in the same condition it was found. To exploit is to abuse. Which means that “use” is being deployed as a euphemism. But then, abuse has been the historical ethic of the USA. Perhaps people who exploit their own kind can’t really be expected to respect the integrity of their environment.

October 28, 2014


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US exceptionalism is evidenced by the fact that exceptions are everywhere to be found. Take for example, Water Quality Standards adopted by the state of Georgia:


The Locus of Authority

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Thoughts in response to the news that the Democratic Senate candidate in South Dakota, Rick Weiland, has told the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee to butt out of the electoral process and stop running negative ads against the Republican.

October 27, 2014

The Road to Damascus

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leads to Atlanta. It’s important to make biblical references in Georgia, even if most of the politicians who pray before every meeting, try to sucker the deity into taking the blame for their intransigence. Jason Carter has learned well and he doesn’t forget to smile.

Discovered over night.

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Hydric mapI like the colors. Don’t know why someone put it up. The pdf is the only thing at the link. When I went looking, at first all I found was info from the National Soil Conservation Agency, whose info for hydric soils in Glynn County, Georgia consists of a 1912 study. Subsequently discovered a later study in which Camden and Glynn County are combined. Still, somebody’s been asleep at the switch. Maybe they thought that drainage ditches and growing pine trees had changed the nature of the soils?

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